Starting Over with a Home Makeover – How to Declutter and Organise Your Home


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Boosting property value is a goal many homeowners share, especially when considering selling. Knowing how to declutter and organise your home are two powerful strategies you can use to elevate your property’s appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Nonetheless, even if you aren’t considering selling but still want to do a home makeover, decluttering, organising, and incorporating some creative interior design ideas are still good things to do to transform your space so it suits your needs and style.

Benefits of Decluttering and Organising Your Home

As you begin this journey of starting over with a home makeover, it is important to understand the benefits of decluttering and organising your house as these set the foundation for the transformative changes that await.

Some of the benefits of decluttering and organising your home include;

  • A tidy and well-organised space not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also showcases the functional potential of the property.
  • The decluttering process can be therapeutic, allowing homeowners to let go of the past and embrace a fresh start. 
  • Eliminating unnecessary items and organising essentials can make your space feel more open, inviting, and harmonious.
  • Decluttering and organising your house make it easier to care for and keep track of your stuff.
  • Selling the unwanted items you discover as you declutter and organise your home can help you make some extra money, which can be handy, especially when you are broke.

Now that you know the benefits, how do you declutter and organise your home when doing a makeover? Read on…

How to Declutter and Organise Your Home

  1. Utilise sheds for larger items and keepsakes

Garden sheds offer a practical solution for homeowners seeking to declutter their living spaces. These outdoor structures provide ample room to store items that might not fit comfortably inside the home, from larger furniture pieces and gardening tools to seasonal decorations and art.

Beyond just storage, sheds can serve as a protective space for keepsakes and cherished items that require long-term safekeeping. 

Moving seldom-used items to the shed can help homeowners free up valuable space in their homes, making rooms feel less cramped and more functional. You can find a huge choice of garden storage at Buy Sheds Direct and get a stylish and functional storage solution for the clutter in your home.

Organising items within the shed ensures they are easily accessible when needed, reducing the hassle of searching through packed closets or attics. 

As homeowners look to maximise their living spaces and keep their homes tidy and organised, garden sheds are a versatile and effective solution. Their presence also adds an element of charm to your backyard, blending functionality with aesthetics.

  1. Get rid of unwanted stuff and designate spaces for the rest

As you try to start over with a home makeover, decluttering and organising your house are pivotal steps toward achieving a harmonious living environment. A clutter-free home is synonymous with peace and tranquillity.

The act of decluttering your home goes beyond just tidying up and getting rid of things you don’t use; it’s about creating an environment where every item in your house has a purpose and a place.

When spaces are free from unnecessary items, rooms instantly feel more spacious and breathable. The openness can positively impact your mental well-being, offering a sense of calm and order amid daily chaos.

By carefully curating belongings and prioritising essentials when decluttering and organising the home, homeowners can create a minimalist space that reflects their personal style and values.

Another benefit of decluttering and organising your home is that it makes it more inviting to guests, exuding warmth and hospitality. No one wants to visit or stay in a messy, cramped space.

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  1. Transform basements and attics into functional areas

Basements and attics often become the forgotten zones of many homes, relegated to storage or left untouched. 

However, with a touch of creativity and effort, you can transform these spaces into vibrant, functional areas. Whether it is turning a dark, dingy basement into a comfy family room or converting an attic into a serene reading nook, the possibilities are endless.

Proper insulation, ventilation, lighting, decluttering, and organising can make your basement or attic just as comfortable and livable as any other room in your home. Repurposing these areas can help homeowners effectively create more living space without the need for costly extensions.

Transforming your basement and attic during your home makeover is also an opportunity to infuse personal style and create a space tailored to specific needs, be it a home office, guest room, or play area for children. 

Tap into the potential of basements and attics to enhance your home’s functionality and add value to the property.

  1. Incorporate greenery

Indoor plants have a unique way of breathing life into a space without creating clutter. Their vibrant colours and varied textures can transform even the most mundane room into a lively sanctuary.

Beyond aesthetics, houseplants play a crucial role in improving air quality by filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen. They also have a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and elevate mood. 

Whether it’s a large potted plant in the living room corner or a collection of succulents on a windowsill, greenery adds depth and character to any interior design. 

If you are new to plant care, starting with low-maintenance varieties is a wise choice.

As homeowners seek to revamp their spaces, integrating indoor plants becomes an essential element of the home makeover process. The plants’ presence in the home not only enhances its visual appeal but also promotes well-being and a connection to nature.

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Wrapping Up

For a true home makeover, every detail matters. From the initial steps of decluttering and organising your home to the thoughtful incorporation of greenery, each decision contributes to crafting a space that reflects personal style and meets functional needs.

As we have explored, a home makeover doesn’t always necessitate grand gestures or hefty expenses. Subtle changes, like introducing indoor plants or optimising unused spaces, sometimes transform your home the best.

A home makeover is more than just a design project; it’s a chance to redefine living spaces, ensuring they align with our evolving lifestyles and aspirations. By prioritising both aesthetics and functionality, homeowners can create environments that are not only visually appealing but also conducive to relaxation, productivity, and overall well-being. 

In essence, sweeping out the past by decluttering, organising, and embracing new design ideas paves the way for a refreshed, rejuvenated, and truly ‘new’ home. Use the above tips for your home makeover and create a space you, your family, and your visitors will love!

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