11 Things You Should Prioritize in Life (Top Priorities to Have)

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What are your top priorities in life? What should matter most to you? Many people go through life without knowing the things they should prioritize in order to have a happy, fulfilling life.

For this reason, you may give some trivial things more importance than they should have, resulting in regrets later in life when you realize how much time you wasted on things that don’t matter.

Identifying which things you should prioritize in life will help you create a life you are proud of, thus avoiding regrets later. Your life will be satisfying because you will have given all the important areas the attention they deserve by living intentionally.

In this post, we shall discuss the things that should be your top priorities in life. Read on…

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11 Best Things to Prioritize in Life

  1. Health

No matter what other things you include in your list of top priorities in life, your health should always come first.

Every other aspect of your life depends on you being healthy enough to pay attention to it. And this doesn’t mean only your physical health. Your mental and emotional health are other things you should prioritize in life.

So how can you make your health a priority? You should adopt a healthy lifestyle, practice self-care, and start putting yourself first.

Eating healthy foods, drinking more water, journaling, exercising regularly, spending time with your loved ones, getting enough sleep, avoiding/limiting your consumption of alcohol and smoking, practicing meditation, getting regular medical checkups, and seeing a therapist, are some of the things you can do to prioritize your health.

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  1. Family

Although it is among the things that should matter most in life, many people neglect and sacrifice their family when chasing their other goals. They work too much or choose their friends and hobbies over family. They assume that their family will always be there, and thus, take them for granted.

However, family is one of the things you should prioritize in your life. In most cases, they are a ready-made source of happiness and love. They also provide various types of support whenever you need it, including emotional, tangible, esteem, and informational support.

Strengthen your bond with your family by ensuring you allocate time in your schedule to spend with them, check in on each other, do fun activities, and help each other.

Remember that people make time for what they care about. By ensuring you create some for your family no matter how busy you are, you show them how much you love them.

  1. Relationships

Since humans are social by nature, no one is meant to go through life alone. You have to meet and interact with people to get to know them and assist each other.

The various types of relationships you form on your life’s journey are some of the things you should prioritize in life.

You have to start devoting more of your time, effort, and energy to building lifelong relationships.

Try to form deep, meaningful connections with people such as romantic partners, friends, colleagues, community, and even strangers (that’s how you make new friends).

Some things you can do to make your relationships one of your top priorities in life include creating time to spend with the people who matter, opening up, staying in touch, solving conflicts quickly, attending events, showing affection, and appreciating people’s efforts.

Maintaining your relationships has many benefits for your overall well-being, including providing a support system, better mental health, better habits, and improving your sense of belonging.

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  1. Learning

Going through life without gaining knowledge and skills would result in an unsatisfactory existence.

Learning is a lifelong process that helps you increase your knowledge, boost your creativity, build self-confidence, become a more interesting person, enhance your skills, and increase the opportunities available.

Learning also improves your cognitive functioning, even as you grow older.

Finding opportunities to learn, whether by going to school, through experiences, and from other available learning resources such as books, movies, blogs, magazines, mentors, parents, and more, is one of the things you should prioritize in life.

Strive to continuously learn new things and improve on what you already know.

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  1. Career

Many people usually struggle to balance their professional and personal life, and unfortunately, many end up sacrificing the latter while pursuing success in their careers.

But does getting your priorities straight mean you should not work and, instead, focus only on your personal life? NO! Work and other aspects of your life should not be an either-or situation.

Your career should be one of your top 5 priorities in life alongside things such as your family, health, and relationships. After all, work benefits you in many ways, including being a source of livelihood, giving you a purpose, boosting your creativity, and improving your skills.

Nonetheless, if you add your career to your list of things to prioritize in life, you must remember to maintain a work-life balance.

Sacrificing everything else to achieve your career goals is not worth it. So, make a habit of slowing down to just enjoy life sometimes.

  1. Finances

Money may not buy happiness, but you will likely be far more miserable if you are poor and have to struggle to make ends meet. Therefore, making money and knowing how to manage your finances are some of the things you should prioritize in life.

Get your finances in order by learning how to budget, spend wisely, save, and invest your money in things with high returns.

For more free time and increased happiness, find a way to earn a passive income or strive to achieve financial freedom while young.

You can also look for ways to diversify your income to get more money and reduce the stress often associated with only having one source that you can lose.

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  1. Leisure/Free time

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! As mentioned earlier, finding a balance between your professional and personal life is one of the things you should prioritize in life.

So, while allocating time for self-care, family, relationships, and career, include time for leisure activities in your list of top priorities in life.

Ensure you take some time off from work every so often. You can spend your free time either alone or with others at home or outdoors doing things that interest you and those that make you happy.

These leisure activities will boost your creativity, replenish your energy, and help you find your purpose.

Some activities you can do when you prioritize leisure time include your hobbies, taking a walk, exercising, playing a sport, pampering yourself, calling your loved ones, going to appointments, taking a class, meeting new people, helping others, and many more.

  1. Values

What are your values? What guides your thoughts and actions?

Your values are some of the most vital things you should prioritize in life. They influence your behavior, thought patterns, beliefs, and attitudes.

Without values to guide you in life, it would be harder for you to make the right decisions.

Some of the most important personal values you can include in your list of top priorities in life include honesty, fairness, integrity, generosity, gratitude, kindness, loyalty, courage, and security.

After identifying your values, name your non-negotiables so it will be easier to live by them.

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  1. Time alone

Even though spending quality time with your loved ones is among the things you should prioritize in life, you must not forget to also spare some time for yourself.

Note that this doesn’t mean you should push people away and isolate yourself. It is about taking a few minutes of your day to spend alone without distractions or disruptions from others.

Time alone, also called me time, should be a priority in your life. You can use your alone time any way you like, whether you spend it quietly doing nothing, journaling, sleeping, meditating, setting goals, practicing self-care, cleaning, listening to music, or doing other things that make you happy.

It is important to add time by yourself to your list of top priorities in life because it has many benefits, especially for your mental health.

Spending time alone will help you slow down, relax, organize your thoughts, and recharge or protect your energy. Prioritizing time alone is especially crucial for introverts and Highly-Sensitive People.

  1. Helping others

While it is good that you will start to put yourself first more often, that doesn’t mean you should be selfish. So, remember to include helping others in your list of things you should prioritize in life.

It will be a way for you to impact someone else’s life positively.

Some things you can do to help others include volunteering, mentoring, donating (money, blood, clothes, and other things), actively listening, providing advice, offering free services, and doing other random acts of kindness.

Leaving a mark on someone else’s life will make your life extraordinary.

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  1. God

Your spiritual well-being matters just as much as your physical, emotional, and mental health. So, when deciding on things to prioritize in life, put God first.

Strive to have an intimate relationship with God and set aside time to spend with Him every day.

You can make God a top priority in your life by reading the Bible regularly, praying daily, giving thanks, going to church, obeying His commandments, participating in Bible study sessions, singing/listening to praise and worship songs, fasting, trusting Him, and helping others.

Final Thoughts

What should be your priority in life? What matters most in life? If you were asking yourself either of these questions, now you know the most important things to prioritize in life.

It will not be easy to remember your top priorities in life all the time. But you must commit and put in the effort to work on and balance all the above categories in your life.

It is important to know what your top priorities in life are in order to live a fulfilling life and avoid having regrets when it is too late. Define yours as early as possible so you can start working on them.

Though there are more things you should prioritize in life, the above-discussed are the most crucial ones that shouldn’t miss on your list of priorities.

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