Celebrating Small Wins (Thank You for 200+ Followers)

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As the title says already, about 2 days ago this site reached the milestone of 200 followers, and I’m so ecstatic about it. Yay! When I first started this, I didn’t think it would take off, let alone keep growing the way it has. But here we are. 

THANK YOU to every single one of you for supporting and encouraging me on this journey. I am so grateful for the follows, subscriptions, likes, comments, and views that keep me motivated to continue writing. I appreciate every one of you, especially the very first few people that took a chance on me when I was new and unfamiliar with this art and platform. You all mean a lot to me.

I have loved writing since I was very young, and having the opportunity to put my thoughts into words that can help or inspire someone who comes across them is the greatest accomplishment. I hope even one of you has found something you can use in your life from my posts.

* Thank YOU for 500+ Followers!
* 1000+ Followers on WordPress! Thank You

Why Celebrate Small Wins

You might be wondering why this is a big achievement for me. After all, there are blogs with thousands of followers on here. Well, I made a New Years’ resolution to live a more positive life this year, and celebrating my wins, whether small or big, is part of this. I am also choosing to define success in my own way. 

This motivational quote by Harry Styles is one of the things that motivate me to redefine success and love what I do no matter what anyone else says. 

If you are happy doing what you love, no one can say you are not successful.

– Harry Styles.

Although this is supposed to be a short celebratory post, I wanted to combine it with my Friday post. This wouldn’t be a typical post on my blog if I didn’t include a list somehow – and here are four reasons why celebrating your small victories is so important.

  1. Life is too short and unpredictable – In my post on living in the moment, I shared why one should strive to live and enjoy what they have in the present instead of having wishful thoughts about what they could have. For instance, I can only be sure of this moment when my website’s biggest achievement right now is reaching 200 followers. Who knows, perhaps I will lose them tomorrow for one reason or another. I can’t predict what will happen in the future, but I can choose to be happy with what I have at the moment.
  2. You learn to become your biggest fan and root for yourself – If you don’t celebrate your own wins, who else will? Instead of worrying whether an achievement will impress others, change your mindset and try to impress yourself first because waiting for validation from others can frustrate and disappoint you.
  3. The small victories keep you happy and motivated – You acknowledge your progress and view the wins as stepping stones to bigger things. Progress is progress, no matter how small. As you have probably deduced from my tone, reaching this milestone has made me feel good about myself, and I’m motivated to keep writing.
  4. They boost self-confidence – When you achieve even a small part of a bigger goal, you start to believe in yourself and trust your abilities. You can read more in my post about how to build your self-confidence.

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Once again, THANK YOU for helping me achieve this milestone. If it wasn’t for your support and encouragement along the way, I probably would have given up. 

If you came across this post by chance and aren’t one of my followers/subscribers, do check out my blog. If you find something to love on it, please follow, like, or comment on my posts, I will be very grateful.  

For anyone who might like to collaborate on projects or send any feedback/questions privately, please contact me on aislesoflife@gmail.com, or find me on social media; TwitterFacebook, Instagram, and Pinterest



  1. Congratulations on this amazing milestone!!! 👏💐🥳 I agree that you should celebrate your own wins! ❤ Keep up the great work 🤩

    1. Thank you for your kind words and support. Blogging is so fun and I am trying to keep up with it 🤗
      And yeah, you have to celebrate and be proud of what you’ve achieved. No matter how small the achievement.

      1. My pleasure! 💗 I love the layout/design of you blog – so engaging and plenty to explore 🤩
        You are 100% right that we should be proud of every achievement – big or small 🤗
        Congratulations again! 💐👏

        1. Thanks again..I love yours too. The theme colors, design, your writing style , as well as the topics you usually tackle 😍

  2. Congratulations! I just found your blog and I love it so much! Here’s to many more followers! I loved your post about the pandemic and mothers’ day! I’m having so much fund exploring your blog ♥


    1. Thank you Maya! Also thank you for discovering my blog because you made me find yours too and I love it SO much. Happy blogging!

    1. Hey Yvonne! I just discovered your comment. I don’t know why it got lost in my Spam folder😬 But it’s not too late for me to say Thank you though 🤗💕

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