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Are you considering stepping into the blogging world? If yes, make sure to get all the required information before starting a blog. It can help you select the right tools and platforms to make blogging easier. Yes, there are many platforms and tools that every blogger needs regularly. Without them, it could be more challenging for new bloggers to succeed.

The one platform that can help you the most with your blogging needs is SmallSEOTools. For many, it is just a tools-based website they use to perform particular tasks, but for bloggers, it is a one-stop solution to multiple problems. Using the same website, bloggers perform many tasks they need to run their websites successfully. 

For example, SmallSEOTools can help them create unique blogs, check for plagiarism, find royalty-free and HD pictures to upload to use in their blog posts, optimize website images and speed, create logos, etc.

SmallSEOTools provides tons of online tools that bloggers can utilize for content creation to optimize their websites. Due to this reason, this website has got the trust of many bloggers, and they even advise others to use its free tools instead of expensive online blogging tools.

This short but comprehensive article will introduce you to the best and free utilities of SmallSEOTools that will let you know why you should prefer it over other platforms.

  • Paraphrasing Tool

For many bloggers, content creation is the biggest challenge for them. Writing a highly informative, engaging, high-quality, and unique blog post takes hours and sometimes days. Still, sometimes those blogs fail to attract users. Failure to get web traffic is one of the main reasons why most bloggers leave blogging and try other fields.

Luckily, SmallSEOTools has made content creation more effortless than before. It provides an online paraphrasing tool to users. This paraphrasing tool is not like many content spinners that just replace a few words with random synonyms. It recreates content without disturbing the context.

The algorithms of this paraphraser understand the text and rewrite it accordingly. So, the output you get is usually high-quality and relevant.

The best thing is that this tool removes plagiarism and makes the content unique. When you create unique blog content, no one will send you a copyright or plagiarism strike and your post will rank higher on search engine result pages. Therefore, if you want to create content in bulk while saving time, you need this paraphrasing tool.

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  • Plagiarism Checker

Whether you have written the whole text yourself or get assistance from any online paraphrasing tool or article writer, checking for plagiarism is essential. However, it can help if you only use a trusted plagiarism checker that gives accurate results.

There are plenty of online plagiarism tools that claim to be efficient in the task. But they aren’t. They may not detect all the duplicated sentences and pass your plagiarized content without warning.

Whereas the plagiarism detector by SmallSEOTools is very efficient in detecting plagiarism in texts. It uses advanced algorithms and a vast database to compare the text. Together both of these things enhance its precision. 

In addition, it also provides detailed reports about the percentage of plagiarism, the sources of plagiarism, and the sentences that match others’ content.  These reports can help bloggers remove plagiarism and make their content unique.

Do you know what the best thing about the SmallSEOTools’ plagiarism checker is? It is free to use. No matter how many files you want to check with this tool, you don’t need to pay anything. In simple words, its trial period never ends. Apart from that, you don’t need to sign up and provide your details.

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  • Reverse Image Search

In addition to the written content, the graphical content is also a critical part of the blogs. A blog written in plain paragraphs with no pictures and graphic content doesn’t look attractive these days. 

Instead, people love interactive blogs with multiple supportive photos, infographics, gifs, videos, etc. Sometimes these visual elements are more important for blogs than the text itself.

Usually, bloggers think that these graphics are used to make websites appealing. But this content also helps bloggers easily communicate their ideas with readers.

But the problem is, how to find the graphical content, especially royalty-free pictures, for blogs. That’s where the reverse image search facility of SmallSEOTools can come in handy. SmallSEOTools have introduced a reverse photo search engine that can help bloggers find pictures to use on their blogs and social media.

So whether they want photos of celebrities, influencers, products, ideas, vectors, animated characters, or nature, they will get them from this reverse image search engine. If a blogger has a low-quality image on their device and needs a better version, the image reverse search facility of SmallSEOTools can help them find it.

The beauty of this picture search facility is that when users search by image on this engine, it brings results from multiple search engines. So, users don’t get only one type of result. Instead, they get diversity. That’s why most bloggers prefer it over big giants. It fulfills the needs for the graphical data of bloggers.

  • Image Compressor

Images provide a lot of benefits to bloggers. But not every image. Some images can also harm websites, especially images with heavy file sizes. 

Bloggers should continuously optimize pictures before uploading. For example, they must add file names, alt-tags, and captions and include them on their site maps. Besides, bloggers should also compress large-sized images so they don’t negatively affect the website loading speed.

SmallSEOTools has created an online image compressor to solve image-related issues. The image compressor reduces file sizes, not the quality. But, when quality is a must, you can try this platform’s photo compressor, which is very reliable and efficient. 

Moreover, this tool supports multiple file formats, thus enabling you to compress the images if they are in formats people do not commonly use. Furthermore, this tool also allows people to compress multiple pictures. So, it also saves bloggers time and lets them focus on other tasks.

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  • JPG Converter

Convert to JPG is also a beneficial tool for bloggers. Bloggers need to know that not every picture format is suitable for every device. To help users avoid any hassles, you should only use image formats compatible with every device. And the image format that is compatible with every device is JPG.

To help bloggers convert pictures to JPG, SmallSEOTools has developed the JPG converter. This tool instantly converts photos of any format to JPG and makes them useful to bloggers. That’s how SmallSEOTools provides various solutions regarding visual content to bloggers and lets them make their images more fruitful.

  • Logo Maker

Although your unique writing style, niche, topic selection, and domain name could be your identity, you need an outstanding and attractive logo to stay in people’s memories.

The logo will also capture people’s attention and help your visitors remember your website’s name for a long time. Apart from that, it can also make your blog stand out from the competitors and build a connection between you and your site visitors.

However, logo creation seems complicated, and bloggers often hire professional designers to design their logos. The professionals charge a lot for the designs.

To solve the issue, SmallSEOTools created a logo maker that is simultaneously easy to use, fast, and reliable. It helps bloggers create unique logos within a few moments.

Moreover, users don’t need to learn to operate it. The SmallSEOTools logo maker provides tons of free templates to users. Out of them, users can select the templates according to their field of work and industry. After choosing the templates, they get different editing and designing utilities.

Using those utilities and tons of fonts, icons, and shapes, you don’t need any technical expertise to quickly design a unique and striking logo. Hence, bloggers can create exceptional logos for their blogs themselves without anyone’s assistance.

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Final Words

SmallSEOTools does not only provide the tools mentioned in this article. It has tons of other tools that are pretty useful for bloggers. You may find many of them helpful for you too. That’s why it is recommended to check the platform so you may know what it has for you.

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