Where did the time go? It is almost unbelievable that we are already in May, and Mother’s Day is less than a week away on Sunday, May 9th, 2021 in my country. Many of us are trying to come up with ways to recognize and make our moms – biological or otherwise – feel special. Have you got any plans for yourself (if you are a mother) or your mom? Do you have your Mother’s Day gift ready? If you haven’t yet decided what to do to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day, here are 11 ways you can do it, even if it is last minute.

1. Start by calling or texting her

How long has it been since you last called or texted your mom? Since we are still in a pandemic, you are probably living far from your mom and are wondering how to celebrate it with her from a long distance. With Mother’s Day being on a Sunday, you most likely don’t have work or anything else to do, so, call her. Set aside time on that day to have a long phone or video call with her. Talk about anything and everything. If you can’t reach her on the phone, sending her a heartfelt text message about the things you love about her and telling her how much you love her will work too.

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2. Buy or Make her a DIY gift

Everyone loves gifts, and your mom is no exception. There are numerous Mother’s Day gift ideas available to inspire you. And who knows your mom better than you? You can get her that thing you’ve heard her say or that you know she would like. For example, you can get her favorite perfume, flowers, a pretty dress, extravagant jewelry, essential oils, cozy socks, or a Mother’s Day card with a personalized message.

Another way to know what your mom might like is by getting her a thoughtful, practical Mother’s Day gift. For instance, you can buy her a replacement for something that is broken at home; such as kitchen gadgets and gardening tools, or something she can use in her line of work.

A great gift is not determined by the amount you spend on it, it is the thought and emotion behind it that matters. If you have the skills, you can try some DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas such as a painting, knitted sweater, handwritten card or anything else you can make by yourself. DIY items are not just unique, but they are also great if you are thinking of Mother’s Day gifts that you can get on a budget. Furthermore, since this is last minute and having something delivered during the pandemic might be delayed, DIY gifts might be your best option, and they are safe to make too. Knowing you made the effort to make her a gift will make it even more special to your mom and she will be incredibly happy.

3. Virtual lunch/dinner date

Even though you might be living apart from your mom, that doesn’t mean you can’t be together on Mother’s Day. Make plans for a virtual date – lunch or dinner. Get together on a video call and make her favorite meal while catching up on things you have missed in each other’s lives.

If you live in the same house as your mom, there is nothing more comforting for her than coming home to a home-cooked meal on this special day.

4. Plan a day out

If you are lucky enough to live with/close to your mom, take her out on a picnic in a nearby park or even the backyard of your home on that day. It is a great time to bond with each other while sharing a meal surrounded by nature.

If you are near a beach, and the weather allows it, head there and spend the day doing some water activities like swimming, surfing, or paddle boarding. You can also sunbathe while reading a book.

5. Make a scrapbook

When is the last time you took a real photograph? Not the digital ones you take with your phone, a printed one. It has probably been a while. Do things differently this time. Print out your family pictures and make a photo album or scrapbook together or get the photos framed. If she would like one, you could also make a vision board for her together to help manifest her ideal future.

6. Join her in doing something she loves

What does your mom like to do? Is she a fitness enthusiast? Does she love gardening or reading? On this day designated to celebrate motherhood, join her in doing something she loves. If this means getting your hands dirty planting, weeding the plants in the garden, or reading, do it. Enjoy each other’s company and increase your bond.

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7. Help out with chores

Mothers are the most hardworking people on earth. They have to juggle many responsibilities at a time, all while making sure they remain sane. Your mom is only human, and she deserves a break. What better time to give her that opportunity than on Mother’s Day? Take over the chores for the day and let her have some time off to rest. Cook, wash dishes or do the laundry while she gets to sit back and be the ’Queen’ for the day. 

8. Play some fun games

Mothers also love fun and games will provide just that. On Mother’s day, have the whole family join you to make this day special for your mom. Go to the backyard and play some fun Mother’s Day outdoor games such as tennis, volleyball, ring toss, giant Jenga, or Ultimate Frisbee.

You can also play some fun indoor family-friendly games such as solving crossword or Jigsaw puzzles, playing charades, Bingo, Scrabble, monopoly, board games like chess, or Mom trivia/get-to-know-mom games.

9. Karaoke or a dance party

If you are looking for fun ways to spend Mother’s Day, karaoke is something to try out. Sing along and dance to your mom’s favorite music. It doesn’t matter if you are out of tune; no one will judge you. Don’t worry if you have no karaoke machine at home. You can find free karaoke music with lyrics on YouTube from channels such as Sing KingStinGray, and EdKara.

10. Hold a Mother’s Day award ceremony

The past year has been tough on everyone – and especially on mothers. She has been doing all the chores all year, and her responsibilities have probably increased. She is the one who plans and organizes all other activities and holidays for the family. Don’t you think she deserves some recognition for her hard work?

Make your mom feel special and appreciate her by holding the Mommy Awards ceremony in her honor. This will be great especially if you come from a large family. Have everyone come up with their own award name ideas and trophies such as The World’s Greatest Mom, Best Cook in the World, The Best Gardener in the World, or whatever other remarkable things your mom has done.

11. Plan a staycation

Even though many places and airlines have reopened, we are still in a pandemic, and vacations or trips to faraway places may not be the best idea right now – for you and your mom’s safety. However, almost everyone has had a difficult time this past year, and we still need a break from work and our daily routines and responsibilities. This is where a Mother’s Day staycation comes in. You can do them without having to leave your city or even the comfort of your home. Recreate the vacation feels on the Mother’s Day weekend by planning a staycation to relax and unwind. Do activities such as;

  • Start with bringing her breakfast in bed and wait on her hand and foot.
  • Recreate the spa experience for your mom at home – Get her a spa kit with essential oils, candles, soft music to set a relaxing mood. Bring cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and toners for facials. For a relaxing bath, she will need some bath salts and lavender oil. Do some manicures and pedicures on each other. Finish off with a 15-20 minutes massage.
  • Plan a mindfulness meditation session.
  • Bring the vacation destination to her – Play music or prepare foods from the place your mom would have loved to visit if you had been able to travel.
  • If you have a swimming pool, apply sunscreen; put on your bathing suits; and sun hats; and head there. Spend a leisurely day doing nothing but sipping mimosas and eating snacks while sunbathing and swimming.

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There you have it. 11 ways you can make your mom incredibly happy this Mother’s Day. In summary;

  1. Call or text her
  2. Buy or Make her a DIY gift
  3. Virtual lunch/dinner date
  4. Plan a day out
  5. Make a scrapbook
  6. Join her in doing something she loves
  7. Take over the chores for the day
  8. Play some fun games
  9. Karaoke or dance party
  10. Hold a Mother’s Day award ceremony
  11. Plan a staycation


No one deserves a day dedicated to them, more than a mother. She is the most hardworking person and one of the few people who love you unconditionally. It is time to return the favor. Mother’s Day is the best time to show your mom just how much you care and appreciate her. Of course, moms should be celebrated every day of the year and not just once a year. Use the above 11 ways to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day 2021 and put a smile on her face.


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