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How do you spend your Saturdays? You have been working all week and are excited that the weekend is about to start. But then you wonder what to do on Saturday to have fun, relax, stay active, or be productive, and can’t think of anything interesting or exciting.

If you have no plans for the weekend and think you might end up bored and unproductive, this post has got you covered! We shall provide a list of some fun things to do on a Saturday night or day at home or outdoors, alone or with friends and family.

Everybody loves weekends because they don’t have to work or commute to work, they can spend time with their loved ones, and can do anything else they want. But unfortunately, when you have no activities planned for Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday, weekends can be quite boring. The days and nights may seem endless, and you might experience FOMO seeing social media posts of your friends doing fun Saturday activities.

But, whether you are alone or with friends and family, there are many things you can do on Saturdays at home or outdoors. So, if you have no weekend plans, this post will provide examples of fun things to do on a Saturday night or day to pass the time and prevent boredom.

Fun Things to Do on Saturday Night or During the Day

  1. Catch up on sleep

You probably never get enough sleep on weekdays because you get home late, are always stressed, or you wake up early to go to work or school. One of the fun things to do on a Saturday alone at home is to catch up on sleep.

With it being the weekend, there is no work or any other commitment you need to rush to. Hence, you can go to bed early on Saturday night or sleep in and wake up at whatever time you want without feeling guilty on Saturday morning.

  1. Visit or meet up with your friends and family

Spending quality time with loved ones is one of the best things to do on a Saturday. So, organize brunch or dinner, plan a day out, or visit each other’s homes to spend the weekend together.

Spending time together will strengthen your bond and bring you joy as you catch each other up on what is going on in your lives and do fun activities.

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  1. Make some delicious foods

Perhaps you never have time to cook real meals on weekdays because you arrive home late and are always tired after working all day.

Weekends are the perfect time to make the recipes you have been wanting to try out. You finally have time to get the ingredients you need and prepare delicious dishes without rushing.

If you have a family, get everyone involved and have even more fun on Saturdays doing the food preparation together.

While you are at it, you could even do meal planning and prepping for next week’s lunches and dinners on Saturdays. You will start the week right and not struggle to decide what to eat or have to make meals from scratch on weekdays.

  1. Binge-watch

Nearly everyone loves watching movies and TV shows, an activity you probably never have time for on weekdays. Therefore, if you have no weekend plans, another fun thing to do on a Saturday night or day is to binge-watch.

Catch up on the TV series you follow, try some new shows, and watch the latest movies without worrying that other people will think you are wasting time. You deserve to have some fun!

If you are with your family or friends, you could make Saturday a movie night and turn it into a tradition.

  1. Go out on a date

Whether you are alone or with a special someone, one of the fun things to do on a Saturday night or during the day is to go out on a date.

If you are taking yourself out on a date, there are many solo date ideas you can try out, from going to the movies alone and going to a nice restaurant to going for a nature walk or picnic and watching the sunset. There are even more ideas of things to do while on a date on Saturday night for couples.

Dating yourself promotes personal growth by increasing your self-confidence, helping you build a healthy relationship with yourself, and making you more self-reliant. It is a way for you to create your own happiness.

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  1. Clean and organize your home

You are probably wondering how cleaning and organizing made it into a list of fun things to do on a Saturday at home. After all, aren’t chores supposed to be exhausting and boring?

But your living space is one of the places you spend most of your time in, and hence you should want it to be tidy and organized so you can relax and attract positive energy into your home. So, if you have no weekend plans, you should deep clean your house, declutter, and organize your things on Saturdays.

Some fun Saturday activities you can do for your home include vacuuming, cleaning the windows and furniture, washing the dishes, and doing your laundry. Next, sort your things out, throw away, sell, or donate what you no longer use, and place the stuff you choose to keep in their designated spaces.

  1. Read books and blogs

Your favorite author released a new book, but you haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Or maybe some of the blogs you subscribe to have published new posts you haven’t gotten around to reading. If this is you, reading books or blogs is one of the fun things to do on a Saturday night or day.

Reading is an entertaining Saturday activity. It will help you reduce stress, gain a new perspective and learn new things by expanding your knowledge, vocabulary, and world.

  1. Pamper yourself

Practicing self-care and doing activities that make you feel good are other fun things to do on a Saturday night or day. So, if you have no weekend plans, why don’t you spend Saturday pampering yourself? After all, your health and well-being are among the things you should prioritize in life.

Examples of fun Saturday activities to do in order to pamper yourself include planning a staycation, taking a bubble bath, having a spa day, lighting some scented candles, buying yourself some flowers, getting a manicure and pedicure, starting a skincare routine, and giving yourself a makeover.

Create a relaxing atmosphere at home and spend some quiet time alone while taking care of yourself and spoiling yourself. You are worth it!

  1. Go away for the weekend

Weekends are for traveling. Since you can’t go too far away because you still have to report to work on Monday, going on a weekend getaway or taking a road trip are fun things to do on a Saturday. You can go alone or with your romantic partner, family or friends.

