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Are you alone on a Friday night with no plans and wondering what you can do to avoid getting bored or feeling left out? This post shall provide a list of some fun things to do on a Friday night alone to avoid boredom and loneliness.

Being alone on a Friday night can feel like the worst experience for some individuals, especially young people, extroverts, and those who are used to having companions. But it doesn’t have to be so bad. Even though seeing other people’s flourishing social lives may make you feel like you are missing out and think that it is pathetic or weird for you to be alone on a Friday night, it is okay. You are not the only one who is in this situation. Many people often have to spend their Friday evenings alone, whether by choice or due to other reasons.

If you are alone on a Friday night, you don’t have to feel lonely, bored, or left out. There are plenty of fun things you can do when spending a Friday evening by yourself.  You only need to learn how to be comfortable being alone and do the things that make you happy without worrying about what others think or waiting for others’ availability and approval to do fun activities.

Whatever the reason why you are alone on a Friday night, whether it is because you are single and have no one to spend the evening with, your friends have gone out and left you behind, or your roommates, family, or significant other are away from home, you can still have a lot of fun by yourself. Here is a list of fun things you can do alone on a Friday night to stop feeling lonely, avoid boredom, and enjoy yourself.

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Fun Things to Do When Alone on a Friday Night

  1. Binge-watch some movies and TV shows

Having a movie marathon and catching up on the TV shows you probably never have time to watch anymore is a great way to de-stress and have fun when alone on a Friday night. Since you are all alone, you can watch whatever genre of movies you like because you don’t have to compromise to please someone else.

  1. Listen to music and dance

Listening to your favorite music while dancing and singing along to it will ensure you don’t get bored or feel lonely when spending a Friday night alone. Before you know it, your mood will be lifted, you will be exhausted, and you will sleep better at bedtime.

  1. Visit the local bar

Just because you are alone on a Friday evening doesn’t mean you have to stay at home by yourself. One of the fun things to do when alone on a Friday night is to visit your favorite bar or check out one you have never been to before for a change of scenery and to get a new experience. Choose to sit at the bar instead of getting a table as it would make it obvious you are alone and it would be harder for people to approach you.

Spend your Friday evening drinking, making new friends, listening to music, people-watching, singing karaoke, playing games, or watching sports, among other activities. However, since you are alone at the bar, remember to not overindulge. If you do, call a cab to take you home instead of driving yourself home.

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  1. Take yourself out on a date

When you are alone on a Friday night, it is the perfect opportunity to take yourself out on a date at a fancy restaurant or to a movie. It doesn’t matter whether you are single and alone or your romantic partner is away from home; everyone can benefit from dating themselves.

Dating yourself involves treating yourself the same way you would a romantic partner by devoting your energy, time, and money to taking care of yourself and making yourself feel loved and valued. Taking yourself out on a date will help you gain self-confidence, be self-reliant, and love yourself more. It will help you build a better relationship with yourself, enabling you to form healthier relationships with others.

  1. Catch up with family and friends

When was the last time you called your family and friends for more than a few minutes? Considering how hectic modern life is, it has probably been a while. One of the fun things to do when alone on a Friday night is to call your loved ones and catch each other up on what has been going on in your lives. Staying in touch with your friends and family will help strengthen your bond.

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  1. Pamper yourself

You have worked hard the entire week, and this is probably the only free time you have had in a long time. What better way is there to spend a quiet Friday night alone than by using this time to pamper yourself and practice some much-needed self-care for your body and mind?

You can use this rare time when nothing and no one is demanding your time and attention to relax and do other things that make you feel good. For example, you can buy yourself some flowers, plan a staycation, have an at-home spa night, give yourself a makeover, light some scented candles, and relax in the bathtub while eating chocolates and drinking wine.

  1. Curl up with a good book

Do you love reading? If you do, one of the fun things to do when spending a Friday night alone is to read a book by one of your favorite authors. You probably have a lot of books sitting on your To-Be-Read shelf that you haven’t had a chance to read yet. Get one and curl up with it for the evening. The book will suck you into the world created by the author. As you spend time with the characters in it, you will stop feeling lonely when alone on a Friday night.

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  1. Play video games

If you love playing video games, it is another fun activity to do alone on a Friday night. Playing video games will keep you engaged for the evening, and before you know it, it will be time for you to go to bed.

  1. Explore your creative side

There is no better time to explore your creativity than when you are alone on a Friday night with no other plans. You can do some of your hobbies, write something, draw, paint, sing, play an instrument, try carpentry, make crafts, or start any other creative project.

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  1. Go on a date with someone

Just because you are single and alone on a Friday night doesn’t mean you have to spend the evening by yourself, wallowing in self-pity, and envying the social lives of your friends. One of the fun things to do when alone on a Friday night is to use this opportunity to make some new connections.

If you are single, tonight is the perfect time to look for matches on online dating sites or accept to go out on a first date with someone who had asked you out. It doesn’t have to amount to anything. It can be just a night of fun, good food, and getting to know a new person better. At least you won’t be bored and lonely as you would likely have been if you spent your Friday evening alone at home.

