10 Ways to Protect Your Energy from Negativity and Depletion

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Do you want to learn how to protect yourself from the negative energy of others? You’ve come to the right place.

Our energy is a volatile thing that can be influenced easily by the people and things we come into contact with in our everyday life, either negatively or positively. It is why you may feel your mood change when you interact with some people, feel negative vibes when passing by a particular place, and feel drained or energized after spending time with someone.

It is important to learn how to protect your energy from negativity because it can easily be affected by everyone and everything around you, sometimes even your own psyche.

The negative effect of other people and things on your energy can vary from person to person. But it is especially worse for empaths and highly sensitive people because they can absorb other people’s energy just by being in their presence.

Since you can’t go through life without ever coming into contact with anyone or anything, learning how to protect your energy from negativity and depletion is crucial.

In this post, we shall give you several tips on how you can start protecting your energy, whether you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) or not.

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How to Protect Your Energy from Negativity and Depletion

  1. Cut off toxic people from your life

The people we surround ourselves with affect our energy, some positively and others negatively.

Some toxic types of people who could pass on their negative energy to you include pessimists, users, drama magnets, abusers, and anyone else who drains your energy or brings out unpleasant emotions in you.

If you want to learn how to protect your energy from negativity and depletion, start by identifying the toxic people in your life and cut them off, whether that includes your friends, family members, or romantic partners. 

Keep the positive people who encourage, inspire, and support you. You will be much happier when you no longer have to interact or deal with toxic people.

  1. Protect your energy using crystals

For many years, crystals have been used for the purposes of healing and protection.

People use them to protect themselves, their homes, and even their workplaces against those who may have malicious motives, ill wishes, or negative energy. Thus, when learning how to protect your energy from negativity, you should consider using crystals as well.

Obsidian, amethyst, black jade, clear quartz, and black tourmaline are examples of crystals that are effective in protection.

You could wear them as jewelry or place them at the entrance to your home and in various other areas in the house.

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  1. Consume positive content

There is a saying, ‘You are what you eat’. This saying also applies to the kind of content you feed your brain.

For example, if you are constantly reading or watching content that brings out negative emotions in you, your energy will also become negative.

Refraining from consuming negative content is vital if you want to learn how to protect your energy from negativity. It may involve reducing screen time, avoiding or setting specific times for watching the news, finding ways to stop doomscrolling, and reading or watching more positive and inspirational content.

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  1. Follow your intuition

One of the biggest mistakes people make is ignoring their gut feeling. But listening to your intuition is one of the best ways to protect your energy from negativity because it helps you avoid bad situations and toxic people.

Your gut can help you realize when something is not right, and even when there is danger lurking around the corner. So, as an act of self-preservation, start trusting your intuition instead of ignoring it.

For instance, you should never ignore your intuition when it warns you not to enter a particular house or not to trust or interact with someone.

Making a habit of listening to your intuition will not only help you start protecting your energy and yourself, but it will also boost your confidence when making decisions.

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  1. Cleanse your space using sage

Do you always feel negative vibes emanating from particular rooms in your home? Or did your living space feel weird after someone visited you? Do you even know the history of the house you live in?

Perhaps its previous owners left their negative energy behind, or maybe something bad happened there in the past.

If you have identified any signs of negative energy in your home, it is best to cleanse it.

Sage comes in handy when you want to protect your energy from negativity. It is known for its effectiveness in clearing negative energy, improving mood, enhancing intuition, improving sleep quality, and healing. So, get some sage and burn or spray it to cleanse your living space of all that negative energy.

If you still feel bad vibes, consider building a new home elsewhere or choosing newly built buildings if you opt to buy or rent a new house.

  1. Protect your energy by allocating Me Time to recharge

Modern life is very hectic, with everyone and everything demanding your attention and time, whether at work, at home with family, or when socializing with friends.

It is no surprise then that you may feel drained, wound up, or stressed at the end of the day, only to go through the same cycle the next day.

Unfortunately, many people invest all their energy in others and things like work, rarely sparing any for themselves. The sad thing is that most times, your energy may not even be reciprocated.

