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The financial literacy landscape is exploding with potential, and the podcast industry has been at the forefront of financial education growth since its emergence. Recent statistics indicate that the number of podcasts has doubled to over 2 million globally, and the episodes exceed 48 million.

Today, financial education resources such as podcasts, books, videos, and blogs are easily accessible to most people. These resources provide the audience with a convenient way to get useful financial tips and the latest financial news covering topics such as budgeting, debt management, retirement savings, and home buying.

In this post, we shall discuss some of the best financial education resources that will help you get better at making and managing your money.

Read on to see how you can take your finances to a whole new level with the right financial resources.

3 Best Financial Education Resources

  1. Best personal finance podcasts

As mentioned above, podcasts have become increasingly popular as financial education resources. Among financial literacy podcasts, the following projects can be considered the best.

  • Deeper Than Money

In Chloe Elise’s Deeper Than Money podcast, readers are offered expert financial advice on how to take control of their money. She provides tips and strategies on how to eliminate debt, start saving, and make smart investments for long-term financial security.

With detailed chapters that focus on budgeting, developing an emergency fund, and real estate investing, Elise gives timeless knowledge that is sure to help readers lay a foundation for a more financially secure future.

Additionally, she adds practical advice on how to handle taxes and build multiple streams of income so you can reach your goals faster. Whether you’re just getting started or wish to explore further financial possibilities, there’s something in Elise’s podcast for everyone.

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  • The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard is determined to help people develop good money habits, and his podcast is another financial education resource everyone should utilize.

The nationally syndicated radio talk show host and consumer reporter for TV news offers invaluable advice on money-saving tips, consumer insight, heaps of discounts, and invaluable economic news that listeners can use to achieve financial freedom.

In addition to powerful information, he speaks about how to avoid rip-offs and ultimately progress toward each listener’s personal money goals. As a result, Clark Howard is making it easier for everyone to live a financially healthy life.

  • The Money Guy Show

Brian Preston and Bo Hanson are qualified financial planners and wealth managers who help listeners make sound financial decisions. On their podcast, they dive into practical topics such as how to get the most bang for your buck when purchasing a car and how to protect yourself from market fluctuations during uncertain economic times.

The two provide useful advice that is geared toward various life stages and help empower individuals to make informed decisions about their finances.

Listeners appreciate the confidence-boosting knowledge imparted by the podcast, which has recently become an immensely popular financial education resource.

  1. Best personal finance blogs

Recently, personal financial literacy courses have risen in popularity. Furthermore, financial information is becoming even easier to obtain as more personal finance blogs are created on the internet daily to provide free financial advice.

However, when it comes to financial advice, you shouldn’t trust information from just any blog. It is better to choose those owned by people who have already managed to prove themselves.

The good thing is that even if a particular blog is unavailable in your country, you can access it using VeePN. You only need to look review and open access to any site, regardless of its regional restrictions. Some of the best personal finance blogs include; 

  • Making Sense of Cents

Michelle of Making Sense of Cents is a shining example for anyone looking to take charge of their personal finances. She once worked as a financial analyst, yet she now thrives as a self-employed blogger and solopreneur.

Her blog exists with the purpose of helping readers gain knowledge on best practices in the realm of saving, frugal living, and making money online. Consequently, Making Sense of Cents quickly became one of the best personal finance blogs, providing insight into sound methods to build economic security.

  • Wallet Hacks

Jim had been a passionate advocate for personal finance for 15 years, spreading his message to major publications such as the New York Times and Entrepreneur.

During that time span, he realized something – almost all personal finance advice makes money seem unnecessarily complicated. That was why he decided to take action, creating Wallet Hacks as a platform to demystify money and provide easy-to-understand personal finance tips for ordinary people.

After clearing away the financial clutter from conventional wisdom, Jim’s goal is nothing less than helping people achieve positive change through responsible financial management.

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  • Clever Girl Finance 

Bela Sokunbi founded Clever Girl Finance with the mission of helping women in the United States take control of their finances.

The organization serves as an excellent personal finance education resource and provides an array of helpful materials from free courses, articles, and videos to one-to-one mentor calls.

Here, women can increase their financial literacy regardless of socioeconomic background, allowing them to minimize any limitations that may arise from their socioeconomic circumstances.

Luxuriating in the confidence and independence it brings, Clever Girl Finance strives to empower women across America and beyond.

  • Living on a Dime

Whether you want to take your first steps towards becoming wealthy or simply enjoy a more comfortable present, Living on a Dime offers the perfect platform for discovering how to get ahead.

This inspirational blog is run by Jill, Tawra, and Mike – three savvy individuals who know every trick in the book when it comes to living below their means.

On this blog, you will find fun and innovative tips about how to save money, from storing food items at discounts to finding cheaper accommodation options. It’s an invaluable financial education resource that can help reduce your money struggles and have a worry-free life!

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  1. Best books for personal finance

With the ever-increasing complexity of personal finance, it’s no wonder many people find it difficult to grasp. Thankfully, there are many books available that are great financial education resources.

The books listed below can help even the novice understand the basics and apply them to their own financial situation.

  • The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel
  • The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton
  • The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape
  • Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi


Personal finance is an essential part of our lives, yet it can be difficult to get a handle on. Thankfully, there are numerous financial education resources, such as blogs, podcasts, and books, that can provide valuable insight into how to manage your money.

From Michelle of Making Sense of Cents to Jim from Wallet Hacks and Bela from Clever Girl Finance, these financial education resources will increase your financial literacy and stability.

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