10 Signs You Are Blinded by Love, Why, Disadvantages, and How to Stop

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“Am I blinded by love? What are the signs of being blindly in love with someone I should look out for to know for sure? If I am indeed blinded, is blind love a bad thing I need to stop?”

Since you are here, reading this post, these questions may be at the top of your mind as you think about your relationship. Or, perhaps it is not you who is in love, but you think you observe what could be signs of being blinded by love in someone close to you. You, therefore, want to know why it happened to them and how to help them stop being blind in love, or if loving blindly is even a bad thing.

Love is a beautiful thing; everyone wishes they could find someone to love who will reciprocate their feelings. But love is not that smooth and straightforward. As they say, love is blind. And, though it is okay to love someone blindly to some extent, doing so could be harmful to you, your partner, and others involved.

In this post, we shall explore the meaning of being blind in love, the signs you’re blinded by love, why people become blind in love, and how to avoid or stop being blinded by love. Continue reading to learn more.

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What Does Being Blinded by Love Mean?

Love is blind isn’t just a phrase people like to say (or just the name of the popular reality TV show); blind love actually exists. Of course, the phrase ‘love is blind’ isn’t about literally going blind though.

Being blinded by love means that you have intense feelings of affection for someone that interfere with your ability to think logically and rationally when it comes to them. You can’t see the reality of the situation you are in or the type of person your romantic partner is, even when all the red flags are waving in your face or other people tell you about who they really are.

Blind love can happen to both men and women, in romantic relationships or even among family members. And though love is a wonderful thing, being blinded by love can have disadvantages.

Loving someone blindly can not only cause harm to you but also to your partner, as well as your dependents, due to the decisions you make.

The telltale signs you are blinded by love may be obvious to others observing your relationship from the sidelines, but you may not notice them. Oftentimes, it is only after you are out of the toxic relationship or lost feelings for a particular person that you look back and realize how blind in love you were with someone.

So, how can I know if I’m blindly in love with someone? What are the signs of being blinded by love? You wonder. Read on to see how to tell if you’re blind in love and why it happens.

10 Signs You Are Blinded by Love

  1. You ignore obvious red flags like lies, constant arguments, poor hygiene, extreme jealousy, weird interests, obsession, self-absorption, etc.
  2. You are ready to do anything, even risky and wrong things, for the person you love.
  3. You can’t see your partner’s imperfections, whether in appearance or personality.
  4. You put up with, enable, or make excuses for someone’s bad behavior, e.g., abuse, drug use, gambling, cheating, etc.
  5. You live in denial, focusing on what should be instead of what is the reality of your relationship.
  6. You make your partner your entire world, focusing only on their happiness or interests and losing yourself.
  7. You think that love is enough and don’t care about other aspects of a healthy relationship.
  8. You ignore all advice from your loved ones regarding your relationship, even though they have no reason to misadvise you.
  9. You lower your standards for someone.
  10. You don’t think critically when making important decisions in the relationship, e.g., moving in together or financial matters.

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9 Reasons Why People Become Blind in Love

Why does love make you blind? If you have noticed the above signs of being blinded by love, you may be asking yourself this question.

Since blind love is common in relationships, even parent-child relationships, it is important to know what causes it so that you can start learning how to stop being blinded by love and see people for who they really are.

Some common reasons why people become blind in love are;

  1. Love decreases social judgment

Falling in love makes us less judgmental of our partners, and that is why we become blind in love. You want to love your partner unconditionally; hence you may ignore or even support their bad behavior, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

According to research, falling in love actually alters your brain, resulting in the deactivation of the neural pathways that control the ability to feel anger, judgment, or fear, which could explain why people become blind when in love.

  1. The positive emotions of romance

Studies indicate that falling in love enhances the release of oxytocin and dopamine, the happy hormones. It is why when you are in love with someone, especially at the beginning, you experience positive feelings that overshadow the negative emotions you may feel from knowing your partner’s vices.

You will be more likely to focus on the positive side of falling in love with someone and fail to see or dismiss what is negative about them.

The positive emotions of romance triggered by the higher level of happy hormones are among the main reasons why people become blind in love.

  1. Past experiences

Your past experiences can also be the reasons why you become blinded by love. For example, traumatic events in your past, such as being abandoned or seeing your parents/guardians fight all the time during your childhood, can affect your love style when you grow older.

Since you are used to abuse, you may find yourself tolerating things you shouldn’t because you assume various toxic behaviors are normal.

