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Managing your period is already challenging when you are at home, but it can be more difficult to handle when you also have to deal with the stress and anxiety involved when traveling. Read this post to learn how to travel confidently and comfortably while on your period.

Even though monthly periods are a normal part of life for nearly all women, no one loves having them. They come at the most inconvenient times, such as when you are traveling, in the middle of class, or on your wedding day. You feel uncomfortable because you are bloated or experiencing menstrual cramps and back pain. Additionally, you may feel anxious and lack self-confidence during your period because you fear you will stain your clothes and embarrass yourself.

Periods control most women’s lives, making it hard for them to plan for anything without checking when their next one is supposed to start first. For example, you could be thinking about going on vacation but worry that your period may start during your flight or bus ride or while you are doing the activities on your travel itinerary. Thus be unsure whether to go or postpone the trip. Since you may not always have the option to delay or cancel your trip, it is time you learned how to travel confidently and comfortably during your period. Read on.

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How to Travel Confidently and Comfortably While on Your Period

  1. Bring your period kit and keep it close

Whether your period has started or you expect it to begin any time now, your period kit is a must-have if you want to learn how to travel confidently. You will feel much better when you know you are well-prepared for it.

In your travel period kit, remember to pack essentials such as panty liners, enough sanitary pads or tampons, extra period underwear, your menstrual cup, a box of disposal bags, hand sanitizer, and a roll of toilet paper or wipes. If you have some extra space, pack a change of clothes, or at least an extra pair of pants, that may come in handy in case of a mishap. Keep the period kit in a bag you can bring with you everywhere.

If you want to travel confidently and comfortably while on your period, avoid trying new sanitary products for the first time on this trip. You may not be familiar with how well they work for you; hence, you may feel anxious the entire journey that you will embarrass yourself by staining your clothes. Stick to what you are used to for now.

  1. Remember your pain-relief medication

If you usually experience menstrual cramps and back pain, it is good to be prepared when traveling. So, if you want to travel confidently and comfortably on your period, bring along your pain medication, a heating pad, or heating patches. Periods, whether you get a heavy or light flow, are usually easier to bear when you are not in pain.

Even though you could probably get your pain medication at your travel destination, it is better to bring your own. You may not know where to look for medicine while there, or the language barrier may lead to misunderstandings. Additionally, you may be traveling to a remote area with no shops or pharmacies, making accessing menstrual products and pain-relief medication difficult. So, remember to pack more than what you think you need.

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  1. Plan your journey and other activities on the better days

For women who experience heavy or painful periods, traveling while menstruating may not be an option. You will likely be uncomfortable and may stain your clothes on a long bus or train ride or when traveling by air. However, most periods are not heavy throughout, and you may have lighter bleeding on the last day or the last few days.

If you have to travel during your period, you will be more confident and comfortable by ensuring you plan your trip and other activities on better days instead of going when the blood flow is heaviest.

  1. Choose an aisle seat

Whether you are taking a bus, train, or plane, it is paramount to book an aisle seat if you want to feel confident and comfortable while traveling during your period. Getting an aisle seat ensures you have easy access to the bathroom and the overhead storage bin. It also gives you a little more legroom, you can have a private conversation with an attendant in case of an emergency, and you can quickly disembark when you get to your destination.

Since you will probably have to make several trips to the restroom during your journey, an aisle seat will ensure you can easily maneuver without wasting time or disturbing other passengers.

  1. Wear comfy clothes 

When learning how to travel confidently and comfortably during your period, choose what to wear on the journey wisely. Each person has the types of clothes they feel the most comfortable in while they are on their period. So it is important to wear clothes that make you look good and feel good about yourself. 

The best clothes to wear when traveling during your period in order to feel confident and comfortable are loose outfits, such as palazzos, sweatpants, and slip dresses. They will hide your bloating and provide some freedom. Wearing loose clothes during periods is also great because they are easy to remove when you need to use the restroom urgently.

Nonetheless, some people also like traveling while wearing tight stretchy clothes with elastic waistbands as they help them alleviate stomach cramps. They also feel more confident in tight clothes while on their periods because of the snug fit that assures them that things will stay in place. So, whether you like tight or loose clothes, it is up to you to choose which type of outfits will make you feel confident and comfortable while traveling during your period.

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  1. Choose dark-colored outfits

The color of your clothes can affect how confident and comfortable you feel while traveling during your period. For example, wearing white clothes on your period may make you anxious about staining them, while you may feel more confident and comfortable traveling in black garments. You know that they will hide stains in case of an incident, and you also don’t have to worry too much that they might get a permanent stain.

If you want to learn how to travel confidently and comfortably while on your period, darker colors are the best to wear on your trip. For example, you can look for black, deep purple, navy blue, and dark green clothes for this time of the month.

  1. Change as often as you need to

You are the one who knows your body and the rate of your menstrual blood flow best. Therefore, if you want to learn how to feel confident and comfortable when traveling during your period, you should empty your menstrual cup or change your pad or tampon as often as you need to.

Don’t wait until you fear a period leak. Also, don’t worry about what the other people on the plane or train will think of you for going to the restroom so many times; they don’t know you, and their opinion shouldn’t matter.

If you are traveling by plane, you should be aware that flying can affect your period due to changes in air pressure and altitude. You may have either a heavier or lighter flow during the flight or after. So, pay more attention to your body while flying in order to know when you need to change.

  1. Drink a lot of water

As you learn how to travel confidently and comfortably during your period, you must remember to stay hydrated. Research shows that drinking a lot of water during your period may reduce menstrual cramps and back pain, increase energy levels, and decrease the duration of bleeding.

Furthermore, it is important to drink water to replace the one lost through bleeding and the excessive sweating you may experience during your period. However, avoid both alcohol and caffeine because they may lead to heavier, longer periods.

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Final Thoughts

Periods are a natural body process for women. However, they shouldn’t control your life. They shouldn’t make you dread that time of the month or have to forgo some wonderful experiences or opportunities. If you plan to go on a work trip or vacation soon but are worried that you may have your period while traveling, you shouldn’t be. With the above tips, now you know how to travel confidently and comfortably while on your period.

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    1. Thank you so much, Belen!❤ I’m really glad you liked this post. I hate traveling on my period too, but I’m forced to sometimes. Always canceling travel plans because of periods can cost someone a lot and hold them back

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