5 Ways to Rebuild Your Life after Hitting Rock Bottom

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Life is full of ups and downs, and hence, one of the hard truths we have to accept is that we will likely go through difficult times at some point. During the downs, you could end up hitting rock bottom where nothing seems to be working out for you, both in your personal and professional life.

Examples of things that can make you hit rock bottom include financial problems, family issues, terminal illnesses, loss of loved ones, work problems, mental health issues, alcoholism, and drug addiction.

When you hit rock bottom, you may feel lost, think that nothing will ever be okay again in your life, and feel like you can’t take it anymore. Unfortunately, many people usually give up, self-sabotage, and even harm themselves when they are at the lowest point of their lives due to hopelessness and other negative emotions.

You may think that nothing and no one can help you bounce back from rock bottom and that there is no way to pick yourself up and rebuild your life.

However, hitting rock bottom doesn’t have to be the end. In fact, some people believe that hitting rock bottom is a prerequisite for change and success because of the testimonies of many successful people who experienced it and managed to turn their lives around.

Furthermore, hitting rock bottom could make you better at dealing with challenges if you ever go through tough times again in the future.

Hitting rock bottom can be one of the best things to ever happen to you if you view it as an opportunity for a fresh start. So, if you have hit rock bottom or feel like you might soon, here are a few things you can do to rebuild your life and rise again stronger.

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How to Rebuild Your Life after Hitting Rock Bottom

  1. Conduct some self-reflection

If you want to know how to rebuild your life after hitting rock bottom, you need to first identify how things became that bad by taking some time for self-reflection.

Some causes, such as excessive alcohol consumption, substance abuse, and illnesses, are easy to pinpoint. But at other times, the reasons why you hit rock bottom may not be as obvious because the journey to that low point in your life could have been gradual.

Conducting self-reflection will help you notice the behaviors and triggers that led to your present predicament.

Through self-reflection, you can increase your self-awareness, learn from the situation, and decide to make better choices in your life going forward; that is how you start rebuilding your life when you hit rock bottom.

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  1. Practice self-compassion

When you hit rock bottom, you may beat yourself up and blame yourself for how your life has turned out.

But doing this doesn’t accomplish anything. It only makes you stay stuck at your lowest point longer.

If you want to learn how to rebuild your life after hitting rock bottom, forgive yourself and be self-compassionate.

Sometimes there is nothing you could have done differently to avoid what happened. And, besides, what is done is already done.

You are only human, and you can make mistakes. Letting go of the past and finding ways to rebuild your life are among the best things to do if you want to bounce back after hitting rock bottom.

  1. Seek and accept help

Many people push others away when they are struggling with something to avoid burdening them or because of pride or shame.

However, admitting you need help is not a sign of weakness or something to be ashamed of.

The saying a problem shared is a problem half-solved is true. Hence, one of the best ways to start rebuilding your life after hitting rock bottom is by seeking and accepting help from professionals and loved ones.

These people can provide different types of social support and guidance to help you pick yourself up, solve your problems, and even see the brighter side of life.

When you become vulnerable and open up about your problems, you will be surprised to learn that many of these people have probably also hit rock bottom at some point in their life and managed to bounce back stronger.

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  1. Go back to the drawing board

Your goals didn’t work out, so what? Just because you failed to achieve your previous goals doesn’t mean you will never succeed.

When you hit rock bottom, the biggest mistake you can make is to get stuck there, wallowing in self-pity because you have chosen to do nothing to pick yourself up.

One of the best ways to start rebuilding your life after hitting rock bottom is to go back to the drawing board and set new goals.

They could be completely different or adjustments/improvements to your old goals if you still want to achieve the same results you had desired the first time. 

Re-setting your goals when you hit rock bottom will help you bounce back and rebuild your life. The new dream will give you a purpose and something to look forward to again.

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  1. Stay positive

One of the best things about hitting rock bottom is that the only way to go is up because you can’t go any lower.

Unfortunately, not many people remember to think this way, and most become pessimistic and afraid of taking risks after hitting rock bottom and bouncing back.

You may never expect anything you do from that point onward to work out. And since your mindset influences the things you attract into your life, if you think you will fail, don’t be surprised when you manifest failure.

If you want to learn how to rebuild your life after hitting rock bottom, you need to change your mindset and be more positive.

Don’t let the experience of hitting rock bottom make you live an unfulfilling life because you are so afraid of failing again that you never do anything out of your comfort zone.

If you’ve hit rock bottom, remember to stay positive, have faith, and be more courageous to try things that could change your life for the better. After all, you have nothing or very little to lose by taking risks at this point.

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Final Words

Hitting rock bottom is not the worst thing that can happen to you. It may not be the best either. But if you are willing to take it as an opportunity to start over and do things differently, hitting rock bottom can be the best thing to ever happen to you.

If you find yourself at the lowest point of your life, pick yourself up, learn from your situation, and make positive changes to improve your life.

From the points discussed above, you now know some ways to rebuild your life after hitting rock bottom. These tips will help you stay positive and rise again as a stronger, more resilient person.

Remind yourself that, according to the concept of regression to the mean, the good and bad always even out.

The downs are just as much a part of your life as the ups are. So, don’t let hitting rock bottom be the end for you; find ways to bounce back and rebuild your life.

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  1. Excellent strategies, Sheri. Hitting rock bottom is necessary sometimes, abs with strategies in place and help, new beginnings can take root. Lovely post. ❤️

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