10 Signs of Negative Energy in Your Home (and How to Get Rid of It)

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Do you think there are signs of negative energy in your home or around you? Perhaps your mood always changes whenever you enter your home, you feel like something is not right, but you can’t put your finger on it, or maybe, you feel like someone/something is watching you with evil intentions whenever you are in your house.

You probably don’t know why you feel like this or how to confirm that you are not just imagining things and that these are signs of negative energy in your home.

Besides the workplace or school, home is the other place most of us spend a lot of our time. Since modern life is quite hectic, our homes should be a safe haven, a place we can feel at peace and protected from the bad things happening in the world.

Your home should provide a tranquil and positive atmosphere where you can restrelax, and unwind after a stressful and tiring day.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you may sense negative energy around you while at home. It can come from yourself, the people who visit or live there (or those who used to live there), as well as the environment or things in your house.

If this has happened to you, this post shall discuss several symptoms and signs of negative energy in your home to look out for, and how to get rid of the bad vibes you sense in your house.

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10 Signs of Negative Energy in Your Home

  1. Constant fights

Are the people who live in your home always fighting over something, even petty things? Constant arguments or physical fights are signs of negative energy in your home.

Whether you live with friends, a partner, or your family, it is normal to have arguments over the things you disagree on. You are different people, and you may have different beliefs, values, and opinions.

However, if you or other people in the house usually argue all the time, it would be a toxic environment to be in daily. It could create negative energy in your home, which may remain there.

Since your energy can be influenced by the place and people you spend a lot of time with, their negativity could get transferred to you. 

To get rid of negative energy in your home, let the people who argue all the time know that they bring negativity into the house, and they should find a way to solve their problems.

If nothing changes, tell them to move out. If you can, you could also remove yourself from the toxic environment by looking for a new place, even if you have to live alone.

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  1. Bad things keep happening

Do you know the history of your home? Has anything bad happened there in the past, for example, a murder, suicide, or a disappearance?

You may never think to suspect your house as the reason for all your misfortunes, but it could be to blame.

The house’s location, past events, and the people who live or those who once lived there may have produced negative energy that could have gotten attached to it.

Perhaps you recently moved to a new house, but since then, bad things have been happening to you and the people around you.

For example, a loved one’s death, frequent illnesses, a suicide attempt, more arguments, misplaced things, pest infestations, financial issues, or a robbery, among other unfortunate things may have happened in your new house, and they could be signs of negative energy in your home.

If vacating the house is possible, you should do it before things get worse.

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  1. Changes in your mood

You have been in high spirits all day, but your mood changes as soon as you enter your house.

You probably feel anxious, sad, stressed, or even angry whenever you step through the door of your house, and you probably don’t know what causes the negative energy in your home.

The reasons you are in a bad mood whenever you are at home could be that your house is untidy, cluttered, or has poor lighting. You probably also dislike the people who live with you, your partner is toxic, and you relive bad memories in the house.

If you are always in a bad mood whenever you get into the house, even though you were happy before getting there, it could be one of the signs of negative energy in your home.

You should start paying more attention to yourself and your feelings whenever you are in the house to identify the causes of negative energy in your home.

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  1. Sensing bad vibes in particular areas at home

Though you may often identify symptoms of negative energy in the entire home, sometimes only specific areas are affected.

For example, you could sense bad vibes only in that one room where arguments start, a particular bedroom, the attic, or the basement.

Maybe you feel anxious whenever you visit the basement of your house, you feel like someone is watching you, or you feel unnaturally uncomfortable and unwelcomed when you enter a dead family member’s former bedroom or when at their favorite places.

The bad vibes you sense are signs of negative energy in your home.

The places where you get bad vibes and weird feelings may look perfectly normal. But for some reason, sometimes one you can’t pinpoint, that particular area or room makes you feel negative energy when you are close by or while there.

  1. Someone constantly criticizes or complains about you or others

If you live in a house where the people around you often criticize you or complain about things, it can be a sign of negative energy in your home.

Nonetheless, you may also be the one who is constantly criticizing others and complaining about things. These two activities often bring your mood down or that of those around you.

Complaining and being judged or judging others make you produce negative energy as you entertain negative thoughts and feelings about yourself and other people.

If you want to get rid of negative energy in your home, you should stay away from the people who bring negativity to you or move out of that house. You will be better off alone than you would be if you continued living in a place filled with negative energy.

If you are the one who often complains and judges others, you should get rid of the negative energy by improving self-awareness.

Start monitoring yourself to find the underlying reasons for your behavior so you can deal with your issues and become a better version of yourself.

