4 Signs Your Breast Implant Might Have Ruptured


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When you want to improve your physical appearance, like the shape and size of your breasts, you may choose plastic surgery. However, considering the risks involved in such procedures, getting services from a board-certified surgeon is always recommended.

In breast augmentation, it is vital to know the risks involved and why choosing an experienced surgeon in your area is fundamental. Various risks, for example, a breast implant rupture, can occur, and you may experience some side effects.

But how do you know when an implant has ruptured? Read on for some signs your breast implant might have ruptured and what could have caused it.

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Causes of Breast Implant Rupture

Implant rupture means the outer shell of the silicone or saline implant tears and releases the content.

One of the leading causes of rupture is when the scar tissues contract around the implant. After augmentation, the tissue around the implant hardens, which can result in rupture.

Another cause of rupture is in case of an injury that directly impacts the implant. The bad thing is that you may not notice the implant rupture immediately.

Even though there is little danger when a breast implant ruptures, it is vital to have it treated because the content can quickly get absorbed by the body, causing health complications. The following are the signs that your breast implant may have ruptured.

Signs of a Ruptured Breast Implant

  1. Change in shape

A ruptured implant will affect the shape of your breast, which is something you can quickly identify. The breast may not change in size. However, you might notice a change in its shape.

Sometimes the rupture may cause inflammation where you develop scar tissue around the implant. The breast may also feel firmer. A check-up and augmentation will be necessary to restore the shape.

  1. Reduced size

You can know when a breast implant has ruptured if the size of your breast reduces. The content leaks from the shell, and the breast may deflate within two days. To prevent health issues, it is crucial to go for a check-up to confirm if the cover is broken.

If the implant has ruptured, you will need to have it rectified. Choose a surgical center such as breast implant revision at New York Group for Plastic Surgery that will ensure your issue is fixed, you have a safe surgery, and a better solution.

  1. Breast tenderness and pain

An implant rupture can also cause breast pain and tenderness. For some people, the breast may become painful due to sagging after the implant has ruptured.

The worst thing you can do is ignore the problem and take painkillers. Remember, medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen are blood thinners, which can delay your implant replacement.  

  1. Lumps in the breast

If you notice small lumps in the breast that were not there before, it could mean that your breast implant has ruptured. The bumps are sometimes the implant folds after rupturing.

Remember, after the break, the silicone leaks slowly. Therefore, it might take time to notice these lumps. Nonetheless, ensure you get medical attention if they appear, and you suspect an implant rupture.

Get the Help You Need

These four signs can help you tell if your breast implant has ruptured. Ensure you call your doctor and explain your issue. They will schedule an appointment to check the breast and recommend a revision in case of a breast implant rupture.

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