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Hello Readers!

So, I just wanted to inform you guys that I upgraded my website and some of its aspects have changed, including my domain name and blog layout.
A time has come for me to say goodbye to my old domain (Feed Your Curious Mind) and replace it with my new domain name (Aisles of Life). I just wanted to let you know so you aren’t surprised by the new name on the WordPress Reader and email notifications (if you have them turned on).
Anyways, that’s all for today. Love you all!



  1. Change is the only constant. Congratulations on the update looking forward to more content under the new domain name.

    1. Nope! I don’t have enough followers/subscribers and organic traffic to risk going self–hosted yet. Will definitely consider it later though. I just upgraded to the premium plan for now.
      😂my old domain was made on a whim when I first joined WP

  2. Are you enjoying it? Can you please give some tips what should I focus on before buying a domain for my site. I’ve been thinking for buying one for my site for so long!

    1. Having my own domain is great even though I’m still learning and getting used to the change. One down side though, I went into this thinking about monetization and it’s a bit disappointing coz I’m on the Premium plan that allows only WordPress’ own adnetwork, WordAds which pay close to nothing despite having a high number of ad impressions. Also, if you get a lot of your traffic from search engines, be aware that it will decline for a bit because your Domain Authority goes back to 0 when you have a new URL. But I’ve heard that the organic traffic will come back even better than it was with a free site🤞🏼🤞

      I’d advice to upgrade to the Business plan if you’re seriously thinking of monetizing your site and can afford it. However, even if monetization isn’t your priority, upgrading to a custom domain is a good idea because it gives your site more credibility. And by the way do check if your desired domain name is available earlier in order to come up with a backup name just in case it is taken. Stick to a short name like coz it is easier to remember.

      1. Okay.
        So you didn’t applied for Google Adsense? I didn’t knew about WordPress ads though.
        Now that you’ve shared your experience about premium plan, I’ll definitely consider about Business plan once again.
        Yes, I’ve a backup name, just in case my site’s name is already taken.
        Thanks for your help!✨🙌🏻


        1. I did apply for Google Adsense, but the code they gave me keeps getting erased on my site. I googled about it and it seems it’s not possible to use Google ads on the premium plan.
          If you upgrade choose the Business plan or go self-hosted. I’m considering upgrading to the Business plan later. For now, I can’t afford it

          1. Oh! That’s good that you told me. I thought that Google Adsense can work on premium plan. I even searched it on Google but I saw no problem in using it in the premium plan.😳
            I definitely have to consider business plan now, I guess!
            Thanks for helping.

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