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A particular movie you’ve been highly anticipating is showing at the cinemas, but you have no friends, family, or a special someone to go with to see it. If you have them, maybe your friends, family, or romantic partner, doesn’t like your movie choice, or they are unavailable to go to the cinema with you. You contemplate going to see the movie by yourself, and you wonder, is it weird to go to the movies alone? Is it sad to go to the cinema alone? Or, should I feel embarrassed If I go to the movie theater by myself?

Since most people usually go to the movies with companions, you may think that you will feel self-conscious when you are alone at the movie theater. You worry that people will look at you and judge or pity you as they wonder why you went to the cinema solo. But the answer to the above questions is NO. It is not weird, sad, or embarrassing to go to the movies alone. In fact, there are many benefits of going to see a movie by yourself.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is learn how to be comfortable doing things alone; for example, going to the movies by yourself or doing other fun activities. While you may initially think it is sad, weird, or embarrassing to go to the cinema alone, it could turn out to be your best theater experience. Read on to see why you should go to the movies alone and not feel weird or sad about it.

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 Why You Should Go to the Movies Alone

  1. You can watch the movies you like

We are all different people, so we may not always like the same things. Movie tastes vary. Hence, when going to the cinema with friends or anyone else, you can’t just watch whatever you want.

You must consider what the other person likes and try to be fair to everyone. If you are not assertive enough, you may end up always watching movies you don’t like when you go to the cinema with others. And that is where going to the movies alone is beneficial.

One of the reasons why you should go to the movies alone is that you will not have to watch anything you don’t like. You can choose whichever movie matches your taste without needing to convince anyone else why it is worth watching or listening to negative reviews before or after seeing it.

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  1. You can choose the best day and time for you

Modern life is hectic, and it can be difficult for two or more people to align their schedules so they can plan to visit the movie theater together. You, or someone else, may be inconvenienced, and some people may come late.

One of the reasons why you should go to the movies alone is that you don’t have to plan around anyone else’s schedule. You can go on whichever date, day, and time you want without having to wait for other people to be available to go with you to see a movie you have been dying to watch.

So, if you have no plans on Saturday, Sunday, or even on a weekday, you can just go to the movies by yourself and have a great time.

Additionally, movie ticket prices often vary depending on the day of the week and time and may get cheaper the longer a particular motion picture has been showing in cinemas. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, you can wait until such times to go to the movies alone. You only have to avoid movie spoilers in the meantime.

  1. You can sit wherever you want

Maybe you like sitting in the middle row of the movie theater, but your companions think the front or back seats of the room are better. Since you don’t want to argue or separate, you give in and choose seats in the area they like. You then suffer throughout the entire movie.

The freedom to sit wherever you want is one of the reasons why you should go to the movies alone. If you somehow choose the worst seats in the movie theater, you will not blame anyone other than yourself.

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  1. You will concentrate better

Have you ever gone to watch a movie with a friend who kept fidgeting or talking throughout the whole thing, their phone kept ringing, or they kept getting up to go to the restroom?

These activities can ruin your movie-watching experience. One of the reasons why you should go to the movies alone is that your concentration will improve due to fewer or no distractions.

When you go to the movies alone, you will also be more comfortable than if you went to the cinema on a date with someone you are getting to know better. You may still be nervous around them, feel anxious about what they expect from you after the movie date, or worry about what they think of you and your taste in movies.

Since you will not be focusing fully on what you are watching, you may miss some things. Being able to relax and pay attention to all the details in the movie is one of the main benefits of going to the cinema alone.

  1. Going to the movies alone promotes personal growth

Although watching movies is a great way to relax and get some entertainment, these are not the only benefits. One of the reasons why you should go to the movies alone and not feel weird about it is that it promotes your personal growth. 

Going to the movies alone will help you gain confidence, become self-reliant, develop self-discipline, become more creative, appreciate different cultures, and learn some valuable lessons from the characters and events in the movie, which will help you improve your life.

When you become comfortable doing things by yourself, you take responsibility for your happiness and create it without waiting for anyone’s approval or availability.

  1. Nobody cares

Are you worried you will feel weird, embarrassed, or sad going to the movies alone? You shouldn’t feel this way. Most people, especially those who don’t know you, don’t care. Their opinions and judgments should also not matter.

