12 Things to Do on Sunday to Prepare for a New Week

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How do you prepare for a new week on Sunday? Or are you the kind of person who usually rushes around on Monday morning trying to complete various tasks and get things in order? If you are in the second group of people, it is time you learned how to prepare for Monday on Sunday. It can be a game-changer!

How you start the week can set the tone for the next 5-6 days. For example, if you fail to start the week on the right foot, you may go to work late, be in a bad mood, lag behind on tasks, and feel exhausted even though it is only Monday.

While it is easy to get caught up in the busyness of the weekend, you should still spare some time to prepare for the new week on Sunday.

In this post, we shall list some of the best things you can do on Sunday to prepare for the new week. When you do these activities on Sundays, you will be in a positive mood and feel ready to seize the day and get things done when Monday comes.

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Best Things to Do on Sunday to Prepare for a New Week

  1. Rest

Sunday is the perfect time to rest and relax at home.

Due to the hectic lives many of us lead, you are probably exhausted because you have been busy at work the entire week or doing various activities with your family over the weekend.

One of the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for a new week is to use this rare free time to sleep or get any of the other types of rest we all need.

Just relax at home doing nothing and don’t feel guilty about it. You will feel well-rested and recharged when you go to work or school on Monday.

Slowing down the pace of your life and taking the time to rest over the weekend will also boost your creativity and mental health as it is a form of self-care.

  1. Reflect on the past week

Since Sunday is the last day of the week, it is a good time for reflection. So, one of the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for the new week is to reflect on the past few days and review how they were.

Ask yourself questions like; What did you do well? What didn’t go as planned? What can you do to make the new week better than the last?

Reflecting will increase your self-awareness and help you identify your strengths, motivations, and weaknesses.

Every Sunday, reflect and document your progress to ensure you stay on the right path.

You can write down your views and feelings about the past week in a journal and use this to keep improving your life and stay accountable.

Remember to celebrate all your wins and not beat yourself up for your failures.

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  1. Make some home improvements

A dirty or messy house can affect your physical and mental health, as well as your focus and motivation.

As such, making home improvements, such as repairing broken things and cleaning, decluttering, redecorating, or organizing your living space, are among the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for a new week.

Use the free time you have on Sunday to vacuum the house, wash the dishes, get rid of/give away the things you no longer use, repaint your walls, hang some new art pieces, install new wallpaper, and put things in their designated spaces.

Additionally, if you have any broken furniture or art, fix them because they are not only unsightly, but could also attract negative energy into your home.

While at it, you could even start living a simple life and adopt a minimalist lifestyle at home.

Living in a clean, organized space, filled with only the things you love and those with a purpose in your house, will be good for you in many ways.

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  1. Laundry tasks

Is your laundry basket full of all the dirty clothes you wore last week? One of the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for the new week is to do your laundry.

Don’t allow dirty laundry to pile up because you may run out of good clothes to wear and damage your clothes through stains and odor.

A pile of dirty clothes also poses health risks because it provides the perfect environment for germs and other pathogens to thrive. Washing your clothes regularly, or at least once a week on Sunday, will help you eliminate them.

Ensure you do all your laundry tasks on the same day if possible, i.e., washing, drying, folding, and organizing your closet in one day.

You don’t want to have just exchanged your laundry basket full of dirty clothes with a laundry basket full of clean wrinkled ones.

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  1. Go grocery shopping

Many of us lead busy lives where we never have the time to go shopping for the stuff we need during the week.

Why not tick this task off of your to-do list during the weekend?

Going grocery shopping is one of the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for a new week.

The best time to shop is on Sunday morning when stores are less congested because most people either attend church or sleep in at home.

Doing grocery shopping with no rush on Sundays can help you stick to your budget, save money, and make healthier choices. You will also avoid wasting time waiting for your turn in long queues or stuck in traffic.

  1. Meal prep

Now that you have done your grocery shopping, the next thing to do on Sunday to prepare for a new week is to meal prep lunches and/or dinners for the coming 3-5 days.

Store the food or ready ingredients in the fridge in airtight containers.

Meal planning and prepping on Sunday will make your week easier.

