10 Reasons Why There Are So Many Abandoned Blogs

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Have you ever wondered why so many bloggers abandon their blogs? Or, why do most blogs fail? This blog post will explain some of the reasons why bloggers quit blogging.

You realize that you haven’t received any notifications about new posts from one of your favorite bloggers for some time. So you decide to visit their blog to check if perhaps, you accidentally unsubscribed from their website, their email delivery system is faulty, or if they published new posts and you had just missed them.

When you get to their blog, you see that they haven’t posted anything recently, and you wonder why the blogger abandoned their blog. I have done this severally.

I started this blog in 2021 when so many bloggers were still active because the pandemic kept most people at home, idle, isolated, and in need of an outlet. But, recently, I have noticed that many bloggers I follow and those I used to interact with in the blogosphere have stopped blogging.

I easily get attached to people, even when I don’t know them personally; hence seeing some of my favorite bloggers go MIA makes me feel bad.

I worry about what could have happened to make them quit blogging, and I miss them as well as their blog posts. This post will provide some of the reasons why bloggers abandon their blogs. Read on…

Why There Are So Many Abandoned Blogs on the Internet

  1. Their owners died

One of the hard truths we have to accept about life is that death is inevitable; no one, not even bloggers, can escape it.

I have visited several blogs over the years where while looking for the latest posts, I would find that the last post on there was a message from the blogger’s family or friend informing website visitors and subscribers of their demise.

It always hits me hard, even if I didn’t know these bloggers personally or interact with them. The sad thing is that sometimes we don’t even get that message because many bloggers usually blog anonymously, thus their family and friends may not be aware that they owned a website.

We may never know that the reason why a particular blog is abandoned is due to the death of its owner.

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  1. The bloggers lost their passion for blogging

You read this amazing post on a particular blog; you decide to check out the new content, only to find that this blogger last published a new blog post some months or years back. You wonder what happened. Why did the blogger quit blogging?

Well, one of the reasons why there are so many abandoned blogs on the internet is that the bloggers who owned them lost their passion for blogging or their chosen niche.

They might have been blogging for a long time or even for a short period, but for some reason, probably one of the others listed in this post, the bloggers no longer love blogging.

  1. Their owners got frustrated and discouraged to blog

There are over 500 million blogs on the internet today, but, according to the New York Times, about 95% of them are abandoned. Most bloggers abandon their blogs within their first six months of blogging. But why do bloggers quit? Why do most blogs fail?

Frustration and demoralization are the main reasons why there are so many abandoned blogs on the internet.

The bloggers who quit blogging may have been discouraged by things such as content theft, high competition, comparison, changes in search engine algorithms, and slow blog growth in terms of web traffic, engagement, subscribers, or income.

Bloggers may abandon their blogs because they don’t want to keep creating content that no one else readsThey don’t want to invest so much time and money into blogging and get little or no returns. They don’t want to publish content only for someone to steal and republish it elsewhere.

Lack of patience and blogging for the wrong reasons could also explain why many bloggers quit and abandon their blogs. They don’t trust the process, hence get easily demoralized and have a hard time bouncing back from the challenges they encounter while blogging.

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  1. The bloggers migrated to a different platform

With the increasing popularity of social media and the availability of various website-building companies, bloggers who don’t like a particular platform can move to another one that has what they want.

Thus, one of the reasons why there are so many abandoned blogs on the internet is that their owners may have moved to a different platform that suits their needs better.

For example, a blogger who doesn’t like blogging anymore may migrate to social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or any other.

Bloggers move to a different platform for various reasons, including; being more successful on the alternatives, liking the other platform’s features, wanting to try out different types of content, having no money to purchase blogging tools, a domain, or hosting, and wanting to spend less time creating content.

  1. Their owners never have time to blog

Though thousands of blogs are created every day even now, many bloggers started blogging while trapped at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since things have gone back to normal worldwide, people have resumed their hectic life.

Unfortunately, most bloggers who started their blogs during the pandemic have quit blogging because they no longer have time for all the activities involved in blogging.

These blogging activities include writing blog posts, proofreading them, creating social media content, promoting the posts, replying to comments, engaging with other bloggers, and more.

Blogging requires a lot of work and can be time-consuming.

The blogger’s circumstances could also have changed since they started their blog, and they may no longer have any time to spare for blogging.

