6 Self-Care Hacks to Become the Best Version of Yourself


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Self-care is the key to a healthier and happier life, but most people skimp on it. You give your best to your personal relationships and career without realizing the need to go the extra mile for yourself. 

Putting yourself first and learning some self-care hacks is vital because overworking and not paying attention to your well-being may push you to the edge eventually. You could experience burnout and health issues, which may keep you from becoming the best version of yourself and living a fulfilling life

A little effort with self-care can keep you healthy, sane, and happy. Although techniques such as eating healthily, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep will help, you must think beyond the basics. If you want to become the best version of yourself, try the self-care hacks discussed below.

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Self-Care Hacks to Become the Best Version of Yourself

  1. Start a gratitude journal

Most people struggle with stress and other negative emotions because they focus only on the bad things happening in their life and fail to count their blessings.

However, if you want to become the best version of yourself, you need to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and be more optimistic. Be grateful for what you have, appreciate the small things in life, and strive to achieve your goals to make life more meaningful. 

One of the self-care hacks that will help you become the best version of yourself is starting a gratitude journal and sticking with the habit.

You can allocate a 15-minute slot in the morning or evening to the activity to maintain consistency. Write down one thing you are thankful for each day, and you will realize the therapeutic benefits of journaling.

  1. Spend time alone

No matter how much you love your partner and kids, you also need to spend some quiet time alone. So, allocate time in your schedule for me time and spend it however you want.

You could wake up early and enjoy a solo coffee in the backyard, step out for retail therapy on weekends, visit a spa, or plan a solo trip once a year. 

Taking a break from your loved ones and unwinding with me time is one of the best self-care hacks that will help you become the best version of yourself.

Do not feel guilty about spending time alone because putting yourself first will not only benefit you but also your loved ones. You will be in a better mood, be more productive, and build a healthier relationship with yourself and others.

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  1. Declutter your home and mind

Studies show that a cluttered space can affect your mental health. It will make you feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. Therefore, another great self-care hack to help you become the best version of yourself involves indulging in a decluttering spree at home every couple of months.

You will feel more energetic in a positive and clean living space. Cleaning up your desk in the office will also bring the same feelings at work.

Other than your physical space, decluttering your mind is another essential form of self-care we all need.

Everyone tends to accumulate negative thoughts and patterns as they go about their daily life. A meditation session will help you purge your mind and start afresh with a clean slate.

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  1. Rejuvenate with CBD

CBD is a natural wellness booster, and scientific studies prove its immense benefits. Moreover, it is non-psychoactive, so you can use it for pain relief, better sleep, and anxiety alleviation without worrying about getting high.

If vaping or smoking is not your ideal option, you can try natural CBD gummies for sustainable relief. 

Besides medicinal benefits, CBD also peps up your energy and motivation levels. Thus, you can use it as an ideal workout partner. A session after exercise soothes your sore muscles and accelerates recovery.

  1. Get a digital detox

Although digital media keeps people connected, spending too much time on these devices can result in negative emotions due to the content you are exposed to and your engagement with others online. 

Mindless scrolling on social media feeds can lead to sleep deprivation. You may also feel depressed while comparing your life to your friends, celebrities, and influencers.

Committing to getting a digital detox at least once every month or whenever you feel overwhelmed is one of the self-care hacks that will help you become the best version of yourself. 

A digital detox will enable you to focus on yourself, your growth, and the things that matter to you, thus, resetting your mental peace and well-being. It may seem challenging as a beginner, but you will love the time off once you get used to the routine.

Spend your newfound free time with family, hanging out with friends, and reconnecting with colleagues. Unplugging from your digital devices for a couple of days is the best form of self-care.

  1. Learn to say no

Are you a people pleaser or always too nice to everyone? If you are, you likely tend to say “yes” to things even though you don’t want to do them.

But unfortunately, the “yes” habit can drain you, not only physically but also emotionally and financially. If you have this habit, you need to remind yourself that saying “no” can be empowering, and you should not feel guilty about it. 

Learning when to say no to things and people is one of the self-care hacks that will help you become the best version of yourself. No matter how important the other person is to you, it is okay to skip things you do not want to do.

If they appreciate you, they will respect your boundaries or, at least, understand your good intention behind the “no” word. 

Stop being a people pleaser, practice the “no” habit more often, and be open to doing things for yourself because it heals you from within.

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Wrapping Up

Self-care need not be demanding, but if you want to become the best version of yourself, you must ensure you get enough of it. So, pamper yourself, take breaks, and practice self-love as often as possible.

Remember that you can make mistakes just as anyone else. Learn to forgive yourself and move on.

Follow these simple self-care hacks to become the best version of yourself. You will love yourself and others and get the love back. Self-care is an investment everyone should make without thinking twice.

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