Instead of struggling to decide on what to cook each day, you will do all that in one Sunday afternoon, which will help you save time, reduce stress, make healthier food choices, and be more productive at work.

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  1. Schedule your tasks in order of priority

Reporting to work unprepared on Monday can ruin your performance and productivity for the entire week.

You may procrastinate on particular tasks or forget to do some, and hence, fail to meet deadlines and risk losing your job.

One of the best things to do on Sunday for a successful new week is to make a to-do list and schedule the tasks you need to do, listing them in order of priority and urgency.

By planning your activities for the week on Sunday, your work days will be more organized. You will also feel more motivated to do your tasks, thus improving your productivity and overall performance.

  1. Plan your outfits for the week

With your laundry done, you now have plenty of options on what to wear to work or school. One would think that would make your week easier. But sometimes, having too many options for clothes can make choosing what to wear even more difficult.

Many people usually waste a lot of time each morning trying various outfit combinations when deciding what to wear for the day.

To save time in the morning, choosing and planning the outfits to wear for the coming five days is one of the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for a new week.

When picking out outfits for the week, think about what the week ahead looks like. Put into consideration the formal and informal events you have to attend as well as the weather and your health condition.

For example, check if you have any meetings, parties, or gym sessions, and if things such as rain or your period may occur during the week.

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  1. Practice self-care

Journaling and resting are parts of self-care.

Other good self-care things to do on Sunday to prepare for the new week include unplugging from social media, spending some time alone, taking a warm bubble bath, meditating, getting a manicure and pedicure, doing your hobbies, exercising, getting a massage, taking a walk in nature, starting a skincare routine, eating healthy foods, and consuming materials such as interesting books, blogs, or podcasts, among others.

Sunday is a good day to put your well-being first, from your physical and mental health to your emotional and spiritual wellness. So, make Sunday a self-care day and do any activities that benefit your holistic well-being.

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  1. Spend time with family and friends

Spending time with your family and friends is one of the things you should prioritize in life. But many people often neglect their loved ones as they focus on their careers and other engagements.

Since you may be too busy to make time for anything other than work on weekdays, one of the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for a new week is to ensure you spend quality time with your loved ones.

Making time for your family and friends shows them that you love them.

You can go out for a picnic, play fun indoor or outdoor games, tell stories, cook and eat together, have a movie marathon, visit an amusement park, or do anything else that helps you strengthen your bond, cultivate values, and enjoy each other’s company.

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  1. Give yourself a makeover

Do you want to make the slogan, New week, New me! more meaningful? One of the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for the new week is to give yourself a makeover.

You will feel like a new person when you go to work on Monday with a new look.

Changing your hairstyle or hair color, updating your wardrobe, getting a manicure or pedicure, hydrating your skin, getting new makeup and skincare products, and buying accessories such as bags and jewelry, are some things you can do on Sunday to give yourself a makeover.

 Working on your body language and attitude can also give you a new look and outlook.

Looking good on the outside will make you feel good about yourself, thus boosting your self-confidence.

You may also receive compliments from your colleagues and friends for your new look, which will bring out positive emotions. Just ensure you don’t go fishing for these compliments.

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  1. Declutter and organize your purse, bag, or wallet

As you organize your home and closet, you should do the same to your purse, wallet, or bag.

These items are among the things you bring along with you to work every day. And unfortunately, they may get cluttered with things you need and those you don’t need anymore, such as candy wrappers and receipts.

Your money, pens, notebook, gadgets, sanitary products, makeup products, and other accessories could also be all over the place in the bag.

Decluttering and organizing your purse, bag, or wallet is one of the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for the new week. It will help you find things easily and reduce your load as you get rid of items you don’t need to carry.

You will also not forget to bring along some things you need because you will know exactly what is in your bag and where you put it.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have them! Above are some of the best things to do on Sunday to prepare for the new week.

Doing these activities on Sunday instead of rushing on Monday or any other day of the week will help you feel good, be more productive, stay healthy, and save money and time on weekdays.

Since how you begin a new week can set the tone for the next few days, it is important to learn how to start the week on the right foot. Do the above things on Sunday, and you will be sure to have a successful week ahead.

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