10 Reasons Why Some People Hate Summer When Most Love It

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“I hate summer!” You hear someone say, and you wonder why they hate summer when you love it so much and consider it the best season of the year. After all, what is there to dislike about summer?

The sun is shining, schools are closed, and you may be able to take some time off from work. Thus, you have the free time to do fun activities outdoors and indoors, alone or with your family and friends. How can someone possibly not like summer?

Well, some people do hate the summer holidays, and for good reasons, including the hot weather, the humidity, and a dislike for social gatherings.

Since summer 2023 is here and you probably don’t understand why you, your friend, or a family member are not having fun during this joyous season, this post will discuss the common reasons why some people hate summer when most love it.

We shall also provide tips to help you have more fun this summer, even if you usually hate this season. Read on…

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10 Reasons Why Some People Hate Summer

  1. They have Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD for short, is a type of depression that occurs at the same time every year, usually triggered by changes in seasons, for instance, the transition from spring to summer or fall to winter.

It is characterized by low energy, moodiness, loss of interest in things you usually enjoy, irritability, trouble sleeping, and social withdrawal as well as feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.

Though this condition affects most people in early winter, some experience it during summer. Seasonal Affective Disorder is one of the most common reasons why some people hate summer when others love it.

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  1. The heat

While many love the hot weather, some people dislike it, and it could be the reason why they hate summer and love cooler seasons like winter. You may not even have a problem with the bright sunshine or being outside, only that the summer heat spoils the entire experience.

The summer heat puts you at risk of heatstroke, heat exhaustion, hyperthermia, and heat cramps. Some people hate spending time outside in the summer hot weather because of excessive sweating, sunburn, headaches, dizziness, and dehydration.

Furthermore, the extreme temperatures experienced in summer can lead to drought and increased incidences of wildfires in some places.

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  1. Lack of plans for the summer

Did you make a summer bucket list? If you have no plans for the season this year, it could be one of the reasons why you hate summer when most people love it. It could also happen if you made a summer bucket list but, unfortunately, have no money to do what you wanted.

Even though you can spontaneously do a lot of summer activities indoors or outdoors without spending a cent, planning for summer can make the experience so much better. You will start saving early and hence, have money for the summer activities you want to do and not feel left out when others are doing fun things.

Planning for what to do in summer will also help you stay busy and avoid boredom during the long slow days. You will have exciting and interesting things to do and look forward to every day.

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  1. They simply love the other seasons more

Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Loving one or all the other seasons more could be one of the reasons why some people hate summer. They simply prefer winter, spring, and/or fall.

It could be that one likes the activities, weather, holidays, people, fashion trends, vibes, or other factors about these seasons of the year more, and there is nothing wrong with that.

  1. They are alone

Perhaps you usually love summer but aren’t enjoying it this year. You pause and wonder why you have started hating summer, only to realize what has changed or is missing; you have no friends or family to spend time with doing outdoor or indoor activities this summer.

If you have no one to do activities with, probably because you lack loved ones or have them but they have gone on vacation or relocated to another state or country, that explains why you hate summer this year.

Seeing social media posts of people having fun can make you feel like you are missing out and increase your loathing for the summer season even more.

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  1. They dislike socializing

While extroverts may feel lonely and bored when alone, introverts love their alone time. It is when they recharge their energy and process the experiences of the day.

Unfortunately for introverts, shy people, and those with social anxiety, most people usually have a lot of free time to spend outdoors socializing in summer. They crowd places like the beach, streets, stores, restaurants, festivals, and tourist attractions.

Additionally, many family and friends’ hang-out activities such as pool parties, visits, cookouts, sleepovers, camps, and picnics happen in summer, which could be daunting and draining for people who dislike socializing.

The pressure to socialize could be the reasons why introverts, shy people, and those with social anxiety hate summer and love winter and the other seasons more. There are fewer people spending time outside or expecting them to attend social gatherings then.

  1. The long days

Summer has longer daylight hours, which can trick your mind into thinking nighttime is still day. 

One of the reasons why some people hate summer is that the long days mess with their circadian rhythm, the 24-hour internal clock in the brain that regulates sleep-wake cycles by responding to the lighting in the environment.

Many people hate that summer sunsets can happen as late as 8:30 PM, which makes them stay up too late, messing with their sleeping and waking times. The late setting of the sun also means more people are outside at night, making noise, further disturbing your sleep.

Disrupted circadian rhythms can make you more productive and active at night than during the day.

  1. So many bugs!

From mosquitoes, moths, wasps, flies, roaches, and spiders to ants, fleas, and ticks, there are so many bugs you may encounter indoors and outdoors during this season, and they can be the reasons why you hate summer when most people love it.

As the temperatures warm up in summer, they become conducive for insects and arachnids to reproduce, resulting in the increased numbers of these bugs that latch onto people, pets, plants, or fabrics.

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  1. The humidity

Summer is usually more humid than winter because warmer temperatures hold more water vapor than cooler ones. Since no one likes humidity, it is one of the common reasons why some people hate summer and love winter.

Humidity makes you sticky and sweaty because it interferes with your body’s ability to regulate temperature, which can be quite uncomfortable. You feel hot but are unable to cool yourself down through the evaporation of sweat.

The high humidity in summer can also affect your ability to breathe deeply as well as your sleep quality, making it harder for you to fall and stay asleep.

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  1. Increased risks to your health and safety

While summer is an awesome time of year, it poses some health and safety hazards, for example, sunburn due to higher UV intensity, food poisoning, heatstroke, allergic reactions to bugs, heat exhaustion, and dehydration as well as increased incidences of crime, swimming accidents, and wildfires.

The need to put more effort into staying safe and healthy is among the reasons why some people hate summer when others love it. One has to protect themselves against the elements, other people, and accidents a lot more in summer than during the winter, autumn, and spring seasons.

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How to Have More Fun in Summer When You Hate It

  1. Don’t just do the activities that are popular, do things you actually enjoy.
  2. Stay safe when spending time in the sun and protect yourself against bugs.
  3. Start a routine of waking and sleeping at the same times every day.
  4. Go out and participate in more activities to meet new people and make friends.
  5. Enjoy the summer weather from the comfort and solitude of the backyard of your home.
  6. Wear the right outfits and gear for the weather and places you visit.
  7. Plan early for summer activities.
  8. Watch summer-themed movies and create a summer music playlist to get in the mood.
  9. Explore the less touristy sites to avoid crowds and discover some hidden gems.
  10. Make your home summer ready

Wrapping Up

And there you have them! The above are examples of the reasons why some people hate summer when most love it. You have also learned how to have more fun this summer, even if you hate it. So, what are you waiting for?

Now that you know why you hate summer and what to do about it, stop complaining about how your life sucks, when you could be having a great time alone or with your friends and family doing fun indoor and outdoor activities this season.

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