Worrying too much about what others think of you is just a waste of time. It will rob you of your excitement about the movie you went to see and may even make you deprive yourself of a wonderful theater experience by choosing not to go at all.

Furthermore, since you watch movies in the theater in the dark, perhaps no one will even see you or give you much thought.

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  1. Watching movies is not a social activity

As mentioned above, people watch movies in the dark in silence at the theater. Making noise, especially at inopportune moments, is usually frowned upon. So, why do you need to go with others to the theater if whether they are there or not, you can’t talk?

One of the reasons why you should go to the movies alone and not feel weird or sad about it is that watching films at the cinema is not a social activity; it is mostly a passive experience.

It doesn’t matter whether you are alone or with a companion, or if you are an introvert or an extrovert. While in the movie theater, you should sit quietly, watch, and listen to what is happening.

If you talk during the movie, you may get distracted and miss important details, get movie spoilers, annoy other moviegoers, or have to deal with someone’s criticism of a film you love.

  1. You don’t have to dress up in fancy clothes

Remember how you can choose the date and time to go to the cinema alone? The other benefit of going to see a movie alone is that after choosing when to go to the cinema, you don’t have to dress up in fancy clothes unless you want to.

Going to the movie theater solo alleviates the pressure of wanting to impress or please someone else through your outfit choice.

You also don’t have to plan too much in advance. You can suddenly desire to see a particular movie which is showing and get up and go there in sweatpants, with your hair messy, and without makeup if that is what you want.

No one will really see you in the dark movie theater anyways. It is your solo movie date, so it’s your choice whether to dress up or wear your every day clothes.

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  1. You will save money

When you go out with someone, whether on a romantic date or a friends’ night out, you may have to spend money on things you hadn’t expected or budgeted for, for example, extra movie tickets, drinks, snacks, and cab fare.

Saving money and sticking to your budget are good reasons why you should go to the movies alone. You don’t have to buy movie tickets for anyone other than yourself, and if you don’t have any excess money to spend, you don’t have to buy the pricey snacks sold at the cinema.

You can eat food at home and then go to the cinema to watch the movie, and you will be just fine after the 1.5-3 hours movie runtime. If you have to have snacks, look up some cinema chains that allow you to bring your own food into the theater.

You also don’t have to do other activities that may cost you money before or after going to the theater if you go to the movies alone.

  1. You may meet new people who like the same things

Watching movies is indeed more of a solitary activity than a social activity. However, if you go to the movies early, or if the movie is delayed or stopped for some reason, for example, if the power goes out, you may have to spend some time outside or inside the theater without much to do.

At such times, you could meet and get to know some new people with whom you already have something in common, your taste in movies, which will be the perfect conversation starter.

You can discuss with them some other motion pictures you have both watched and recommend new ones to each other. If you hit it off, you may even become movie buddies, so you will never have to go to the movies alone again.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see above, there are many benefits of going to the movies alone, and you don’t have to feel weird, embarrassed, or sad about it.

The process of going to see a movie alone is the same as when you are with companions. You only need to decide on the movie to watch, buy a ticket online or at the cinema foyer, purchase some snacks, go into the movie theater, wait for the movie to start, watch it, then leave when it ends. You can do whatever you want afterward, whether you watch another movie, head home, or go for dinner and some drinks.

Instead of waiting for your friends to be available or pitying yourself because you have no one to go with, take charge of your happiness and get comfortable with doing things alone and enjoying your own company. Don’t allow fear to keep you from going to the cinema alone and having a great time watching the movies you love.

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20 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Movies Alone (and Not Feel Weird or Sad)

  1. It can be great therapy to change setting and get some fresh air. Sometimes it is the act of doing something, and not bowing to societal expectations

    1. Thank you, Satish!❤️ I’m really glad you liked the post. If you want to go and can afford to buy the ticket, don’t overthink it, just go!

  2. I love doing things alone! Nothing better as an introvert. I have no qualms eating alone either.

    On the flip side of this though, was an experience I had when I was younger. I was with a girlfriend that wasn’t really into me, so she’d ask me to go watch movies on my own because she wasn’t feeling it, yet she’d watch with her friends. Yeah that sucked, lol.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting Stuart❤️ I’m sorry you experienced that. Going to the movies and doing other things alone can be a lot of fun. However, if there are people in our lives who could be our companions but they never want to do things together, it would be good to know the reason behind it to avoid cases like what happened to you and other worse things.

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