Similarly, someone with abandonment issues may choose to stay in a toxic relationship and turn a blind eye to things that should be deal breakers about their partner because they don’t want to leave and be alone.

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  1. Low self-esteem

People with low self-esteem tend to fall in love easily. According to research, low self-esteem could alter how you view your partner and affect your behavior in the relationship.

Low self-esteem is one of the main reasons why people become blind in love. Since they don’t feel worthy of love, having someone who shows them even a little bit of affection or who is just there is good enough for them, hence they overlook their negative attributes.

Many people with low self-esteem get blinded by love because they don’t know how they deserve to be treated in a relationship. They may put up with bad behavior from their romantic partners thinking that it is normal and they don’t deserve any better.

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  1. You are naive or a hopeless romantic

Being a naive or hopeless romantic person is among the common reasons why people become blinded by love. You may enter into a relationship with a toxic person believing that love is enough and that it conquers all.

You could have little or no experience of being in a relationship, and due to your naivety and idealistic views about love, you expect things to be easy. And when they are not, you may brush off, justify, or be blind to your partner’s flaws that should be deal breakers just because you are in love.

Unfortunately, being a hopeless romantic or naive person could result in you staying in a relationship with someone who hurts you thinking that is just part of the struggles you have to overcome in love. You may even think you can ‘fix’ your partner just by loving them.

  1. You are not a snob

Not everything about loving someone blindly is bad.

One of the reasons why some people become blinded by love is that they are not snobby. They don’t care about things, such as someone’s appearance, social status, academic achievements, or fame like most others do. Instead, one may choose to see everyone the same way, recognizing their value no matter who they are. 

Not being a snob or superficial when deciding who to be in a relationship with may be seen as one of the signs you are blinded by love. But in this case, it is okay to be blind in love.

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  1. Lack of curiosity

While curiosity is an innate trait for humans, some people are less curious than others. They don’t feel the need to ask questions about others to know more about them, their goals, motivations, and hopes.

The lack of curiosity could be the reason why you are blinded by love. You can fall in love with someone without really knowing them.

A lack of curiosity while in a relationship could make you not notice when someone does things you don’t agree with. It may also make you believe you know all there is to know about your partner when you really don’t know anything, which could come back to bite you.

  1. You aren’t a good person

Another reason why people become blind in love could simply be that they aren’t good people either. After all, if you usually do bad things just like your partner, it can be difficult for you to recognize when what they are doing is wrong.

Even if you do notice, you wouldn’t be in a position to judge the other person or correct them because you also do the same things. You may then decide to turn a blind eye to their wrongdoings and continue with the relationship.

  1. Toxic positivity

Can you be too positive? Toxic positivity is one of the reasons why people become blind in love.

In a relationship, toxic positivity is the tendency to focus only on the positive side of things, suppressing your negative emotions, even when there are valid reasons to feel them.

For example, if your partner shows love to your kids but is also abusive to you, you may focus on how good they are as a parent and not deal with the fact that they abuse you. You may also hold on to the hope that your partner will change, thus stay in the toxic relationship.

While it is good to have a positive mindset, there should be a limit to your optimism. Toxic positivity when facing challenges that should be insurmountable in a relationship is one of the signs you are blinded by love.

You’ll be better off when you acknowledge both the positive and negative sides of your relationship and determine if that’s what you really want.

3 Benefits of Being Blind in Love

Even though there are many reasons why being blinded by love is bad, there is a positive side to loving someone blindly. It is good to be blind in love to some extent.

Some benefits of being blinded by love for someone include;

  1. It helps you see the best in people instead of only focusing on the negatives.
  2. Being blinded by love makes you not be a snobby or judgy person, hence giving people who may not fit the societal standards of attractiveness or social status a chance.
  3. Blind love often results in a happier, more secure, loving long-lasting relationship.

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10 Reasons Why Being Blinded by Love Is Bad

If there are such incredible benefits of blindly loving someone, what is so bad about being this way in a relationship? You wonder. After all, everyone says the phrase ‘love is blind’ like it is a negative thing.

In most cases, this is true. The many disadvantages of being blindly in love with someone outweigh the benefits.

