10 Things That Make Blogging Frustrating

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Am I the only blogger who thinks that blogging is frustrating? Many new bloggers start a blog thinking that it will be easy and fun. But blogging is a lot of work, and it can be frustrating sometimes.

If you have invested your time, money, and effort in trying to make your blog a success, you may feel frustrated and demoralized when what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working.

But, if blogging is so frustrating, why do I keep doing it? Sometimes I ask myself why I haven’t quit blogging yet, and the simple answer is that I love doing it and, perhaps, because I also hate giving up on the things I start. So despite the disappointments and challenges I have faced along my blogging journey, I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet.

In this post, I want to discuss the reasons why blogging is frustrating for some bloggers. Let’s dive in…

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Things That Make Blogging Frustrating

  1. Traffic

Since we are talking about the things that make blogging frustrating, we might as well start with the main one, traffic.

Many bloggers often get frustrated and give up on their blogs due to low traffic. However, it is not always about low traffic; the unexplained traffic fluctuations that occur periodically on blogs can also make you feel like quitting as a blogger.

No matter how long you have been blogging or the amount of traffic you have, it can be frustrating when your blog views dip.

Since you may not have changed anything in your site’s design, the way you promote your blog, or how you write, sometimes you may not even know what caused the reduction in the number of people visiting your blog.

Comparing your blog’s stats with those of other bloggers doesn’t help either. Since a blog’s traffic depends on many things that are always changing and comes from various sources, pinpointing what you need to work on can also be difficult.

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  1. Blog growth

There are many more aspects to the growth of a blog other than traffic.

Most bloggers start their blog with an idea of the goals they want to achieve with it, and hence they set out to reach various blogging milestones by a particular time.

Some common blogging milestones that bloggers use to measure their blog’s growth include reaching the first 100 followers/subscribers, writing 100 posts, getting a post to rank on search engines, earning the first $1,000, or getting to Domain Authority (DA) 20, among others.

Failing to achieve your blogging goals at the pace you expected is another thing that can be frustrating to a blogger.

It brings about a sense of failure, which makes many bloggers feel discouraged, and thus, they may not dedicate as much effort or time to their blog as before. That begins a downhill journey for their blogs.

  1. Copycats

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. But when it comes to blogging, imitation might be one of the worst things you can do to a fellow blogger.

While it is okay to be inspired by another blogger’s post and write something similar in your own words after doing your research, it is not good to copy their post word for word or rewrite it and publish it on your blog as if it was your original idea.

Copycats make blogging frustrating for the honest, hardworking blogger who took their time to research and use their creativity and skills to write a blog post.

If you want your audience to read the great article you found, why not share the original post on your social media channels, reblog it, or mention and link back to the other blogger’s post?

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  1. Algorithms

Blogs are at the mercy of the ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms and search engines.

These changes in algorithms are other things that make blogging frustrating because each time they happen; they usually affect the traffic to your blog and the reach or reactions to your posts on social media.

Just when you think you have mastered the art of blogging, an algorithm update occurs, and just like that, you are back to square one, trying to adapt and figure out the new strategies that will work best for your blog.

  1. Unpredictable reactions

One hard truth I had to accept as a blogger is that people like what they like, and hence, they will not always like you or your content.

Whether you own a single niche or multi-niche blog, sometimes the topics you write about thinking your readers will like may have the least engagement or visits.

Ironically, the not-so-perfect posts that you probably didn’t even put much effort into or overthink about before publishing might become your most popular ones.

You can never predict how people will react to your blog posts with 100% certainty, and not knowing which of your posts will be best received by your audience can be frustrating for a blogger.

You might drive yourself crazy trying to create another popular post but fail each time because you are unsure what works and what doesn’t work well for your blog.

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  1. Writer’s block

Experiencing writer’s block is one of the most frustrating things for a blogger. But unfortunately, it is something that many can’t avoid. After creating content for your blog for however long you have been doing it, you might run out of ideas at some point.

You may wonder how that happens considering that the inspiration to write can come from so many places, sometimes at the most random moments. But even with so many sources of blog content ideas, writer’s block still happens to many bloggers.

To get their creative juices flowing again, some bloggers usually take a break from their blog for some time.

