Best Couple Exercises: Partner Workout for Total Body Strength


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You are more likely to exercise longer and harder when you have a companion than when you are alone. Who better to do this with other than your partner! Studies have shown that 85% of couples that exercise together, establish a stronger bond with each other.

A couple that sweats together, stays together. It is a fun way you get to spend additional time together while trying to achieve your fitness goals.

Here are 7 of the best partner workouts that give your total body strength.

  1. Push-ups

This workout is excellent for improving your posture. While you are doing push-ups on your own, you use your own body weight to act as the resistance. With your spouse as your companion, you get to spice it up a little bit to achieve total body strength.

Assume a plank position and start with the usual push-ups. Your partner should place a weight, either their hand or leg, on your back to increase the opposition. Tighten your abs at all times for total body strength. Do ten reps until you feel fatigued then switch positions and repeat. 

Another way to increase the challenge is to face each other while in the plank position with your right leg lifted slightly from the ground then perform the push-up exercises while in this three-point position.

Push your right hands off the ground at the same time, perform sideway push-ups and high-five each other while maintaining this position.

  1. Medicine ball with squat and crunch 

This exercise aims at building a stronger core, limbs, and abs. To start, have your partner take the crunch position with a ball in their hands and you should be in the squat position. Your partner should pass the ball to you when they make a crunch.

Once you receive the ball, you perform your squat while holding the ball until your partner crunches up again to retrieve the ball. You repeat this back and forth until you feel fatigued or accomplish the desired reps.

Make it even harder for the two of you by lying down in crunch position while facing each other. Hold the med ball while leaning slightly backward, move the ball left to right with your arms for about 10 twists then pass it to your partner who should do the same.

Repeat the sequence as many times as you can. 

  1. Wheelbarrow push-up

This type of push-up is a total body workout where you start by getting down on a plank position. Your partner grabs your legs at the feet and lifts them in the air while they are in the squat position.

Simultaneously, lower into push-ups and squats. Switch places and repeat till you reach the desired reps. The wheelbarrow pushups are great for both the upper and lower body.

  1. Partner leg drop 

One party should lie down on their back while the other stands next to their head. Your partner should raise their legs to a point where you can push it down.

For a total body workout, your partner should brace the core to control the falling of their legs such that they don’t touch the floor then raise them again for you to push them down. Do 10 reps then switch roles and repeat. 

  1. Alternative box jump 

Although this workout can be done solo, pairing with your partner sets a better challenge and pace. Start by picking a box with a height that is comfortable for both of you. Put the box in between you as you face each other.

Take jumps on and off it while landing lightly and making a squat position. When you are off the box, your partner should repeat what you just did.

Repeat the alternate box jumps for 15 to 20 times for 2-3 reps for total body strength. Make it harder by lifting a weight on your hands when you make the jumps. 

  1. Leg press 

Your partner lies on the ground with their legs slightly lifted upwards. You lean on their feet like a weight to create resistance. Your partner will then perform leg presses by pushing their legs as if to straighten them up, but you will be pressing down opposing the movement.

Your partner should repeat those leg presses for about ten reps then switch sides and repeat. 

  1. Flat back chair position 

You want to be accountable for your partner. This type of exercise requires trust in your partner. Start by locking your hands together and pulling back from each other to assume a position where you seem like you are sitting on an imaginary chair.

While your knees are directly above your ankles, you both bend to touch the floor. Start and repeat for 20 reps, and you will feel the burn all over your body. 

Final Thoughts

Exercises that are done together as a couple are a fun and romantic idea. Convince your partner to get off your usual boring TV watching routine, and achieve your fitness goals together either at home or the gym.

Encourage each other to conduct more challenges and assist when the other is struggling. Achieve total body strength while strengthening your bond with each other.

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