10 Ways to Stop Being Bothered by Small Things (and Why It Happens)

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Do you easily get irritated or overwhelmed by little things? If you do, you are not alone.

Many of us have a tendency to be bothered by small things as well. It could be that you make a big deal of things that don’t have to be, complain too much, or maybe, you take things personally when you shouldn’t.

The small things that get to you could be of your own doing, someone else’s fault, or just because of circumstances.

Getting stressed or upset by little things can make your life more complicated than it needs to be. And since it can also affect your relationship with others, it is important to learn how to stop being bothered by small things.

Read on for some tips to help you stop letting little things stress or irritate you.

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How to Stop Being Bothered by Small Things

  1. Become more self-aware

Do you usually realize when you are overreacting to situations? What triggers you?

When learning how to stop being bothered by small things, your first step should be to reflect on and examine your behavior, thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

Form a daily habit of writing in a journal to record the events of each day as well as your feelings and thoughts.

Your journal entries will help you identify what things get to you and why they bother you so much.

When you increase your self-awareness, it will be easier to notice your negative thought patterns or reactions and what triggers them. You can then stop yourself or use the tips below to stop getting upset about little things.

  1. Pause before reacting

If you are getting irritated by what someone is doing or saying, pause for 3-5 seconds to assess whether it matters to you that much before reacting.

You can also use this time to come up with other possible reasons why you are being bothered by small things and take action.

When you pause to think about it, you may discover that there is a much bigger problem you haven’t addressed.

For example, the reasons why little things bother you so much could be that you are too tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, feeling unfulfilled, have a hormonal imbalance, or are holding on to grudges. It could also be that you are just hungry or a sensitive person.

Making a habit of pausing before reacting is one of the best ways to stop letting the little things bother you.

Every time you want to respond to something, pause and consider what could be making you so irritable, then evaluate whether the situation is worth your time, energy, or reaction, and if you are ready to deal with the consequences of your actions.

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  1. Realize that it is not always about you

If you are a sensitive person, you likely take things personally even when you shouldn’t, and that is probably why you get easily upset by little things. As such, if you want to learn how to stop being bothered by small things, it is important to remind yourself that not everything is about you.

Everyone around you is going through some struggles in their life. Their words and actions, even when they may seem like they were done specifically to offend you, may have nothing to do with you. It could just be someone’s personality or their way of coping with challenges.

You should stop being bothered by other people’s actions and realize that not everything is a personal attack.

  1. Accept that some things are beyond your control

One of the hard truths you have to accept about life is that you can’t always change or control what is going on around you. Allowing such things to get to you and make you miserable will not help.

To stop being bothered by small things, you have to acknowledge that not everything is in your control, for example, other people’s opinions or actions, change, natural disasters, and the future or past.

Instead of blaming and pitying yourself or complaining and getting frustrated about situations, just do your best and let go of what you can’t control or change.

Choose to trust the process and hope that everything will work out as it is supposed to at the right time.

  1. Change your way of thinking

If everything and everyone is getting to you, reframing your thoughts can help you learn how to stop being bothered by small things.

For example, instead of only seeing the negative things and actions that upset you, you could choose to be positive, find humor in the situation, learn something, see the bigger picture, be empathetic, or practice gratitude.

Changing your way of thinking can really help you stop getting irritated by little things.

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  1. Let go

One of the reasons why you get bothered by small things could be that you are holding on to a grudge against someone, and thus, everything they do gets to you.

Worse still, perhaps, you haven’t even told them what it is they have done wrong; hence your irritation could keep mounting as they continue doing the offensive thing.

Informing people of their errors, forgiving them, and letting go of grudges are some of the actions to take if you want to learn how to stop being bothered by little things.

  1. Distract yourself

The more you focus on something, the more it will upset you. Finding distractions is one of the best ways to stop being bothered by small things.

Distractions will keep you busy and also help you redirect your thoughts and sort out your emotions.

For example, if you are angry or irritated about some petty issues or a mistake you or someone else has made, channeling your emotions into something like exercise can help.

Distracting yourself from whatever is bothering you for a while will help you clear your head, find a solution, or get over it.

You can distract yourself by doing a hobby, working, spending time with family and friends, meditating, going shopping, or taking a walk, among other activities.

  1. Take a break

The reason why you are getting easily upset and bothered by little things so much could be that you are experiencing fatigue and are heading for burnout.

When you are exhausted and overwhelmed, it can be difficult to interact and be patient with the people around you, whether at work, during social occasions, or at home. You may make a big deal of small mistakes and cause drama over irrelevant things.

As you are learning how to stop being bothered by small things, you should consider slowing down the pace of your life or, at least, taking a break from work to practice self-care, have fun, and recharge your energy.

After the break, you will feel well-rested, refreshed, and ready to relate amicably with others.

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  1. Mind your own business

The little things that bother you so much could be normal actions for someone else. For example, you probably get irritated by the way someone cooks, that they leave their appliances plugged in or unplugged, or even that they pick their nose.

While these things are annoying to you, the person doing them may not give them much thought.

What you should remember when learning how to stop being bothered by small things is that anyone can do whatever they want with their personal life or space.

If they are not hurting anyone or committing a crime, no one should judge them for their choices. So, instead of fixating on the things you think someone is doing wrong, mind your own business and focus on your life.

  1. Change your situation

Why do little things bother me so much?

Getting easily upset about little things can be an indicator that you feel stuck or are living an unfulfilling life.

For example, if you hate your job and are looking for an excuse or a reason to quit, most things at work will irritate you — from the tasks you have to perform, your boss, colleagues, and clients, to even things like commuting and the people you meet on the way.

When learning how to stop being bothered by small things, it is best to find ways to change your situation if you feel dissatisfied with your life.

Changing careers, getting a divorce, and moving out, are some of the changes you can make for you to feel happier and more fulfilled.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have them – above are some tips on how to stop being bothered by small things.

It is normal to get irritated now and then, but if it has been happening more frequently lately, it is best to dig deeper to uncover the possible reasons why little things bother you so much.

Once you discover the triggers for your tendency to get easily upset or overwhelmed, the tips discussed above will help you learn how to stop getting bothered by small things. Not only will you feel much better, but you will also save many of your relationships.

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