Going away for the weekend will be a great way to change the scenery and escape the stresses of your daily life for a while. In addition, changing your environment could also boost your creativity as you get to meet new people and gain new experiences that inspire you and influence your perspective.

  1. Have fun under the sheets

Do you live with your romantic partner? Do you see each other only on weekends? Either way, one of the best things to do on a Saturday night or day is to spend time with them making love, cuddling, and telling each other everything. It will bring you happiness, strengthen your bond, and you may even make a baby.

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  1. Attend an event

From gallery openings, charity functions, concerts, and fashion shows to tree planting and cultural events, many activities always happen on Saturdays, at night, and during the day. So, if you are looking for things to do on weekends, look up the Saturday events near you and attend one that interests you.

  1. Become a tourist in your town

How well do you know the area where you live? Touring your own town is one of the fun things to do on a Saturday night or day to avoid boredom. You will discover new places, learn the history and culture, meet new people, and appreciate the little things around you more.

  1. Play some games 

Playing games is another fun activity to do on a Saturday night or day in order to prevent boredom. You can play them by yourself or with loved ones, indoors or outdoors, and online or offline.

Games are fun to play, and they will keep you busy, improve your motor and cognitive skills, and help you unwind

  1. Learn something new

No matter how much you think you already know, you can always learn new things. As such, activities that help you increase your knowledge and skills are some fun things to do on Saturday night or during the day.

Depending on what you want to learn, you could take a class, watch tutorials, read books, download apps, sign up for a course, or become an apprentice and spend your Saturdays learning and improving.

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  1. Visit the local bar or nightclub

You don’t have to spend Saturdays alone or at home. If you have no weekend plans, one of the fun things to do on Saturday night is to visit the local bar or nightclub, whether by yourself or with friends. You will have fun drinking, dancing, sharing stories, and meeting new people.

REMEMBER to avoid overindulging and not to drive while drunk. Take a cab or have a designated driver if with friends.

  1. Exercise

You shouldn’t only exercise to get your ideal body size or shape; do it for fun too!

Exercise is one of the fun things to do on a Saturday night or day because it is good for your holistic health. It will help you reduce stress, become more confident, have better skin, and improve your sleep.

Other than the usual types of exercise, you could also play a sport you love on Saturdays to stay active and have fun with friends.

  1. Do some gardening

If you love working with plants, gardening is one of the fun things you can do on Saturdays to pass the time and prevent boredom. It is part of sustainable living and a form of exercise.

Gardening is also relaxing and will give you an opportunity to think clearly and deeply about things. Additionally, it will be so rewarding to see the plants you have been taking care of bloom and bear fruits.

If you don’t have a garden but have some indoor plants, take care of them instead. Some fun Saturday activities you can do with your house plants include watering, weeding, fertilizing, getting rid of pests, re-potting overgrown ones, and removing dust from the leaves.

  1. Go shopping (or window shopping)

Most people do their shopping over the weekend. And though it is when stores are most crowded, shopping is one of the fun things to do on Saturdays.

You can actually purchase the things you need, such as groceries, appliances, and clothes or shoes, or go window shopping.

Nonetheless, even though shopping is therapeutic, you should remember to spend your money wisely to avoid going broke or buying things you don’t need or items of low quality.

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  1. Spend time in nature

We all know that spending time in nature has many health benefits, but most of us spend too much time at home or indoors in the office working and never spare time to go out and enjoy nature. It is time to change this!

Spending time in nature is one of the fun things to do on a Saturday to pass the time and prevent boredom. You could leave your phone at home and go hiking, try rock climbing, take a walk in the woods near your place, visit a national park, go to the beach, or go fishing or canoeing.

Spending time in nature boosts your mood, helps you connect with your inner self, and makes you appreciate the small things in life as you realize you are just a tiny part of something bigger. So, if you have no weekend plans, include going out into nature and enjoying the sights, feels, smells, and sounds of nature in your list of fun Saturday activities to do when bored.

  1. Do any other hobby

Most of the above-listed things to do on Saturdays are hobbies. And there are many more fun activities you can do to pass the time on a boring Saturday night or day. Just ensure you do something you love instead of letting the weekend pass you by while you are idle.

Some other fun hobbies you can add to your list of Saturday activities include painting, drawing, playing an instrument, photography, singing, dancing, knitting, clay molding, listening to music, and blogging.

Wrapping Up

There are many more fun things you can do on a Saturday night or during the day. But the above are some of the best Saturday activities to do in order to avoid boredom on weekends. They will bring you joy and help you relax and pass the time when you have no weekend plans.

Don’t let your weekend go to waste! You finally have the time to slow down and do the things you love. Hopefully, the above list has given you ideas of fun things to do on Saturdays to prevent boredom and enjoy yourself on weekends, whether you are alone or with family and friends.

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