6 Reasons Why Being Aware of Your Mortality Is Good

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Death. Most of us don’t like to think about it, let alone talk about death and dying. But did you know that being aware of your mortality can be a good thing? Dying is an eventuality that we all know we will face one day because one of the hard truths we all have to accept is that death is inevitable.

Things such as aging, illnesses, and the loss of loved ones can make you think about death more often. And although it can be depressing and anxiety-inducing, there is a good side to being aware of your mortality.

Ironically, thinking about death can help you live a good, fulfilling life. In this post, we will discuss a few reasons why being aware of your mortality is a good thing.

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Why Mortality Awareness Is Good

  1. It makes you use your time wisely

How did you spend your day today? Did you do anything meaningful? Many of us spend our days doing things that don’t add much value to our lives or, worse, doing nothing.

But what if you knew the exact amount of time you have left of your life before you die? How would you spend that limited time? One of the reasons why being aware of your mortality is good is that it makes you understand the importance of time.

You will know and accept that your time on earth is limited, and thus you will want to use it wisely.

Mortality awareness helps you straighten your priorities in life and be more intentional about how you spend your time. Hence, instead of wasting your time in toxic environments or on things that don’t matter, you will spend it doing meaningful things, such as chasing your dreams, doing hobbies, or with your loved ones.

When living with the awareness of death, you try as much as possible to balance all aspects of your life because you know you don’t have all the time in the world.

  1. Mortality awareness makes you live more fully

If you were to die today, would you say you did everything you ever wanted to do? For most of us, the answer to this question is no.

Perhaps you work too much and keep procrastinating on doing things that will make you happy. Or, maybe you worry about what others think too much and are afraid to get out of your comfort zone to take risks.

One of the reasons why being aware of your mortality is good for you is that it makes you live more fully because you know that any day can be your last.

You don’t procrastinate your happiness because you know tomorrow is not promised. As such you make an effort to do what makes you happy more.

When living with the awareness of death, you make bold decisions and try to fit in as many activities or experiences as you can into your life and thus, live a fulfilled life with no regrets.

It is similar to how you try to do as many activities as you can when you go on vacation because you probably may never get that chance again. When you are aware of your mortality, you treat life as you would a vacation.

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  1. You appreciate things and people more

They say, ‘You never miss the water till the well runs dry‘. This saying explains what happens when people are lying on their deathbeds full of regrets or as they say their final goodbye to a loved one.

We usually take so many things for granted when we think we have plenty of time left to live until it is too late. Instead of having the busy lifestyles many of us do, you should start practicing a slow living lifestyle so you can notice and appreciate things more.

Mortality awareness is good because it makes you value things, such as the people in your life, moments, your health, and even aging. You know that you or your loved ones can die at any time, and thus, you appreciate and show them how much you love them while they are still here.

Life is a privilege that we should celebrate, not take for granted. When you are aware of your mortality and that of those close to you, you realize how fortunate you are to have them in your life.

The time with your loved ones is one of the things you will always be grateful for when living with the awareness of death because you know it is not a guarantee.

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  1. Mortality awareness motivates you to develop healthy habits

Thinking about death makes you very aware of the various ways you can die, whether from illnesses, accidents, suicide, homicide, or even naturally.

Since you most likely want to prolong your life as much as possible, mortality awareness can be good as it will motivate you to take better care of yourself as an act of self-preservation.

When living with the awareness of death, you will find ways to look after your mental, physical, and emotional health. You may develop healthy habits such as eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, getting regular medical checkups, going to therapy, and driving safely, among others.

You start to prioritize your health and wellness more, and that is why being aware of your mortality is a good thing.

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  1. It inspires you to make an impact on the world

When we are no longer here, we would all wish to be remembered for our good deeds and the things we left behind. Wanting to leave a legacy is another reason why being aware of your mortality is good. It is your way of making an impact on the world.

With the certainty that you will die one day, you are motivated to want to do good things that people will remember you for when you are gone. 

You can leave a legacy through the things you create or the ways you touch the lives of the people around you. For example, you can leave a lasting legacy by volunteering, donating your money or other material possessions, helping someone achieve their dreams, having kids, starting a business, and making family traditions, among other things.

Living with the awareness of death is good as it makes you want to leave a mark on the world by doing things that will last long after you are dead.

  1. Mortality awareness can make you more spiritual

Almost everyone wonders what will happen to them once they are dead. Some people think that is the end of everything, while others believe there is an afterlife.

When you are aware of your mortality and the impermanence of your physical body, you become more spiritual.

The tendency to feel more spiritual due to death awareness is common among people who are dying as it helps them cope better with their fate.

Spirituality is important because it is a source of hope, comfort, and strength. It brings about positive emotions and encourages you to live a meaningful life.

Spirituality involves believing in something bigger than yourself that is in charge of your life and destiny. It makes you feel at peace and reduces the anxiety about what will happen to you once you no longer have your physical body.

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Final Words

We all have to accept the eventuality of death because it is something we can’t control or avoid. Now that you know some of the reasons why being aware of your mortality is good, death doesn’t have to be a topic you are so afraid to think or talk about.

As you can see, thinking about death and dying can help you make positive changes and better decisions that will enable you to live a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Please note that this post is not disregarding the negative consequences that are often associated with constantly thinking about death and dying such as dangerous and self-destructive behaviors.

If you have obsessive thoughts about death, whether it is your own or a loved one’s, it would be good to seek professional help.

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