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30 Depression Quotes That Hit Hard and Help You Feel Less Alone

Whether you are battling chronic depression or just feeling low right now, reading quotes about depression can help you stop feeling so alone and down. From famous people to ordinary individuals, no one is immune to depression. A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that around 3.8% of the population is suffering from depression, with an even bigger … Continue reading 30 Depression Quotes That Hit Hard and Help You Feel Less Alone

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23 Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate International Women’s Day 2023

As it has been for many years, International Women’s Day 2023 is on 8th March. Do you usually celebrate it? If you do, reading and sharing empowering and inspirational quotes for International Women’s Day is one great way to appreciate yourself and/or the females in your life. And even though women should be appreciated and … Continue reading 23 Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate International Women’s Day 2023

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6 Reasons Why You Should Trust the Process in Life (and How to Do It)

Nearly everyone has heard the phrase ‘trust the process’ at some point, but some people don’t even know what that means. Others understand what trusting the process involves but find it difficult to do so, especially when facing challenges or when they feel they are progressing slower than they would like. So, before we go … Continue reading 6 Reasons Why You Should Trust the Process in Life (and How to Do It)