But the more you give out your energy without getting any in return, the more you deplete your energy bank.

It is time you learned how to protect your energy from negativity and depletion by putting yourself first. No matter how busy you may be, ensure you always allocate me time in your schedule to recharge.

You can use this quiet time alone to do anything you want; for example, a hobby, pampering yourself, taking a walk, meditating, taking yourself out on a date, or anything else that helps you re-energize.

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  1. Create a positive, relaxing atmosphere at home

How do you feel when you see all that clutter in your home? How about those paint colors or stains on your walls? Maybe your house is too hot, too cold, too dark, humid, or smells bad.

Everything we surround ourselves with affects our emotions and energy. So, if every time you enter your house you experience a mood change because of the state of your living space, you should find a way to change that.

Creating a positive and relaxing atmosphere at home is one of the best ways to protect your energy from negativity.

Start by cleaning, decluttering, and organizing your home. Next, furnish and decorate your home with art and colors that calm you and bring positive vibes.

Remember to incorporate plants and flowers to boost the aesthetics of your space and to make your house smell good.

Other than that, increase the positive energy in your home by opening some windows to allow natural light and fresh air into the house.

  1. Get rid of stuff

Perhaps you broke up with a toxic person but still hold on to the things they left behind. Or, maybe someone close to you died and you still have their belongings in your home.

Stuff that brings out negative emotions or reminds you of the past could be the reason why you feel like there is negative energy around you.

If you want to learn how to protect your energy from negativity, you have to realize that holding on to stuff that makes you feel sad, angry, guilty, or any other negative emotions is only keeping you stuck.

For instance, you will come home feeling happy only for a glance at the stuff someone left behind to dampen your mood.

Getting rid of such stuff from former lovers or dead loved ones will be your first step to letting go and moving on with your life. It will also be a way to create more space in your home.

To protect your energy from negativity, you may have to store these people’s things somewhere out of sight, sell them, throw them out, or give them away.

In some cases, the best solution could be selling your house and moving to a new place where you will not be reminded of the past all the time.

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  1. Protect your energy using essential oils

It can be challenging to protect your energy from negativity in some places, such as when using busy streets and public transport, or while in a concert and other crowded spaces.

Although you could still visualize yourself in a protective bubble or wear crystal jewelry for protection against negative energy, essential oils can also be helpful in such situations.

When you feel like your vibe is off, use essential oils such as lavender, sage, eucalyptus, peppermint, sweet orange oil, tea tree oil, and bergamot daily as one of the ways to protect your energy from negativity.

The effectiveness of these essential oils in helping to clear negative energy is research-backed. Smelling nice after using essential oils to protect your energy from negativity is an added bonus.

  1.  Set boundaries

Do you have friends who often unload all their problems onto you or drag you into their drama? These types of people could be the ones who drain all your energy or bring negative energy to you.

Since you may not want to cut off all your friends, consider setting some boundaries with these types of people.

When learning how to protect your energy from negativity and depletion, you must set boundaries with people on the things they can share with you, the kind of support you can offer them, and how much of your time you can dedicate to them.

Also, be clear with them on the consequences of disrespecting your boundaries. If they continue trying to violate them, don’t be afraid to cut them off from your life or limit your interactions with such people to avoid getting overwhelmed by their negative energy and problems.

It is better to have no friends than toxic ones.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see above, there are many ways to protect your energy from negativity.

Of course, this does not mean that it is wrong to feel negative emotions or that you should always be positive and happy. That can be unhealthy and dangerous, as it could become toxic positivity.

Both positive and negative emotions are normal feelings that arise from the events going on in our lives.

Nonetheless, when we feel like the negative energy around us is bogging us down, or as if someone is draining our energy banks, we should try to cleanse or protect our energy.

Since everything and everyone around you can influence how you feel, use the above tips to learn how to protect your energy from negativity.

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  1. 🙂 Those are all brilliant suggestions.

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    By the way, I would like to add, eating clean and wholesome foods to help protect our energy because junk food has the potential of lowering our vibration.

    And, having a bath with sea salt to cleanse our aura.

    Thank you for publishing such an uplifting post (WordPress needs more bloggers like you).

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