14 Best Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her in 2023

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Valentine’s Day 2023 is just around the corner! So, if you have a wife or girlfriend, this is the best time to look for good Valentine’s Day gifts for her to avoid the last-minute rush.

Though you should make your partner feel loved and show them how much they mean to you all the time, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to do something extra.

One of the best ways to show the special woman in your life you love her is to get unique and romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for her. The gifts don’t even have to be expensive.

All you have to keep in mind when buying Valentine’s Day gifts for her is to get something you know she will love and something that will be practical and useful. So, if you haven’t found the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her yet, here are some ideas of what to buy even if you are on a tight budget.

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14 Best Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

  1. Keepsake box

There’s a good reason why this keepsake box is at the top of the list of the best inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts for her. She can use it to store your memories as a couple, such as photos, cards, tickets to events you attended, notes, letters, souvenirs, and any other valuable thing that can fit inside it.

  1. Light up scannable acrylic music plaque

Most couples have a song that means a lot to them because it reminds them of something about their relationship. Perhaps the song you danced to at your wedding, the one you listened to on your first date, when you confessed your feelings for each other, or whichever other song brings back happy memories for the two of you. If you want to remind your wife or girlfriend of your happy times together, this customizable music plaque will be a good inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for her.

  1. Capsule letters message in a bottle

You will get 90 capsules with blank papers inside on which you can write sweet messages to your girlfriend or wife. These messages in a bottle are some of the most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

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  1. Amazfit band 5 activity fitness tracker

Getting this fitness tracker as a Valentine’s Day gift for her will be highly appreciated. It has Alexa built-in, so she can ask questions, set alarms, control smart devices at home, etc. With the Amazfit Band 5, she can track her heart rate, sleep, period, and monitor blood oxygen saturation.

  1. Interlocking hearts necklace

This necklace with two interlocked hearts as a symbol of endless love is elegant and beautiful and will be a great inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for her.

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  1. Personalized fleece blanket

Anyone would love to have a warm blanket to snuggle under, especially during cold days. Therefore, this cozy-soft fleece blanket is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to get your girlfriend or wife this year.

  1. Shower steamers with essential oils

Your wife or girlfriend deserves some tender loving care, especially if she has been working hard recently and doesn’t get the time to pamper herself. Get this shower steamers with essential oils aromatherapy pack as a Valentine’s Day gift for her to help melt away the stress and relax.

  1. Personalized scrapbook/album

Want to document your story so far as a couple? Purchase this scrapbook as a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend. You could fill up this little book with words and photos about your journey together to have more fun.

Looking back on how far you have come and the milestones you have achieved will make you look towards the future optimistically and cherish each other even more.

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  1. Perfume

Since you know her well, you probably know the perfume she wears which will make it easier when choosing the right one as her Valentine’s Day gift. However, if you don’t know which perfume she uses, you can buy her Ariana Grande Ari Eau de Parfum Spray for women. If she hasn’t tried it before, she will most likely fall in love with this one as soon as she smells it.

  1. Workout clothes 

Does she love exercising? Or has she mentioned that she plans to start working out regularly soon? If she wants to become fit, one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her this year could be getting her workout clothes. It will show her you support her fitness journey, and if she has yet to start it, motivate her to begin. You can get some good quality workout clothes from Femme Luxe.

  1. Elephant-shaped pen holder with phone stand

Everyone loves working at an organized desk. Hence, if you want to help her become more organized this year, get this elephant-shaped pen holder, which is not only cute but also a useful, inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for her.

  1. Scented candles

A home that smells nice – who doesn’t want that? These scented candles will be the perfect inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts for her as she will use them to create a peaceful, tranquil, and romantic atmosphere at home.

  1. Portable mini blender

You know she loves making shakes and fruit smoothies. Why not get this rechargeable, portable mini blender from PopBabies as a Valentine’s Day gift for her to enable her to make them anywhere and anytime she wants?

  1. Personalized recipe book

Does your partner love cooking, but her recipes are never organized? If she does, this personalized recipe book will be a great inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for her to put them all together. She will love knowing that you like the food she cooks so much that you are encouraging her to write down her recipes in order to pass them down to future generations or share with others.

  1. Her favorite flowers (Bonus Gift)

Would it even be Valentine’s Day without the gift of flowers? Since you shouldn’t assume that all women love roses for Valentine’s Day, get her the types of flowers you know she loves. Clare Florists has various flower types and arrangements you can choose from.

As you can see, a good Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend or wife doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even get some great Valentine’s Day gifts for her for less than $10.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or compare what you are doing to what others are doing for the women in their lives. All that matters is that you do what you can to make your girlfriend or wife feel loved.

Even on a tight budget, you can get a thoughtful, inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift for her that you know she will love or use in some way.

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