10 Things That Can Change Your Way of Thinking about Life

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On our life’s journey, we all go through many things that can change our way of thinking. Since it is almost impossible to go through life alone, your perspective is often influenced by many factors such as people, places, and experiences.

The lens through which you choose to view the world and the situations you find yourself in determines whether you will have a positive or negative attitude towards life.

In this post, we shall discuss some of the things that can change your way of thinking about life and how they do it.

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10 Things That Can Change Your Way of Thinking about Life

  1. Hardships

Many people testify to experiencing the most growth and learning lessons when facing adversity. Whether these are problems at home, struggling financially, stress, illness, or any other challenges, all these are things that can make you change your way of thinking about life.

For instance, having problems could make you realize how trivial some issues are and what matters most to you.

Struggling financially or losing someone could lead to you developing an abundance mindset and learning to appreciate what you have.

Facing adversity could also help you learn how to change your attitude, manage your expectations and become more realistic.

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  1. New experiences 

Staying in your comfort zone and hiding away in your house will most likely not help you learn how to change your way of thinking. You will be stuck in your little bubble where nothing new or unexpected happens.

Going out and having new experiences, on the other hand, is one of the things that can change your way of thinking about life and boost your personal growth.

Some ne experiences that could change your perspective include solo traveling to new places, trying a new hobby, doing something that scares you, falling in love, getting married, having children, changing careers, or starting a new business, among others.

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  1. Spending time in nature

We are always encouraged to go outdoors and spend more time in nature. But unfortunately, in modern times, most people spend more of their time indoors, in their offices, at home, or in vehicles and rarely go outside which, according to studies, affects their health and well-being.

You should try to spend time in nature whenever you can because doing this not only improves your mood and calms your mind but it is one of the things that can change your way of thinking about life.

Engaging all your senses while in nature could make you realize that you are only a tiny part of something bigger than yourself.

Additionally, spending time in nature is one of the ways you can get several of the different types of rest, such as mental rest, sensory rest, and creative rest.

When you are ready to go back to your routine, you will feel refreshed, inspired, and recharged.

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  1. Age

As you grow older, things that used to matter a lot to you may no longer matter as much.

Aging is one of the things that can change your way of thinking about life because you start to realize what is important to you, get to know people for who they are, and stop worrying about what others think of you.

You might also discover that chasing perfection is futile, and instead, focus on living a life of purpose instead of living in fear of messing up.

If you have dependents, you are also likely to change your way of thinking and start valuing other people more than yourself and prioritizing them.

  1. Books and Movies

Reading books or watching movies are other things that can change your way of thinking about life through lessons and the experiences of the characters in them.

Depending on the genre you choose, some could motivate you, stimulate your imagination, make you learn how cruel the world can be, what other people and different cultures are like, and many more things that can change your perspective.

If you can relate to the characters in the books or movies and the situations they find themselves in, the better.

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  1. Questions

Has someone ever asked you a question that made you pause and question everything you have ever known?

Questions are other things that can make you change your way of thinking about life. They make you think critically about something before answering.

It doesn’t even have to be questions asked by other people, they could be those you ask yourself during self-reflection.

The questions you ask yourself become your thoughts, which, then, become your actions.

So if you want to change the way you think, change the questions you ask yourself.

They are your way of connecting with your inner self to know who you are and what you want with your life. Some questions you can ask yourself when learning how to change your way of thinking include,

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  1. The impact of your actions

Have you ever made a mistake, and its impacts still haunt you to this day?

For example, you might have self-sabotaged and gotten yourself fired from work, cheated on your partner, made a bad business decision, or any other mistakes you might have made in the past.

The impact of your actions, whether good or bad, is one of the things that can change your way of thinking about life.

Instead of beating yourself up for your mistakes, forgive yourself, learn from them, and vow never to repeat them.

If the impact of your actions brought positive results, you discover what works well for you and many other things that you probably wouldn’t have realized otherwise.

The effects of your actions could make you become inspired or more cautious while making decisions in the future.

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  1. Other people

While interacting with people, you get to know their opinions, experiences, problems, and lifestyle.

Their situations and views are some of the things that can change your way of thinking about life because they could make you realize new things about yourself, learn from their experiences, and rethink how you view the world.

For example, if your friend is going through hardships, putting yourself in their shoes can make you discover how unprepared you are to face a similar problem.

When they share with you how they overcame their problems, it could change your attitude and give you some ideas on how to handle various life situations.

You might also realize how lucky you are that you aren’t in similar circumstances and learn to be grateful for what you have.

On the other hand, a successful friend might inspire you to want to get to where they are in life and help you develop a growth mindset.

Other people make you see things from a different point of view which could then help you learn how to change your way of thinking about things.

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  1. Self-talk

Did you know that the things we tell ourselves affect how we think about life and the things we attract?

You are what you think and say you are, and thus, if you keep telling yourself negative things and having self-limiting beliefs, then that’s what you will manifest.

On the other hand, telling yourself nice things will make you think positively and attract more abundance and positivity into your life.

If you want to have more positive thoughts, some things that can change your way of thinking about life include affirmations, mantras, and positive self-talk.

These will rewire your brain, change your thought patterns, and make you believe what you are declaring, and thus, help you manifest your goals.

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  1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves being fully present and aware of your surroundings and what you are doing at the moment while observing your thoughts and feelings without judgment or interpretation.

Practicing mindfulness can be helpful when learning how to change your way of thinking because it makes you focus on the present moment instead of being bogged down by baggage from the past or worries about the future.

The Bottom Line

Your mindset does not have to be set in stone. So many things can change your way of thinking for the better as you go through life.

Do not be afraid to change because you are used to things being a particular way. Doing so could hinder your personal growth and make you get stuck in life. Instead, learn from the lessons and be willing to get out of your comfort zone.

You will discover many things about yourself and the world by changing your way of thinking about life and the situations you find yourself in.

Change your way of thinking, and you will finally change your life.

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  1. So on point! Understanding life and its diverse nature is about getting out of the comfort zone.

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    1. That often happens to me as well! The right questions can be life-changing because they help you get a deeper understanding of yourself. Thank you so much for reading, Geoff!❤

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