What comes to your mind when you think about your future? Think back 5 or 10 years ago; has your life turned out the way you hoped it would? Are you the person you visualized yourself becoming? Your future is determined by the decisions you make today.

Even though we are always encouraged to live in the moment and not worry about what the future holds, planning and coming up with strategies to make your future life better is vital. However, do not obsess about it so much that it negatively affects how you live today. After all, if you believe in fate, what is meant to happen, will happen.

But it can’t hurt anything to make choices that can help you shape your future or become the person you want to be, right? Below are 7 things you can do now that your future self will thank you for.


7 Things to Do for Your Future Self

  1. Standing up for yourself

When people get older, one of their most common regrets is letting others take them for granted and allowing them to walk all over them, for instance, by not setting boundaries and saying yes to things you don’t support or doing something you did not want to do. You deserve better, and you should know it.

Start valuing yourself by knowing your worth and spending time only on things you are truly passionate about. Whether it is at work or in your personal life, you should learn to stand up for yourself and make yourself heard. It is a show of dignity, self-confidence, and self-respect, and one of the best things to do for your future self.

  1. Taking chances

Staying in your comfort zone won’t land you that high-paying job you want. To be successful, you have to dare to take risks no matter how daunting they are and seize opportunities that come your way. It could include quitting your current job and following your passion, expressing your opinion, traveling and going on adventures, talking to that girl/boy you like, participating in competitions, believing in the power of vision boards and making one to manifest your ideal future, among many other things that could change your life.

The worst that can happen is that you could fail, or you might get a no, but at least you tried.

There is nothing worse than looking back later and regretting that you let opportunities pass you by because you were too scared to risk it. ‘What ifs’ and ‘I wish I did XX’ thinking can hinder you from living a fulfilling life. Start believing in yourself and your abilities more and take chances, your future self will thank you for it.

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  1. Making good financial decisions

To get your life together and live a more comfortable life in the future, you will need to make good financial decisions now. They can guarantee your future self has financial freedom and is prepared well in case of emergencies. This can include spending your money wisely and saving a percentage of your earnings.

Your future self is watching you impulse buy things or take out a loan to finance the purchase of an expensive car that you probably don’t need and wincing, knowing how this will affect your life later. Now, imagine how proud of yourself you would be if you made better choices with your money, so do it for your future self.

For example, budgeting, not getting into debt, investing in stocks or real estate, buying meaningful things, saving up for retirement, or setting up an emergency fund are some of the things you can do now that your future self will thank you for. However, every once in a while, it is okay to treat yourself to something if you really want and can afford it.

  1. Being Authentic

Imagine looking back at your life now and not even recognizing who that person is. You have probably fallen into the habit of conforming to societal expectations of what you should be and how you should think and behave.

You present a fake persona to the world, hoping that you will be acceptable to others. Putting on a façade to fit in or to please others can cost you your happiness. Being unapologetically yourself, practicing self-love, and being kind to yourself are some of the things you can do now that your future self will thank you for if you do them now.

Embrace who you are, imperfections and all, and aim to please and impress yourself first before doing the same to others. Also, accept that you have no control over what society has to say about you. By being authentic, you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s opinions of you so long as you know who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve in life.

  1. Investing in yourself

Your future self is depending on you to make your golden years great. Investing in yourself might be the most profitable investment you will ever make, and also one of the best things to do for your future self. Do this by reading to expand your knowledge, continuing to learn new skills or languages, exploring your creativity, and taking care of your health. 

Put self-care at the top of your list of priorities to protect your physical and mental health. Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, take care of your skin, meditate, take breaks when you need to, get enough sleep, and avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, and substance abuse. 

You are the only one you can depend on with complete certainty; hence adopting self-care strategies that keep you in good shape and protect your well-being is paramount.

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  1. Living in the moment

Will you look back at your memories of today with pride or regret things you did or failed to do? Thinking of the future doesn’t mean that you become too busy planning for it, that you forget to focus on the present. Before you realize it, years have gone by, and you are full of regrets about things you didn’t do or were too busy to enjoy. 

Learn to live in the moment and enjoy all that life has to offer. Some things you can do now that your future self will thank you for include; Unplugging from work, reducing screen time and going outside to enjoy nature, traveling the world, making time for family and friends, celebrating small wins, and having fun.

You will have better memories of this time if you live your life to the fullest right now and stop procrastinating on your happiness.

  1. Surrounding yourself with the right people

Remember the saying, ‘Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are’? The company you keep determines how your life turns out, your happiness, and the kind of person you become. For instance, surrounding yourself with obese friends or family members increases your chances of becoming obese; having happy friends can make you happy, and ambitious ones motivate you to be the same way.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is another of the things to do for your future self. Cut off toxic or fake friends, and do not be afraid to leave an unhealthy relationship if that will give you a better chance of living your best life. Keep those that accept you and your flaws, the ones that bring out the best in you, and the supportive people that encourage you to chase your dreams. 

Choosing the right people to go with you on your life’s journey is an important decision you have to make now. Build strong bonds with your family and friends to have a support network in your later years. 

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Final words

What kind of future do you see for yourself? Who do you visualize yourself being five, ten, or twenty years from now? If you aren’t satisfied with what you imagined, it is time to start working on things your future self can benefit from. The above are 7 things you can do now that your future self will thank you for. Use these ideas to make decisions that make your life easier and better later in life.

What will your future self thank you for? Do you think your future self would be proud of who you are today?

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    1. Yep, the right people will like you when you are authentic. The world, however, tries to turn people into things they are not. This is why it is such a big achievement to be able to be your true self. Thank you for reading and commenting❤


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