6 Reasons Why You Should Trust the Process in Life (and How to Do It)

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Nearly everyone has heard the phrase ‘trust the process’ at some point, but some people don’t even know what that means. Others understand what trusting the process involves but find it difficult to do so, especially when facing challenges or when they feel they are progressing slower than they would like.

So, before we go to the reasons why you should trust the process, let’s start by defining this quote.

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What Does Trust the Process Mean?

The phrase trust the process means setting goals and working on them while believing that things will work out as they should at the right time, even when facing challenges.

It involves seeing obstacles and failures not as the end of your journey but as part of what you must go through to get what you want in life.

But what is this process you need to trust?

The process is any series of steps you have to take to achieve a particular goal – whether it is becoming rich, getting married, losing weight, learning a new skill, or any other thing you may desire.

When you don’t trust the process or if you think it is too hard, you may be tempted to skip some steps, bypass the process entirely, or find another easier one.

Trusting the process is about letting go of control and going with the flow, things that many people find challenging to do.

Most of us like to be in charge of our lives and to be able to manipulate the events that happen to us and around us. You may choose not to trust the process because you think it is holding you back as you could probably find alternative ways to achieve your goals sooner.

Even though it can be challenging to do, trusting the process can benefit you in many ways. In this post, we shall discuss several reasons why you should trust the process in your life, even when things are hard. Read on.

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Why You Should Trust the Process in Life

  1. Some things are beyond your control

While we may like to take charge of our lives and try to manipulate things to be in our favor, some things are simply not in our control.

Therefore, one of the reasons why you should trust the process is that trying to change such things may only frustrate you, make you unhappy, and waste your time.

Some things that are beyond your control, which after doing all you can, you may need to have faith that your goals will work out, include; other people’s decisions and thoughts, the future, change, some illnesses, natural disasters, and more.

When facing challenges beyond the scope of your control, you need to trust the process and hope for the best.

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  1. Trusting the process promotes your personal growth

Do you ever look back to see how far you have come and all the challenges you have managed to overcome?

When you reflect on your life, you will most likely realize that you are not the person you were before and after starting the journey to achieve a particular goal.

Everything you go through in life changes you as a person. As such, one of the reasons why you should trust the process is that it is all part of your personal growth.

It may be difficult to appreciate how much you change through your experiences, especially when facing adversity. But when you continue working on your goals and come out on the other side, you will realize how the challenges promoted your personal growth.

Your life experiences could make you grow in various ways. Some benefits of trusting the process for your personal growth include becoming more confident, patient, resilient, and empathetic; getting to know yourself better; developing new habits, learning many new things, and experiencing a change in mindset and perspective.

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  1. Trusting the process is good for your health

Although it is good to be ambitious and chase your dreams, the pursuit of success could affect your physical and mental health negatively.

You may work too much and neglect your health or loved ones as you are busy trying to achieve your goals. You will constantly feel stressed, anxious, and even frustrated if you fail to accomplish your desired goals within the timeline you set for yourself.

When you learn how to trust the process, you reduce the pressure on yourself by allowing things to unfold naturally. You will not stress yourself out or feel anxious because you believe that as long as you do your part and put in the effort, the rest will work out as it is meant to.

You will also stop overworking; hence, dedicate more time to yourself and the things or people who make you happy.

Improved mental and physical health is one of the main reasons why you should trust the process in life. Save your sanity and your life by having faith that things will work out as they should eventually.

Even if you fail, when you choose to trust the process, you realize that these failures are all part of the journey and you can overcome them.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

  1. Good things take time

When you decide to trust the process, you must be ready to play the long game.

But in today’s fast-paced modern age, most people aren’t patient. They want to reach their dreams RIGHT NOW and don’t care about the long-term benefits of things.

Unfortunately, when you crave instant gratification, you may take shortcuts and sacrifice many important things to get what you want, for example, your morality, family, health, relationships, free time, happiness, and more.

It is important to trust the process, let go of control, and have faith that whatever should be yours will come at the right time. In the meantime, all you have to do is be patient but continue working on your goals. New ideas, milestones, and many more things will come when the timing is right.

When you rush and take shortcuts to success, you could regret some of your choices later. For example, you may regret marrying the wrong person due to social pressure, committing crimes to get rich quickly, or having surgeries to change your appearance.

Conversely, if you are patient and you take the long road to success, that is, through hard work and perseverance, you will most likely have a great future where you can apply the lessons learned from your experiences.

It is time you realize that good things take time and effort; that is why you should trust the process in life.

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  1. Trusting the process keeps you motivated and optimistic

When facing challenges, getting the motivation to work on yourself and your goals can be hard.

As you fail to achieve your goals, you may feel demoralized and even want to call it quits. At this time, you may also get tempted to take shortcuts so you can get immediate results. That is where trusting the process can benefit you.

One of the reasons why you should trust the process in life is that it keeps you motivated and optimistic even when things are hard. You have faith that though you are experiencing challenges now, your life will not always be this way.

You know that these hardships are a part of your journey to greatness. Thus, you don’t give up. Instead, you continue putting in the effort and trust that everything will be okay eventually.

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  1. Trusting the process makes you more grateful

If something is easy to achieve, you may not get invested in it, and you could fail to remember to be thankful for being able to achieve it.

However, when you are following a process, every little milestone you reach is a big win. It indicates that you are progressing (no matter how slowly), and you should celebrate it.

It is important to trust the process as it makes you a more grateful person. You will not take your achievements for granted because you probably had to invest your time, energy, and money to succeed.

By trusting the process and letting go of control, all you have is faith that things will work out, but you don’t know when the results will be. When you achieve what you worked hard for, you feel even more grateful for it.

So, how can you trust the process in your life? Below are some tips.

How to Trust the Process

  1. Set SMART goals and create a plan
  2. Focus on the things that are within your control
  3. Change your way of thinking about failures and obstacles
  4. Play the long game and be patient
  5. Stop worrying about the future and live in the here and now
  6. Don’t let anyone discourage you
  7. Slow down and let things unfold as they are supposed to
  8. Embrace the unknown

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Wrapping Up

Many people say the trust the process quote, then find it difficult to let go of control so things can unfold naturally. They want to be able to manipulate things and take shortcuts to get immediate results. However, it is important to trust the process if you want to succeed and live a fulfilling life.

Trusting the process is about setting realistic goals, planning, and working towards them, all while not obsessing about whether you will fail or succeed. Instead, you have faith that things will work out how they are supposed to when the right time comes.

As you have seen above, there are many reasons why you should trust the process in life. So, put in the work and be patient, and you will reap the benefits of trusting the process, even when things are hard.

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  1. A lot to be said for being trusting for a positive state of mind, despite any challenges which emerge

    1. It really is! I actually wrote this post because something I had been working on for a long time finally worked out. Trusting the process and never giving up is so beneficial.
      Thank you so much for reading Rachel!❤

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