Father’s Day 2023: 24 Thoughtful Things to Do for Dad

Father's Day: 24 Thoughtful Things to Do for Dad

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Did you know that ‘Dada’ is the most common baby’s first word? That just goes to show how special our relationships with our fathers are from an early age. And yet, dads are often underappreciated.

It is that time of year again and Father’s Day 2023 is only a few days away. As always, it is the best time to show appreciation and love to our dads and any other father figures in our lives.

Unlike mothers, it is not so easy to know what to do or get your dad for Father’s Day. But don’t fret, this post has got you covered.

From giving him unique gifts to organizing virtual brunch dates to celebrate, here is a list of thoughtful things you can do for your dad this Father’s Day to make him feel special and loved.

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How to celebrate Father’s Day if you live with or close to your dad

Most adults don’t live with their fathers or close to them, perhaps because they are away at school, work, or have their own families

If you are lucky enough to live with or close to him, here are some thoughtful things you can do for your dad on Father’s Day;

1. Watch movies and TV shows from his favorite genre, for instance, binge-watching all the Marvel movies in order, the latest action and horror movies, a father-child or family-themed movie, and old movies together.

2. Play some fun outdoor games with your dad, such as lawn games like bocce, horseshoes, and croquet, or indoor games such as poker, Jenga, charades, dad trivia, ping-pong, and board games.

3. Get him unique Father’s Day gifts such as funny socks, personalized mugs, electronic gadgets, a comfortable recliner chair, a dog (or a gift basket of dog supplies if he already has one), a family potrait, a fishing pole, hammock, toolbox, clothes, shoes, underwear, personalized stationery, an apron, overalls, and coveralls.

Buy practical gifts that your dad will actually use or ones that he never remembers to buy for himself.

4. Take your dad out for a picnic or an adventure. Going on a road trip, ziplining, camping, kayaking, white water rafting, hiking, or boating are examples of fun adventurous activities to do with your dad on Father’s Day.

5. Join him in doing something he loves, for instance, wine/beer tasting, fishing, golfing, carpentry, car racing, and exercising.

6. Since it is summertime, host a cookout or BBQ pool party in your dad’s honor.

7. Take an online cooking class with your dad on Father’s Day to brush up on his grilling and cooking skills.

8. Organize a family karaoke and dance party.

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How to celebrate Father’s Day if you live far away from your dad

If you are wondering what to do to celebrate your dad this Father’s Day when you live far from him or will be away from where he is on that day, we have got you covered.

Here is a list of nice, thoughtful things you can do for your dad if you are not near him on Father’s Day;

1. Send him a Father’s Day gift, such as personalized Father’s Day cards, a gift certificate, leather key chain, a smart watch or fitness tracker, a grooming kit, ordering alcohol delivery, a scrapbook with pictures of the two of you or your family, a music album from his favorite band, Daddy & Me photo frames, or a gym membership.

2. Play online video games with your dad.

3. Organize for someone to go do his chores, for instance, cleaning and organizing the house, doing the dishes and laundry, cooking, taking the trash out, gardening, and landscaping.

4. Video call your father to tell him how much he means to you and catch up on each other’s lives, work out together, or watch the same movie or ball game at the same time.

5. Organize a Father’s Day date night for your dad and mom/his partner.

6. Plan a virtual brunch or dinner date with your dad and make his favorite meal together.

7. Book an appointment for him at the spa so he can go and get pampered.

8. Send him new reading materials such as men’s magazines and the books he likes.

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What to do on Father’s Day if you don’t have a dad

Many people have absent fathers for various reasons, including death, abandonment, imprisonment, or by choice (if you cut him off for being toxic).

Father’s Day could be a difficult time for anyone without a father because you are reminded of the hole in your life as you see others share photos of their dads on social media or do fun activities with them.

If you don’t have a dad and still wish to celebrate Father’s Day, you can do these activities;

1. Make a memory book of photos and stories of your life together.

2. If the reason you don’t have a dad is that he died of an illness, donate to a charity/foundation that supports people or does research on the condition he had.

3. Spend the day with your loved ones.

4. Visit his final resting place as a family or hold a memorial.

5. Send a card of appreciation to those who assumed the role of father figures for you, for example, your mom, adoptive parents, mentors, etc.

6. Plant a tree in memory of him.

7. Celebrate your husband if you are married and have kids.

8. Get yourself a gift or take yourself out.

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Final Thoughts

Dads are the best, and they deserve only the best things on Father’s Day (and any other day of course).

Since fathers usually find it hard to accept presents, when looking for the best gifts for dads, choose something practical.

The amount of money you spend on these gifts and activities doesn’t matter. It is the emotion that motivated the actions and effort that counts. And the good thing is that you can even get some nice Father’s Day gifts on a budget or make some DIY items that won’t cost you much.

Use this day to strengthen your bond with your father and show him how much you love and appreciate him. If you come from a large family, have everyone join in on the fun to make Father’s Day special and unforgettable for your dad.

How are you planning to spend Father’s Day 2023? What else can you do to make your dad feel special?

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