6 Ways to Develop an Abundance Mentality and Get Rid of Scarcity Mindset

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to Develop an Abundance Mentality and How to Get Rid of The Scarcity Mindset

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Mindset is everything! Though its power is often underestimated, our mind and how we think about things influence our ability and motivation to achieve them. This mentality then determines how fulfilled we feel and our ability to find happiness in our lives. Developing an abundance mentality is one way to become satisfied with your life.

Having the abundance mentality means that you believe there is plenty of resources available for everyone, whether that is money, love, time, success, or just about anything else. This is the opposite of the scarcity mindset, which views resources as finite, and one has to hoard them to keep others from getting them.

By developing an abundance mindset, however, you know there is plenty to go around and that someone else getting something doesn’t mean you can’t have the same things.

Developing an abundance mentality has many benefits and can change your life for the better. This is because when you have an abundance mindset it means that you don’t focus on what you don’t have and instead appreciate what you do have and find ways to increase it.

You see the potential in yourself and others and believe you have just as many opportunities to get anything you want in life as anyone else.

In this post, we shall discuss the various ways to develop an abundance mentality and get rid of a scarcity mindset.

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How to Develop an Abundance Mindset
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How to Develop an Abundance Mentality and Get Rid of Scarcity Mindset

  1. Practice gratitude

If you only shine light on your flaws, all your perfects will dim

Colleen Hoover

Focusing on what you don’t have only leads to dissatisfaction with your life and feelings of inadequacy.

If you keep looking for what is lacking in your life, that is all you will see, and everything else will not matter. To change this scarcity mentality to the abundance mindset, you have to learn to appreciate and be grateful for what you currently have instead of what you don’t.

Life has many good things to offer, and you could be missing out on them while being frustrated at your perceived failure to attain things that are out of reach at the moment.

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  1. Be content with what you have

One of the main reasons people develop a scarcity mindset is because they believe they never have enough, especially when comparing themselves to others.

For example, when it comes to wealth, you might have a net worth of say, $50 million, but if you compare yourself with someone else who is wealthier and has a bigger one than you, for example, $100 million, you will never be content and happy with what you have.

If you want to learn how to develop an abundance mentality and shift from the scarcity mindset, be content with what you have and stop being envious and comparing yourself with others.

Someone else gaining something doesn’t mean you have lost. You also have the potential and opportunities to gain the same things.

Developing an abundance mindset makes it easier for you to work together and learn from those doing better than you, thereby increasing your chances of getting to where you want to be in life, instead of comparing or competing with them.

  1. Practice affirmations to attract abundance

Being rich is a state of mind. 

In an older post, we discussed how being broke is a mindset. The same applies to abundance and being rich.

You are only as rich as you allow yourself to think you are and you only have as much as you think you have. Our thoughts influence how satisfied we are with our lives and how motivated we are to explore our potential.

Having constant negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs can derail your life and keep you from achieving your goals while having an abundance mindset will let you see more options and choices.

By changing your thinking patterns through positive self-talk and practicing self-affirmations, you can learn how to develop an abundance mentality.

To get rid of the scarcity mindset, practice affirmations that remind you that you are good enough, have enough, and can attract more good things, money, love, success, and anything you want into your life.

Believing you can have good things attracts abundance into your life and increases your motivation to go after your goals and achieve them. 

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  1. Focus on growth

If you really don’t have much of the things you want, wallowing in self-pity or being envious and blaming others for not having these things will not do you any good.

There are plenty of resources available for everyone, and you only need to learn how to develop an abundance mentality to see these opportunities and seize them.

To get to where you want to be in life, invest in yourself and focus on the unlimited opportunities to grow and become the best version of yourself.

If you need to work harder to get promoted to a better position, do that. If you are broke or poor, look for more ways to increase your income. Explore your potential by knowing your strengths and the things you are good at.

When learning how to develop an abundance mindset, start by deciding not to remain in the same position and instead, think outside the box and find ways to get what you want. And as you grow, remember to celebrate all your small wins along the way.

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  1. Change your company

The people you surround yourself with can influence your way of thinking, either positively or negatively.

If you surround yourself with people who have a scarcity mentality or a pessimistic attitude towards life, you might find yourself thinking the same way. 

Surrounding yourself with people who have an abundance mindset, however, can upgrade your way of thinking, make you feel more optimistic about your chances of achieving your goals, and increase your motivation to go after them.

Abundance attracts abundance. Thus, learn how to develop an abundance mentality by being picky when choosing the kind of people you allow into your life.

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  1. Be generous

The scarcity mentality views resources as finite and something you need to hoard to keep from others.

One of the best ways to develop an abundance mentality and shift from the scarcity mindset is by recognizing that someone else’s win is not your loss. To overcome the scarcity mindset, become more generous with your time, money, and possessions.

Hoarding things and living with the fear that the resources will run out is no way to live.

Giving back to others helps you develop the abundance mindset as it reminds you that you have more than enough to share and there is plenty for everyone.

Final Words

There you have it. You now know how to develop an abundance mentality and get rid of the scarcity mindset for better personal and professional life.

There are numerous benefits of having an abundance mindset, including getting rid of self-limiting beliefs, being content with what you have, increased motivation to achieve your goals, becoming a more grateful person, and increased growth.

If you want to reap the benefits of having an abundance mentality, use the above six ways to shift from the scarcity mentality to the abundance mindset and be happier with your life.

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  1. Such positive and beautiful words that are powerful too!! Loved reading it ❤️
    Beautifully you’ve covered the topic! Felt great ❤️
    Keep writing and shining ⭐

  2. Yes, it is the positive thoughts which is the driving force to satisfaction . However much is enough is what matters . Everyone has their own benchmark of enough. Unfortunately many select too unrealistic an aim and remain discontent throughout life. I understand that one got to aim high but then being realistic is also important.
    Stay blessed always.

    1. Very well said, Krish! Setting realistic and achievable goals is so vital for our life satisfaction and happiness. Thank you so much for reading and for always supporting this blog, Krish. Stay blessed as well🙏

  3. Great post as always! I need to work on being more generous, I definitely have a fear that the things i do have will one day disappear but really its not worth living life in fear. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Yes, yes. All VERY good points. May I add, that if you have time for ONLY ONE, then I hope Gratitude is a great one to start with. From there on, watch your heart grow. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words with me today. Splendid article. You’re already doing a great job, still keep going. I wish you miracles.

  5. I really like this post!

    I always practice my affirmations and I think that was 80% effective for my success in day trading and investing.

  6. I think believing I never have enough is what keeps my desire to not be complacent and get more out of life.

    Algorand doubled my investment this month but I’m not gonna stop there!

  7. Abundance Mentality is a psychological matter. People will be very effective and praiseworthy. Thanks for sharing this.

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