8 Tips on How to Create a Minimalist Home

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In recent years, adopting the minimalist lifestyle at home has become increasingly popular, with nearly everyone trying to do it. And it is for good reasons.

Modern life is so hectic and stressful that the idea of coming back to a quiet, decluttered and organized minimalist home at the end of the day is quite appealing to many people.

However, even though so many people resolve to learn how to create a minimalist home and live with less, very few stick to this resolution. Most end up giving up or falling back on old habits of having things they don’t need in the house.

Benefits of Creating a Minimalist Home

Learning how to become a minimalist at home has numerous benefits you could enjoy.

Some of the benefits of creating a minimalist home include;

We are talking about the benefits of being a minimalist at home, and perhaps you don’t know what the term means. Like, who is a minimalist? What does minimalism mean?

What Is Minimalism?

Before we go on with how to create a minimalist home, let’s start by defining minimalism just in case you are new to the term and want to know what becoming a minimalist means.

To put it simply, minimalism is the act of living with less, even if you could afford to have more. That means you intentionally own fewer possessions and only keep the things that are essential to you.

A minimalist is someone who practices or advocates for minimalism.


What Does a Minimalist Home Look Like?

A minimalist home is clean, organized, spacious, and modern. It has minimal furniture, minimal art, clear flat surfaces, and minimal home decorations and accessories.

When you decide to learn how to create a minimalist home, it means you are okay with having a simple home and owning only the things you need and love. And the good thing is that sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to your home.

If you want to learn how to make your house a minimalist home and reap all the benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will give tips for decluttering, becoming more organized, slow living, and reducing stress by learning how to create a minimalist home. Read on…

How to be a minimalist. How to live a minimalist lifestyle, how to make your house a minimalist home, how to become a minimalist, what is minimalism meaning, what is a minimalist lifestyle, who is a minimalist definition, minimalist meaning how to create a minimalist home, creating a minimalist home, being a minimalist at home
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How to Create a Minimalist Home

  1. Get rid of stuff you no longer use

When learning how to create a minimalist home, you have to ensure that everything you own has a purpose.

Having unnecessary stuff in your living space only clutters your home and makes it look disorganized. So, if you haven’t used something in the past year, that clearly shows that you don’t need it, and it is time for you to get rid of it.

According to studies, having a messy living space can also lead to poor mental health. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff will, therefore, help you create a minimalist home, become more organized, and improve your mental health.

Some of the things people usually accumulate over time that they might no longer need include clothes, shoes, jewelry, utensils, and furniture, among many others.

If you want to adopt the minimalist lifestyle at home, you could resell what you don’t use and get extra cash, donate the items, repurpose them, or throw them into the trash.

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  1. Stop buying excess things

For some reason, we usually find ourselves buying more of something than we actually need, which then ends up making our living spaces and cabinets cluttered.

But when you want to learn how to create a minimalist home, you have to stop buying extras. Instead, make a habit of creating a budget and become intentional when shopping.

Don’t purchase anything you don’t have an immediate use for, and stop buying too many things in bulk unless you are sure you can use them up in a particular time frame based on past experience.

You are only human, and your preferences may change with time, which means that if you buy things in bulk, you might end up stuck with things you don’t use or have to get rid of later.

For example, you could have a minimalist kitchen by only buying enough foodstuffs for you and your family. You could also own only the number of plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, pans, and pots that you will actually use instead of buying different kinds of everything.

By not having an excess of something, you will enjoy the benefits of having a minimalist home, such as fewer dishes to wash, saving money, and more space in your house.

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  1. Choose quality over quantity

If you are learning how to create a minimalist home, you also need to be careful with what you buy. Since you no longer have to own too much of anything, start focusing more on the quality of something when making your purchases.

The more durable and timeless something is, the less often you will have to go shopping for it, and thus you will have fewer quantities of it.

One of the benefits of creating a minimalist home is that by buying durable and timeless items, you reduce the waste you produce and, thus, live sustainably.

Even though you might have to pay a higher price for high-quality items, they will all be worth it because they will serve you for a longer period.

