A Simple Guide to Planning a Memorial Service After Cremation


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The experience of losing a loved one can be distressing, and the task of planning a meaningful memorial service may seem overwhelming. Thankfully, the guidelines for having a memorable service after the cremation of remains are quite simple.

Aside from a meaningful memorial service, it is also essential to have an urn of excellent quality. Your lost loved one deserves it. 

Cremation urns are a popular choice for memorializing a loved one, and there are many ways to incorporate them into a memorial service. 

A quality urn provides a respectful resting place for a loved one’s cremated remains, lasting durability, and a meaningful tribute, which is why this aspect is top on the list of considerations for a memorial service after cremation.

How to Plan a Meaningful Memorial Service After Cremation

A cremation memorial service is important because it provides a way to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one, find closure in the grieving process, comfort family and friends, and personalize the memorialization experience.

Here are some tips on how to plan a meaningful memorial service using a cremation urn;

  1. Choose the right urn

The first step in planning a meaningful memorial service after the cremation of a loved one is to choose an appropriate urn. 

There are many different types of urns available, including traditional urns made of metal or ceramic, biodegradable urns made of natural materials, and unique urns that reflect the personality or interests of the deceased. 

Premium Urns offers a variety of high-quality urns that you can further customize to accommodate the wishes of the deceased loved one and the preferences of the family members when choosing an urn.

  1. Decide on the type of service

There are many different types of memorial services, including traditional funeral services, celebrations of life, and memorial gatherings.

When planning one, consider the wishes of the deceased and the preferences of the family members before deciding. 

Note that the cremation memorial service should be meaningful and reflective of the life of the deceased.

  1. Choose a meaningful location

The location of the memorial service is an important consideration.

Many people opt to hold the service at a funeral home or a place of worship.

However, there are other options available. 

As you plan the memorial service after the cremation of your deceased loved one, consider having it at a meaningful location, such as a park, beach, a favorite spot, or even at their home.

  1. Incorporate the urn into the service

The urn may be incorporated into the cremation memorial service in many different ways.

For example, the urn can be set on a table with a memorial display of photos and personal items; or, it may also be a centerpiece for the service. 

The urn can also be a vital part of a symbolic ceremony, such as scattering the ashes or placing a small amount of ashes into keepsake urns for family members.

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  1. Personalize the service

A meaningful memorial service should be personal and reflective of the life of a deceased person.

So, as you plan the service, consider incorporating personal touches, such as the lost loved one’s favorite music, poems, colors, or readings. 

Encourage family members and friends to share memories and stories of the deceased.

  1. Consider professional assistance

Planning a meaningful memorial service can be overwhelming, especially during a grieving period. 

Consider hiring a professional funeral planner or celebrant to help with the planning process. They can offer guidance and support to ensure that the cremation memorial service is meaningful.

Considerations in Spreading a Loved One’s Ashes

In many countries, it is legal to keep cremated remains at home.

Aside from that, the cremated remains of a loved one can be scattered on private property as long as the owner gives permission. 

However, it is essential to consider the safety and practical aspects of spreading ashes at home. 

If you are unsure about the best way to dispose of your remains or the remains of a loved one, consider speaking with a funeral professional or consulting with a trusted advisor.

Here are some factors to consider in spreading a loved one’s cremated ashes;

  • Safety

Cremated remains are not harmful to human health. But, they are still composed of fine particles that can cause respiratory issues if inhaled.

To reduce the risk of inhalation, it is required that the cremated ashes be handled with care and wearing protective gear such as a mask or gloves.

It is also critical to avoid scattering ashes in a windy area or near a source of water, which can cause the remains to spread beyond the intended areas.

  • Clean-up

Spreading a loved one’s ashes at home can be messy, so it is important to consider how you will clean up the area afterward. 

The remains can be difficult to remove from carpet or furniture, thus staining surfaces such as wood or fabric.

  • Respect for others

It is essential to consider the feelings and beliefs of others who may live in or visit the home.

Some people may feel uncomfortable or offended by the presence of cremated remains in a home. So it is important to discuss your plans with others and respect their wishes.

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Cremation Memorial Service: A Healing Experience

Planning a meaningful memorial service using a cremation urn can be a healing and cathartic experience.

It is essential to plan the memorial service carefully to ensure that it reflects the person’s wishes and personality, and provides comfort to their family and friends. 

Overall, a cremation memorial service can be a beautiful way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away.

By choosing the right urn, deciding on the type of service, choosing a meaningful location, incorporating the urn into the service, personalizing the service, and considering professional assistance, you can create a beautiful and meaningful tribute to your loved one.

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