10 Things to Pack for a Sleepover with Friends as an Adult

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Do you still have sleepovers and slumber parties with friends as an adult? If you do, what do you pack when going for a sleepover at a friend’s house?

Many people think that hosting or going for sleepovers as an adult is weird because they view them as an activity reserved for kids. But it isn’t. Everyone can benefit from having sleepovers with their friends every once in a while, no matter their age or gender.

As you grow older, spending time with your friends may become harder due to increased responsibilities, busy work schedules, and distance. But it is crucial to find a way to do so if you want to maintain your friendship.

Having sleepovers with friends is one of the best ways to strengthen your bond while spending time together doing fun activities.

Since sleepovers happen at night and, mostly, during the weekends, holidays, or special occasions, it is also easier for more people to be available to stay at each other’s place overnight.

If you are planning one anytime soon, you might be wondering what you should pack for a sleepover with friends as an adult. Since you likely don’t want to bring too little or too much stuff, read on for a checklist of sleepover essentials you must not forget to pack.

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What to Pack for a Sleepover with Friends as an Adult

  1. Sleepwear and socks

When going for a sleepover, you shouldn’t expect your friend to give you something to sleep in. So, for comfort and warmth, you should pack some cozy socks and comfy pajamas to snuggle up in.

It is particularly important to remember to pack socks when going for a sleepover during the cold season, when wearing short pajamas, and if your friend doesn’t allow people to wear shoes in their house.

Bringing socks also eliminates the need to pack slippers for a sleepover, making your overnight bag lighter.

If you are looking for cozy premium quality socks to wear for a sleepover, Chrissy’s Socks has a large collection of cute socks of various lengths, colors, designs, and thicknesses you can choose from.

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Chrissy’s Socks are tough and long-lasting; hence you can be sure they will serve you for a long time; not only to keep your feet warm during sleepovers, but in your everyday life as well, whether to work, while exercising, when going out, or anywhere else. Click here to order yours. Free shipping is included for customers in the USA.

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  1. A change of clothes

Unless you are planning on wearing the same clothes from the day before, it is essential to bring the clothes to wear on the next day when going for a sleepover.

Do not forget to pack a change of underwear and a swimsuit (if needed) as well.

Also, pack a sweatshirt, hoodie, jacket, and/or scarf to be ready for the cold evening temperature, especially if you plan to spend time outdoors doing fun activities during the sleepover.

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  1. Bathroom, skincare, and beauty items

When going for a sleepover at a friend’s place, remember to pack essential bathroom items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, a washcloth, face wash, hair products, tampons/sanitary pads, towel, deodorant, hair brush, and anything else you usually use.

Depending on the activities planned for the sleepover night or the following day, it is also good to bring some beauty and skincare products in your overnight bag.

Some things to pack for a sleepover with friends as an adult include makeup, cleansers, moisturizer, makeup remover wipes, body lotion, sunscreen, perfume, and whatever else you may need. Remember to pack some jewelry too, if you want.

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  1. Snacks and wine
chrissy's socks
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You are probably wondering, why snacks and wine are on a list of things to pack for a sleepover with friends. After all, you are going to your friend’s house, and they will likely already have these things for everyone.

Bringing your own snacks and wine to the sleepover will add to the variety available, and you will also help the host save the money they would have used to purchase more if what they have runs out. Furthermore, bringing snacks during a sleepover will ensure you have something to eat if you get hunger pangs late at night.

When planning an adult sleepover, you must never leave all the food and drink expenses to one person or only the host.

Some of the best sleepover snacks to bring include chips & dip, chocolates, veggie wraps, cupcakes, popcorn trail mix, pretzels, nachos with salsa, and fresh fruits, among others.

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  1. Games

What is a slumber party without games? Would it not be boring?

Although the sleepover host may already have some games planned for the night, you may have some that they don’t own.

So, if you are wondering what to pack for a sleepover with friends as an adult, you could bring games such as cards, board games, puzzles, dice, and more.

  1. Gadgets

Your phone, charger, power bank, earphones, camera, and any tools you might need during the evening activities or the following day are other things to pack when going for a sleepover with friends as an adult.

It is not uncommon for your phone to have a low battery after a sleepover. And since you might be a big group of friends, finding a charger or a socket to charge your phone may be difficult.

Having a charged phone at all times is vital because it provides a mode of communication with loved ones, thus enabling you to let them know where you are and how you are doing.

You also need your phone to take pictures to capture the fun moments and to post them on social media (if you want). Of course, bringing your gadgets to the sleepover doesn’t mean you should be glued to your phone the entire night instead of socializing.

  1. Medication

Your health should always come first, no matter what. Therefore, your medication is one of the things to pack for a sleepover with friends as an adult.

It could be the prescribed medication for a particular health condition or allergies. It could also be painkillers for the hangover you probably expect to have in the morning after a night of partying with your friends.

Since it is easy to lose track of time during a sleepover, you should set an alarm or request a friend to remind you to take your prescribed medication and supplements at the correct times.

  1. A movie or TV show
Image Source: Pexels

Watching movies is a must during sleepovers because it is fun and helps pass the time when staying up late.

Although it is easy to access movies and TV shows these days due to streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and the rest, some of those you and your friends may have been dying to watch might be unavailable on these platforms.

If you have a way to get them on DVD or a flash drive, such movies and TV series are some of the things to pack for a sleepover with friends as an adult.  

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  1. Money

Is the sleepover starting elsewhere before you go to your place or your friend’s house for more activities or to sleep?

If the activities include something like a night out, one of the things to pack for a sleepover with friends as an adult is some money into your purse or wallet.

You don’t want to be in a position where you have to depend on someone else to pay for things such as food, drinks, events, or cab fare. Things may go wrong, and having your own money to spend will provide a sense of safety.

Nonetheless, remember to spend your money wisely and avoid being taken advantage of by friends who want you to pay for everything.

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  1. Your own beddings

Although your friend will likely already have sleeping arrangements for the sleepover, sometimes they may not have enough rooms, beds, beddings, or pillows for everyone.

Additionally, you may have trouble sleeping in other people’s beds or want to have a personal space for your own reasons. Or, perhaps, you have sensitive skin which usually gets irritated by the texture of the fabric of their pillowcases and sheets.

In these cases, some of the things you should pack for a sleepover with friends as an adult include a sleeping bag, a pillow, sheets, and a blanket to ensure your comfort while staying at their place overnight.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know what to pack for a sleepover as an adult, you can start getting ready for a night full of fun and laughter with your best friends at your next slumber party.

It will be great to get away from work, kids, and other responsibilities you may have to spend this rare time strengthening your bond with your friends.

Remember that slumber parties are not just for the kids. You can have just as much fun now on an adult sleepover as you did when you were a kid, perhaps, even more than you did back then.

As you plan to spend quality time with your friends during the slumber party, use the above checklist to know some of the things to pack for a sleepover with friends as an adult.

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