10 Signs It Is Time to Change Careers and Why

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When you are sick or need to rest, your body lets you know, and in the same way, you can also notice the signs it is time to change careers when you need to take a new path.

But, how do you know if making a career change is the right move to make at this time? After all, it is not easy to start over, especially if you are not financially stable, are too old, or don’t have the skills required for the career you want to switch to.

Changing careers can be daunting and scary for many people because of all the uncertainties involved. You may ask yourself questions like; What if right now is not ideal for a career change, and you end up regretting your decision later? What if you earn less with your new career? What if you end up not loving it down the line as well? So many What ifs!

However, getting stuck in a career that you don’t like can affect your professional and personal life negatively. It will be best for you to switch to a better career while you still can. It can be a life-changing event.

Since you are here, you have probably been thinking about it and want some help identifying the signs it is time to change careers. And you are in the right place because this is a big decision.

It will be great to know when it is time to make a career change in order to improve your life, be happier and avoid having regrets later. To help you decide whether to make this move, below are some signs it is time to change careers.


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10 Signs It Is Time to Change Careers

  1. You don’t love your job anymore

Remember when you first got your current job and how excited you probably were that you got it? Where did all that excitement go? When did you start hating your job? No longer loving your job is one of the most obvious signs it is time to change careers.

A change of bosses, intense competition, unrealistic targets, and being overworked could be the reasons why you don’t love your job anymore.

If you now hate your job, feel unmotivated to do it, and usually go to work wishing it was 5 pm already so you could go home to relax and recharge, these could be signs you need a career change to find something else that you love or a less toxic workplace.

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  1. Your circumstances have changed

Life is dynamic, and the circumstances you were in when you first got your job have probably changed with time.

For example, you may have started a family, you are older and want different things now, or, perhaps, a family member is ill and either requires more of your time or money.

Your job may not suit your current circumstances, and it would be good for you to consider a career change. As your circumstances change, so should you and your priorities.

  1. Your job is taking a toll on your mental and physical health

You may be earning good money at your job, but if having it leads to mental health problems or you keep getting sick all the time and always feel drained of energy, these could be signs it is time to change careers.

The negative effects on your health could be caused by overworking, job insecurity, having unachievable targets at work, responsibilities, financial problems, and forcing yourself to work during the day when you are naturally more productive at night, among others.

However, even as more people embrace hustle culture and work too much, your health should always come first.

Your productivity depends on you being mentally and physically well enough to perform your tasks. So if you are always stressed about work, are tired all the time, and you keep getting sick, identify these as signs you need a career change and start seriously thinking about taking this step.

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  1. You are underpaid

As mentioned earlier, sometimes we are so desperate to get a job that we could settle for anything that pays. However, as time passes and you gain more experience, skills, and responsibilities, your salary may no longer be enough for you.

If you feel like you should earn more for your services, skills, and experience than you currently are, these could be signs it is time to change careers.

Unfortunately, sometimes gratitude to those who hired you when you couldn’t be employed anywhere else can make you stick around at a job that doesn’t pay you enough.

Also, the fear that you might not get employment anywhere else could make you ignore the signs it is time for a career change.

You should learn to be more courageous and know your worth, thus quit the underpaying job and look for a better one with better pay.

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  1. You desire change

Have you been working at your current job for too long? Are you envious of your friends’ careers?

Feeling dissatisfied with your current life and desiring change are signs it is time to change careers. You probably want to experience a new work environment, to feel challenged, or to try doing something different with your life because you feel like you are running out of time to figure out what you want.

Switching careers when you desire change in your life is a good decision because you will learn new skills, interact with different types of people, expand your knowledge, and gain more experience.

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  1. You feel unappreciated or undervalued at work

Appreciation doesn’t only come in the form of money. Sometimes it could be how other people treat you.

Feeling like you are unappreciated and undervalued or getting unfair treatment at your current job are some signs it is time to change careers.

Perhaps your boss overworks you with no compensation, raises, promotions, or even a thank you. Perhaps they also make you do things that aren’t in your job description or take credit for your work.

All these are signs it is time to change careers, and learning to identify them can help you make the right decision and get out of that toxic workplace with your self-respect and dignity intact.

  1. Your current job doesn’t fulfill you

Are you feeling unhappy at work? Or are you just going through the motions and not really finding meaning in your work?

If you can’t feel the impact of your efforts and your job is unfulfilling, these are some signs it is time to change careers.

Getting stuck in a career that doesn’t fulfill you can make you miserable, and life is too short to spend your time doing something that doesn’t make you happy. If you are feeling unfulfilled by your job, do something about it.

Start by figuring out the things that bring you joy and if you can make an impact on the world and also earn a living while doing them.

Finding a fulfilling job can be difficult, but considering the amount of time we spend working instead of at home with family, it will be worth it if you are doing something you are passionate about that makes you feel fulfilled in life.

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  1. You keep self-sabotaging at work

There are many reasons why people self-sabotage, one of which is when they are not satisfied with their jobs.

Some self-sabotaging behaviors you might have that could be signs it is time to change careers include lateness, procrastination, shoddy work, negative interactions with colleagues, and disengagement from work.

Instead of waiting for when your self-sabotaging behavior leads to negative consequences such as getting fired, recognize the signs it is time to change careers and quit on your own terms.

  1. You can’t find a balance between work and personal life

Everyone keeps telling you to establish a work-life balance, and, perhaps, you even include this goal in your New Year’s resolutions every time, but for some reason, you can never manage it.

Always having a heavy workload that makes you never have time to spend with family and friends is one of the signs it is time to change careers.

Building strong bonds with your loved ones and having a strong support system are some of the things you need to be happier with your life.

Therefore, if your job has taken over your life, consider making a career change and look for something that will let you prioritize your family and friends. They are the only ones who will be there for you if you were to lose your job or get an injury that prevents you from working.

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  1. You have attained financial freedom

You might be wondering why you even need to change careers or even have a job at all if you have attained financial freedom.

But, some people are so used to working that even when they have financial freedom, they still feel the need to work.

Since you don’t have to work as hard now, your career change can be to get a new job that isn’t as demanding of your time and effort, or it could involve starting your own business to become self-employed and make more money.

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  1. Bonus sign: You are reading this

Chances are you have been thinking it is time for a career change for some time now. And if you are looking for more information about it, then you probably should do it.

People who are satisfied with their jobs will not often find themselves looking up the signs if it is time to change careers.

Final Thoughts

Making a career change is not an easy decision, and many people postpone it until it is too late for them.

Many fail to identify the signs it is time to change careers, while others know they need to but are too afraid to take the risk because of uncertainties.

However, even though making a career change seems daunting and scary, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself now and for your future.

If you have been thinking about switching careers lately, try to be more courageous and take the leap. By identifying the signs it is time to change careers early enough and deciding to do it, you will avoid regrets later in life, be happier, and start living the life you want.

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