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  1. Frequent bad dreams

Having nightmares every once in a while is normal. However, when they are frequent, for example, every night or any time you fall asleep, bad dreams could be symptoms and signs of negative energy in your home. 

Dreams often reveal your subconscious thoughts, desires, and fears. So, if you keep having bad ones, your subconscious may be trying to alert you to a problem in your life that you need to deal with or acknowledge.

Traumatic experiences, anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts are common causes of nightmares. Thus, if you have had bad dreams more often, something could be triggering them, which is one of the symptoms of negative energy in your home or other areas of your life.

  1. Negative thoughts while in the house

You can be the source of the negative energy in your home.

Perhaps, you feel anxious and have racing negative thoughts whenever you get home from work because you aren’t staying busy and active as you are used to while at your workplace. If you have become a victim of hustle culture, you may even feel guilty for being idle while at home.

As they say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Hence, you may entertain negative thoughts whenever you come home and have to spend time alone with your thoughts doing nothing.

It can worsen to the point where your obsessive negative thoughts result in negative actions such as suicide and other self-harm behaviors.

You may have negative thoughts even when surrounded by family and friends, especially when struggling with your mental health. You could also have them if bad things have happened in your house in the past, for example, being a victim of abuse or a loved one dying.

If being at your place often makes you entertain destructive thoughts, it could be one of the signs of negative energy in your home.

  1. A foul smell in the house

The way your house smells can affect your energy and mood when you are in it.

For example, a pleasant scent in your home can make you feel relaxed and energized, while a bad odor could result in feelings of discomfort and low energy.

When there are unpleasant smells in your house, it is a sign of negative energy in your home. You can get rid of it by deep cleaning your home, opening the windows and doors to let fresh air in, and using air fresheners, scented candles, or essential oils.

  1. Sleeping problems

Besides bad dreams, many other things can make you have trouble sleeping.

For example, stress, restlessness, and anxiety can make you fail to relax your body and mind enough to fall or stay asleep. Additionally, suspicious noises and feeling like something evil is lurking in the darkness may make you have trouble sleeping.

If you have been experiencing such things and have sleeping problems, they could be signs of negative energy in your home. Cleanse your house as soon as possible.

Nonetheless, it is good to note that some people naturally have trouble sleeping and are more productive at night than during the day for other reasons. If you have never been good at being an early riser, then insomnia may not be a sign of negative energy in your house.

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  1. You feel unmotivated and uninspired

You can work just fine at the office or in a coffee shop. But when you enter your house, all your motivation and ideas are nowhere to be found.

Feeling unmotivated, uninspired, and confused while at home can be caused by your surroundings and the people around you.

For example, coming home to a dark, dirty, disorganized house could result in negative emotions and drain your energy.

Coming home to a partner who puts you down or one who is pessimistic may also drain your positive energy and replace it with negativity.

You could also feel weak when at home for seemingly no reason. All these are signs of negative energy in your home, which may be coming from yourself, the people around you, the things in your house, or even something you can’t see.

How to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Home

  1. Cleanse your house using sage, salt, or essential oils
  2. Declutter, deep clean, and organize your home
  3. Let fresh air and natural light in
  4. Emotionally detach from work and allow yourself to relax while at home
  5. Use crystals to protect your home from negative energy
  6. Tell the people who bring negative energy into your home to leave, e.g., toxic friends, roommates, and romantic partners
  7. Be selective with the people you let into your house
  8. Make peace with your past
  9. Seek professional help to deal with things such as trauma, mental health issues, relationship problems, grief, and evil spirits
  10. Move and rent, buy or build a new house

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Final Thoughts

The energy around you can influence your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, thus your quality of life.

Learning how to identify the symptoms and signs of negative energy in your home is crucial because that is one of the places you spend most of your time.

Starting today, try to create a positive, tranquil, and relaxing atmosphere in your house using the above tips on how to get rid of the negative energy in your home.

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  1. Great sharing… 👍🏻💓👍🏻I have used several of the techniques described above, in my healing profession. When it comes to dealing with malevolent forces/entities, I enlist the help of Archangels… many are not aware of negative polarised consciousness manipulating the human race. However clairvoyants can validate such presence via their vision. Clearing is definitely beneficial. 🙏🏻💓🙏🏻

  2. Great post! There’s a lot of little things that are broken in our house but are a real pain to fix. I can’t really do anything about it at the moment, but I just remembered that I could use essential oils and turn on the salt lamp. I haven’t used my salt lamp in months and it’s supposed to clear the air of negative energy. Will be using it today 👍

      1. It helped a little when I used the lamp. Yesterday I was having a particularly bad day and didn’t use it… now I wish I had.

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