6 Reasons Why Handwritten Cards Are Better Than Emails

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As humans, we are social by nature, and we feel the need to stay connected with each other by communicating and spending time together. One of the main types of communication today is written communication, which is used for personal, academic, and business purposes.

Some good examples of written communication include text messages, emails, handwritten cards, letters, or notes, reports, memos, and website content, among many others.

Even though all these are good ways to share information, not all forms of written communication will work well in all situations. It would, therefore, be good for you to know which method to use for different occasions.

Since handwritten cards and emails are among the most popular types of written communication, this post will compare the two. Keep reading to find out some of the reasons why handwritten cards are better than emails.

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Why You Should Send a Handwritten Card Rather Than an Email

  1. Handwritten cards are personal

Many people think that written communication lacks a personal touch when compared to oral communication. However, some forms of written communication, such as handwritten cards and notes, do have a personal touch, which is one of the reasons why handwritten cards are better than emails.

Whether you are writing your card online or offline, as the sender, you have to sit down and write down your feelings and thoughts, an activity that requires effort and openness.

Handwritten cards also add a touch of the sender’s personality that can be seen through their choice of card, pen, ink, formatting, and handwriting.

Handwritten cards show the recipient how much they mean to you as they read the carefully crafted message knowing all the trouble you must have gone through to write and send it to them.

For holidays, birthdays, and other events that you may want to send personalized cards to many people, you can look for websites that can help you automate the process.

Handwrytten is one such website where you can automate sending personalized handwritten cards for various occasions.

For example, if you need to send birthday wishes to your loved ones to show them you are thinking of them on their special day, you can try Handwrytten’s automatic birthday card service. This service will ensure you never forget to send personalized birthday messages to your family and friends even when you have a busy schedule.

On the cards, you can use your own handwriting or any of the other beautiful handwriting styles available on the website if you would prefer them.

Image Source: Handwrytten
  1. You can store them as keepsakes

Another reason why handwritten cards are better than emails is you have something tangible to store as a keepsake.

Handwritten cards are mostly sent by people who love you, and hence, they will likely contain messages of love, encouragement, inspiration, or even for celebrating important occasions, making them more meaningful to you.

Although people could still send you emails for the same purpose, other than probably labeling them and putting them in folders, you can’t do much with emails after reading them.

Sadly, most of them, even the meaningful emails from loved ones, usually get lost in your inbox as more come in.

On the other hand, handwritten cards and notes are tangible, and hence you can put them on display or keep them in a keepsake box to read later.

They will be easily accessible when you need something to remind you of the lovely message sent by your loved one, the person who sent them, the occasion or holiday you were celebrating, or even the place you were at when you received them.

When having a bad day, reading handwritten cards from loved ones can make you smile.

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  1. Delayed gratification

We live in the digital era where sending a text message or an email to another person usually takes only a few seconds and costs almost nothing. And while it can be convenient for the recipient to receive the message immediately, sometimes delayed gratification is better than instant gratification.

The delayed gratification for both the sender and recipient is another reason why handwritten cards are better than emails.

The person who sends a handwritten card by mail has to wait patiently for it to get to the recipient in order to know their reaction, while the recipient has to wait for however long it takes for the card to arrive in order to read what it says.

Since receiving cards and letters written by hand is rare nowadays, getting a handwritten card and reading the sweet message will likely bring out positive emotions.

Waiting for the card to arrive is also not a waste of time; instead, the delay will only make you value people and things more.

  1. Handwritten cards make the recipient feel special

According to statistics, the average person receives 121 business emails per day and sends around 40. Now think, how many handwritten cards does a person get per day?

Most times, none. Thus, when you receive a handwritten card personally addressed to you, you will feel special and curious to open it. Making the recipient feel special is not only a good thing for people who send handwritten cards to their loved ones, but also for businesses.

A business should always try to make its customers and employees feel special, so they will want to continue being part of it.

Sending them handwritten cards to say thank you, welcome, or wish them well during various holidays is one thing that will make customers and employees feel special and valued. You can also be sure your recipients will open the card because they don’t get such correspondence all the time.

Additionally, mailboxes do not have a spam filter, which is another reason why sending handwritten cards is better than emails.

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  1. Better aesthetic

Cards come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Depending on your preference, you can either buy a card with a beautiful design already printed on it or buy a plain one and then write personalized messages on them by hand.

On the plain handwritten card, you can improve the aesthetics by adding stickers and your own hand-drawn artwork if you have the skills.

On the other hand, you can’t do much to enhance the aesthetics of an email. The most you can do to make emails look better is include emojis, use animations, attach a picture, or include links to something aesthetically pleasing.

The better and more personalized aesthetics are another thing that explains why handwritten cards are better than emails.

  1. Handwritten cards enable you to practice your handwriting

As the world becomes more digital every day, there are very few opportunities to write by hand. Therefore, one of the reasons why handwritten cards are better than emails is that they will give you an opportunity to practice and improve your handwriting.

You don’t have to put too much pressure on yourself by going all out and trying calligraphy or writing in cursive; your handwriting only needs to be neat and good enough for the recipient to be able to read it.

Writing by hand will likely also be more fun because, unlike emails, you probably don’t associate it with work as much, and thus you can enjoy the activity the same way you would any other hobby.

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Wrapping Up

And there you have them – above are some reasons why handwritten cards are better than emails. As you can see, even though the world is becoming more digital by the day, sometimes slowing down and making the effort of writing meaningful things by hand on cards to send to loved ones and other people can be beneficial.

Although email is cheap and quick, it is not always the best option as a mode of communication. It is time for individuals and businesses to recognize the power of handwritten cards.

Now that you know the reasons why handwritten cards are better than emails, you should take advantage of them.

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  1. Thank you Sheri. I love to write (handwriting that is) and there is something more personal and nostalgic about letters and handwritten notes. Writing is an art. And while keyboards are quicker, there is something about penmanship that is truly special for me. 🤗✍🏼🥰✨💐

  2. As someone with a handful of pen-pals, I have to say that handwritten anything is always awesome. Even being the one writing it takes me away from my mind, and is a therapeutic activity. Glad you’re encouraging handwritten cards. Thanks for this post!

  3. Its interesting to contemplate handwritten cards verse other forms of written communication. There is such a personal touch to hand written cards you cannot get in other formats. I enjoy to write them. Lovely post, Sheri. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Jeff!❤ That is very true. Anything written by hand is personal in ways that electronic written communication can never be.

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