For example, becoming a parent, having more kids, and being too busy at school or at work are other reasons why there are so many abandoned blogs on the internet.

Some bloggers may still love blogging but never have time to dedicate to it.

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  1. The bloggers are on a break

Like any other person, bloggers face challenges, both online and in real life, which could make them quit blogging.

For example, some bloggers may abandon their blogs due to poor health, experiencing burnout, having to take care of a loved one, experiencing writer’s block, or if they want to focus on their full-time job.

Some of your favorite bloggers may have quit blogging because they had to take a break from it to deal with their problems.

At the time, the bloggers probably thought they would resume blogging after going on hiatus. But though some could still come back to blogging, many won’t.

The bloggers may have discovered other interests during the break, or their problems could have worsened, thus making their blogging break permanent.

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  1. Blogging was just a phase

While trying to discover their passion and purpose, many people often attempt various things to see what they are good at and what they like.

Some bloggers start their blogs in this way. They probably love reading and writing, and thus they decide to try their hand at blogging.

Others start blogging because it is popular among their circle of friends and they want to fit in with them.

When such bloggers try out blogging and discover that they don’t like it, they abandon their blogs.

Some people also begin blogging because they are going through a difficult time and need a place where they can vent and connect with others.

For example, starting a blog to write about your health issues, job search, relationship issues, and family problems, or to document your progress towards a particular goal you want to achieve, e.g., a weight loss journey.

When they find a solution to their problems and their situation improves, these bloggers quit blogging because they no longer need it.

They may even have a very successful blog, but because it has already served its purpose and they were not actually passionate about blogging, the bloggers decide to abandon their blog.

  1. Their owners have no internet, electricity, or a device to use

As a blogger, it is crucial to have an internet connection, power, and a digital device for writing your posts and taking pictures.

As such, the reasons why there are so many abandoned blogs can be that the bloggers have moved to an area with poor or no internet connection and electricity, or the device they used for blogging died, got damaged, or was stolen.

Some bloggers may quit and abandon their blogs because they can not afford a new device, an internet connection, or electricity, even when it is available.

  1. The bloggers got bullied off their platform

Like on any other social media platform, bloggers can also experience cyberbullying.

Not many people will stay where they feel unwelcome or at a place where they constantly have to defend themselves from online bullies and deal with cybersecurity issues.

Therefore, one of the reasons why there are so many abandoned blogs today is that their owners left after being victims of cyberbullying.

Some bloggers may quit blogging because they keep getting negative feedback on their blog posts, they have been cyberstalked (or stalked in real life), they got canceled, they have a copycat, they got hacked, or they are receiving spammy comments, links, and views.

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  1. Their owners could no longer afford the cost of blogging

Besides your time and energy, blogging requires you to invest your money to get things such as, tools, products, a domain, and web hosting services.

Although many bloggers blog just fine on the free websites provided by WordPress.com, Blogger, and Wix, those who want to succeed and make blogging their income source have to spend money to improve their website.

One of the reasons why there are so many abandoned blogs on the internet is that their owners can no longer afford the cost of blogging.

They also don’t want to continue blogging on a free site as it would be harder to make money.

These bloggers probably consider it pointless to invest their time and effort in something that will not benefit them much; hence they quit blogging.

Wrapping Up

There you have them – the above are some of the reasons why there are so many abandoned blogs on the internet today.

Of course, there are many more reasons why most blogs fail. And as a blogger, watching some great bloggers leave the blogosphere is quite saddening.

The many abandoned blogs are the reason why some people think that blogging is dead or dying. But blogs are still alive and relevant in 2022.

As some bloggers quit, many others start a blog each day and stick with blogging for the long haul.

As you can see, most of the reasons why there are so many abandoned blogs are personal and some are easy to overcome.

Don’t let those inactive blogs discourage you from starting your own and making it successful.

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  1. These are all valid. When i abandoned my blog it was because life got busy and my creative outlet became dry and comparison was a big thing but coming back well rested and ready to write. It’s helpful. Life comes in phases. So is blogging

    1. Thank you so much for reading Dee!❤️ I think we all need a blogging break every once in a while to focus on other important things or to rest and recharge our creativity. Also, to remind ourselves why we blog in the first place. We just have to ensure we don’t stay away for too long as we may end up abandoning the blog completely.

  2. Very accurate and true Sherri. Sometimes a break is needed to get new topics / thoughts and get better content on the blog.

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