  1. Create more space 

Functionality and practicality determine what should be taking up space in your minimalist home. So, if you decide to learn how to create a minimalist home, ensure that everything in your house has a purpose in order to avoid wasting space.

Create more space at home by making good use of the shelves, cabinets, storage room, and trash can. For example, for your minimalist living room, remove any bulky or broken furniture if you have no plans to repair it. Also, avoid having too much furniture and putting too many things on the walls.

To create a minimalist kitchen, ensure you always clean up after yourself and put things in their storage spaces immediately after cooking or eating. This will prevent the accumulation of dirty dishes in the sink and counters.

Having no food remains or dirty dishes out will also reduce the likelihood of rodents and pests entering your home to use as their source of nourishment and shelter.

When creating a minimalist home, don’t shy away from knocking down some walls or doing a major remodel if that is what you need to do to make your house more spacious.

With more space comes a sense of freedom and you will also feel like you have your life together.

  1. Invest in reusable things

Do you have items in your home that you only use once and then have to throw in the trash?

For example, disposable plates, napkins, diapers, plastic water bottles, and plastic shopping bags, among others. These single-use items not only clutter your cabinet space, shelves, and fridge, but are also harmful to the environment once disposed of.

When learning how to create a minimalist home, start investing in things you can use more than once.

For instance, replace disposable plastic water bottles with glass or insulated stainless steel ones, use cloth napkins or diapers, and natural fiber shopping bags.

By investing in reusable items, you will have learned how to create a minimalist home while also saving money and being sustainable by repurposing what you already have.

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  1. Incorporate minimalist home décor ideas

How do you decorate a minimalist home? When decorating your minimalist home, the objects, lighting, and space play important roles. Incorporate minimalist interior décor ideas in your home to start living with less.

Whether you are the one doing the interior design for your home or you’ve hired a professional designer to help you do it, find ways to add aspects of minimalism to your home – from having minimal art, furniture, and carpets, to color palettes.

According to expert designers, a monochromatic color scheme that consists of beiges, whites, and grays is the best when creating a minimalist home. You could also add brighter colors here and there but the main color theme for your home should be subtle.

Avoid putting too many things on your walls, and instead, use minimalist wallpaper and place only a few photos, your vision board, and the artwork you love.

You could also include natural textures to add warmth to the rooms in your minimalist home by using things like wood accessories, woven rugs, cotton or linen sheets, and textured tiles.

Remember to get an indoor plant or two to improve the aesthetics, purify the air, and make your home smell good.

When learning how to create a minimalist home and decorating it, your focus should be on functionality, practicality, freedom, relaxation, and choosing pieces and arrangements that are aesthetically pleasing to you.

  1. Give everything a specific space

You might have learned how to live with less and own fewer items, but that does not mean you have succeeded at becoming a minimalist.

Even with few items in your home, you might still make it messy and cluttered if you don’t designate a place for each of your possessions. So, the last step when learning how to create a minimalist home is to ensure everything has a specific place where it is kept or stored. For example, storage bins, organizers, drawers, shelves, etc.

Whenever you remove anything from its allocated place, you will be aware that you need to return it there when done using it. By doing this, you will create a minimalist home that is organized and clutter-free.

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  1. Take it one room at a time

Creating a minimalist home should not be a one-day task, especially if your house has many rooms.

Rushing it could lead to you becoming overwhelmed by the task of simplifying your home, making changes you later come to dislike, or making the mistake of getting rid of things you could have repurposed.

Be patient and take your time when making your house a minimalist home. Just have fun decorating your home however you like it.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to create a minimalist home and be okay with living with less. Unfortunately, not everyone who wishes to become a minimalist can stick to the lifestyle, and many people end up dropping it after a while.

If you are looking for motivation to become a minimalist at home, think of all the benefits you will get from adopting the minimalist lifestyle.

When it comes to your home, less is more. Hence, by deciding to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, your home will look modern, clean, organized, and warm. Use the above tips to learn how to make your house a minimalist home.

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