Some of the reasons why being blinded by love is bad include;

  1. Increased tolerance and justification for toxic behaviors such as abuse and unhealthy habits
  2. Blind love results in the loss of individuality and authenticity
  3. Bad decisions made knowingly or unknowingly, in haste, or to please someone
  4. Living in denial where you refuse to see the bad things about someone or a situation
  5. Feelings of inferiority because you think your partner is perfect
  6. Loving your partner blindly could create unrealistic expectations they have to struggle to meet
  7. Disconnection with your other loved ones
  8. Feelings of self-loathing afterward
  9. Loss of time and money spent on a partner
  10. Loss of respect from others who see you as ‘weak’ or ‘whipped’

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How to Stop Being Blind in Love

  1. Get to know your partner better

Whether you have just met someone or have been in a relationship for a while, and you noticed some signs you are blinded by love, one of the best things to do to stop being blind in love is to get to know the person you are interested in better.

You can spend more time with your partner, such as on dates; ask questions and pay attention to their answers, and let them know about your interests too.

By learning all you can about them, you can be sure you know the person you are in a relationship with or the one you want to start dating.

  1. Get out

Once you notice signs you’re blinded by love for someone, you can avoid facing the consequences of blind love by getting out of the toxic relationship.

You could start by informing your partner about their toxic traits, just in case they don’t know, and urge them to change. If they don’t change, get out of the relationship for your own sake and for any dependents who may be affected.

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  1. Face reality

Idealism and denial are common signs that someone is blinded by love.

If you want to stop being blindly in love with someone, you have to face reality. Start seeing the ‘whole’ person you are in a relationship with instead of only seeing their positive side or what they could become.

Humans are complex creatures with vices and virtues; it is not right to turn a blind eye to one while focusing only on the other side.

Open your eyes and see your relationship for what it is and your partner for who they really are right now, then decide whether they are right for you.

  1. Work on yourself

Some of the common reasons why people become blinded by love are that they lack self-love, have low self-esteem, don’t know their worth, and have unresolved past trauma.

If you want to learn how to stop being blind in love, you will need to start working on yourself. Look for ways to connect with your inner self, love yourself more, recognize your worth, boost your self-esteem, and let go of baggage.

Practicing affirmations, being assertive, being kind to yourself, challenging negative beliefs about yourself, seeking feedback from loved ones, improving self-awareness, and being okay even when on your own are some things you can do to stop being blinded by love.

These activities will help you build a better relationship with yourself so you can form healthier relationships with others.

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  1. Define your non-negotiables in a relationship

While it is okay to compromise in relationships, there are some things you shouldn’t be willing to compromise on.

The things about you that aren’t up for debate with anyone are called your non-negotiables. They could include acceptable behaviors, morals, beliefs, values, likes and dislikes, or other relationships, such as family and friends.

Defining your non-negotiables in a relationship is one of the best ways to avoid being blind in love. Thus, before starting any relationship, ensure your partner is aware of your non-negotiables so they get into it knowing your boundaries.

While in the relationship, reminding yourself what your non-negotiables are can help you avoid being used, abused, or disrespected. Don’t be too ready to do just anything for your partner.

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  1. Embrace imperfections

One of the signs you’re blinded by love is that you think your partner is perfect. You, therefore, put them on a pedestal where you expect everything about them to be flawless.

However, your failure to see your partner’s flaws can make them feel the need to be perfect when they are not. They may set unrealistic expectations for themselves and burn themselves out trying to be the kind of person you think they are, which could strain your relationship.

As you learn how to stop being blind in love, you have to be realistic and embrace other people’s imperfections. Accept that no matter how much we may try, none of us can be perfect in all areas of life

Seeing your partner’s flaws and accepting them just the way they are can strengthen your relationship and make you happier and more satisfied.

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  1. Seek professional help

Sometimes, it may be hard to figure out why you become blinded by love by yourself. You may need extra help to dig a little deeper to get to the root cause of the problem, so you can stop or avoid being blind in love.

Getting relationship counseling can be helpful when you want to avoid being blinded by love ever again. A therapist can help you identify the signs you’re blindly in love with someone, recognize the red flags, identify the reasons for being so blind, and understand how being blinded by love is bad for you. 

Depending on what your issues are, your therapist will advise you on the best actions to take so you can stop being blinded by love.

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Final Thoughts: Is Love Blind?

Yes, love is blind, and as you can see above, being blinded by love can have some dire consequences more often than not. It would be good for you to know how to tell if you’re blinded in love so you can do something about it as soon as possible.

Love is a wonderful thing we all wish we could experience in our lifetime. But since it can make you unreasonable, making you turn a blind eye to things you shouldn’t, you have to be more careful when getting into relationships.

By knowing how to identify the signs you are blinded by love, you can find a way to stop it from going any farther so you don’t have to face the consequences. Sure, there are reasons why it is okay to love someone blindly, but the disadvantages of blind love far outweigh the benefits.

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