But the unfortunate thing is that some end up never going back to blogging. Others force themselves to write while trying to overcome their writer’s block but then get disappointed and frustrated when whatever they wrote isn’t up to par with their previous works.

  1. Lack of motivation

On the other hand, having blogging ideas doesn’t mean that you will always feel motivated to write. The lack of motivation to write can be a frustrating thing for a blogger because, most times, you can’t even blame anyone or anything else for your failure to publish blog posts.

You may lose your blogging morale due to slow blog growth or poor engagement on your posts. At other times, it could be due to having bad habits such as procrastination and laziness.

Additionally, your lack of motivation to blog could happen because of burnout or mental health issues, such as stress and depression.

You know you need to write posts for your blog, but you just don’t have the energy or motivation to do it.

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  1. Competition with audiovisual content

For years, many bloggers have been wondering whether blogging is dead or dying, and the good news is that it is neither.

But, even though the number of blogs continues to grow every day, it is no secret that people have been increasing their consumption of audio and visual content in recent years.

With how fast-paced the modern world is and the continued popularity of platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, many people no longer have the time to read through long pieces of text on blogs. Instead, they may prefer these social media platforms because they can easily get the information they need in a quick and interesting way.

Another thing that makes blogging frustrating is that though you may need to put in more work, when it comes to making money, blogs are less profitable compared to other influencer platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram.

  1. Doing your best but still failing

Blogging requires a lot of work, and to succeed, you need to be ready to invest your time, money, and effort.

However, sometimes, you can invest all these things and still fail. You can follow all the tips from experts on how to become a successful blogger, and, somehow, your blog will still fail.

Doing your best and still failing is one of the things that make blogging frustrating.

The failure may happen due to factors beyond your control, such as Google not indexing your URLs, blogging in an unpopular niche, writing in a language understood by only a few people, or even the lack of enough time to dedicate to blogging tasks.

But that is the ugly truth about blogging; you can do everything right and still fail.

  1. Making money

I included making money with your blog as the last thing that makes blogging frustrating because it really shouldn’t be the main reason you start a blog or continue blogging.

However, even though many bloggers begin their blog as a passion project, most usually hope to make their blog successful and, perhaps, at some point, earn an income from it as it continues to grow.

But, making money from a blog can be difficult, especially when you still don’t have much traffic or a huge following on your blog and social media platforms.

It is even more challenging if your blog has a low Domain Authority. Most brands and influencer platforms where bloggers can make money through sponsored content always check your blog’s DA to determine your eligibility for the opportunities available.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have them – these are some of the things that make blogging frustrating for some bloggers. So, should you quit when blogging becomes frustrating? This is a personal choice depending on how the perceived failures affect your quality of life.

Maybe the best thing you can do for your peace of mind is to give up on your blog and delete all evidence it ever existed. Or, perhaps, when blogging becomes frustrating, you can remind yourself why you started your blog in the first place, then find a way to bounce back and fall in love with blogging again. Your resilience, patience, and hard work will be worth it.

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  1. I agree with the post, it can also be frustrating when you run out of ideas to write and have a creative block, plus those of us who write have the disadvantage that people increasingly consume more in audiovisual content and not so much in text.

    1. These are some great points Daiana! I probably should extend this list up to 10. Video is so in demand these days and though so far I haven’t experienced writer’s block, I know how frustrating it can be. In my case, I usually have too many ideas but no motivation to write, which is also frustrating.

  2. Unfortunately this is really true. Blogging canve frustrating at times. But Lord knows there’s something that keeps drawing us back.

  3. I’m still pretty new to the blogging world, but I can see where all of these hold true. The most important, yet hardest thing to have when blogging, is patience. It’s hard to wait to see if your efforts paid off. To wait to see if people will find your blog and read your blog. Even though I was very aware of this right from the start, that feeling of wanting to be seen, understood and appreciated still remains. It’s hard work, but for now anyway, it’s enough for me that I like what I’m putting out there. But, I’m sure it won’t be long before I start to feel that pull to be seen again.

    ~ Cassie

    1. I remember struggling to get people to notice my blog in the beginning too. I think newbie bloggers should find other ways to measure the success of their blogs instead of numbers. For example, how you are currently focused on the kind of content you put out. Thank you so much for reading, Cassie!❤️

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