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  1. Invite other friends who are alone over for a slumber party

Though it may seem like you are the only one alone on a Friday night when you see all your friends and strangers on the internet showing off their active social lives, you are not the only one. You may know some other friends who also didn’t have plans for the evening.

Inviting these friends over for an impromptu slumber party is one of the fun things to do when alone on a Friday night. You will help each other stop feeling lonely on a Friday night as you do fun activities together at your adult sleepover.

  1. Exercise

A workout may just be what you need to stay fit, lift your spirits, and pass the time when you are alone on a Friday night. So, get your workout gear and spend a few minutes/hours doing some exercises while listening to music.

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  1. Try a new recipe

Cooking or baking delicious foods is another great way to spend an evening at home when you are alone on a Friday night. No matter how many recipes you already know, there are always more you can try. You just need to look up some new recipes and get the ingredients for the dishes you want to make. The good thing is that you are alone; hence, no one will complain about the taste, smell, or how long it takes you to prepare the food.

  1. Play with your pet

If you own a pet, playing with them can help you stop feeling lonely when alone on a Friday night. You will be assured of their unconditional love, and their presence and cute actions will lift your spirits. Your pet has probably missed you while you were away at work all week, when you hardly had any time to do much with them, and they will love playing with you.

  1. Take a walk around your neighborhood

Walking around your neighborhood is another fun thing you can do alone on a Friday night with no other plans. Besides the many health benefits of walking, you will also enjoy watching the night sky, breathing in the fresh air, and seeing other sights at night. However, it is good to note that walking around at night can be dangerous in some neighborhoods. So, walk against traffic, in well-lit areas and avoid doing so when it is too late or when there are no other people on the street.

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  1. Make some home improvements

You don’t have to wait for the daytime to make some improvements in your home. Examples of fun things you can do when alone on a Friday night to improve your home include cleaning, decluttering, organizing stuff, fixing broken things, redecorating, and making your house smell good.

  1. Learn something new

No matter how much you think you already know, there are always more new things to learn. When alone on a Friday night, spend the evening learning a new skill or language and increasing your knowledge on a subject that interests you. You can learn new things through online classes, apps, books, YouTube videos, and browsing other websites on the internet.

  1. Play puzzle games

Puzzle games are a great way to challenge your brain, have fun, and pass the time. So, one of the fun things to do when alone on a Friday night is to try to solve puzzles such as Wordle, Sudoku, crossword, or jigsaw.

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  1. Read some blog posts from your favorite bloggers

Your favorite bloggers have published some new posts you haven’t had time to read yet. Since you don’t have any other plans, reading blog posts from the bloggers you love and leaving comments on your opinion of their pieces will be a great way to spend your Friday night when you are alone. If you aren’t a blogger yourself, you could start a blog in order to form deeper relationships with the bloggers and readers you engage with.

  1. Go away for the weekend

You don’t have to stay at home or even in your local area when alone on a Friday night. You can plan a solo weekend getaway, visit your parents and other relatives, or go on a road trip. If you don’t want to be alone, you can look up some tour agencies that have organized group excursions and join one that interests you to meet new people and have fun visiting new places.

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  1. Attend an event near you

There are always many events happening on Fridays and over the weekend. If you want to find some fun things to do alone on a Friday night, look up which events are happening near you and attend one that interests you. For example, you can attend a concert, theatre performance, craft fair, beauty pageant, live comedy show, opera, book reading, festival, fashion show, or any other event you like.

  1. Watch some funny videos on YouTube and TikTok

Many of us often find ourselves falling down the social media rabbit holes as we end up spending several hours scrolling on social media feeds. This habit is often frowned upon due to its impact on mental health and the waste of time. But since it is a Friday and you are alone with no other plans, you can be on social media as much as you want.

You only need to avoid doomscrolling and social comparison. Look for more positive content instead. One of the fun things to do when alone on Friday night is to read some memes and watch funny videos on social media platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

  1. Brighten someone’s day/night

When you are alone on a Friday night with no other plans, you can decide to make your life extraordinary by doing acts of kindness to others. You probably know an elderly person or some homeless people in your area. Visit these people and provide company, money, or supplies, such as food, blankets, and clothes. You could also offer to babysit a friend’s kid(s) so they can go out on a date. No matter how small your actions will be, they will be highly appreciated.

  1. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts have become increasingly popular as sources of entertainment and education. Listening to your favorite podcast or looking up other new ones that may interest you is one of the fun things to do alone on a Friday night. It will help you learn some new things, gain a different perspective, and get entertained.

  1. Catch up on sleep

It may not seem like it is a lot of fun, but sleeping is one of the best things to do alone on a Friday night. Luckily, with it being a Friday, you likely don’t have to wake up early to go to work the following day. So you can relax and rest as much as you want.

Wrapping Up

Many people often feel left out and lonely when they have to spend Friday night alone. They forget that they are not the only ones who are alone on a Friday evening as it is an experience many people share. You don’t have to feel like you are missing out on having some wonderful experiences with friends, family, and romantic partners. As you can see above, there are many fun things you can do alone on a Friday night to enjoy your own company, improve yourself, and meet new people. It is time you learned how to be alone without feeling lonely and to be comfortable doing things by yourself.

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